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Update News article

Update will address issues with sound and music, adjust the combat effectiveness of aircraft carriers, and fix some bugs.

As previously promised, we continue balancing the aircraft carrier class as a whole and, in parallel, continue to balance the individual ships.

  • Increased speed of aim reduction in the attack phase of the Japanese Torpedo Bombers B6N Tenzan, B7A Ryusei, C6N Saiun, and J5N Tenrai Type 91 mod. 7 on Shokaku and Hakuryu.
  • Preparation time during the beginning of an attack is reduced from 5 to 4.5 seconds for Japanese Torpedo Bombers B4Y Jean and B5N2 Kate on Ryujo; and down to 4 seconds for Japanese Torpedo Bombers B6N Tenzan, B7A Ryusei, C6N Saiun, and J5N Tenrai Type 91 mod. 7 on Shokaku and Hakuryu.
    • Changes will make attacking more comfortable and reduce the distance necessary for attack.
  • The number of Torpedo Bombers on the decks of Shokaku and Hakuryu at the beginning of the battle is increased to two full groups, which will strengthen the impact potential of Torpedo Bombers.
  • To improve the combat effectiveness of Torpedo Bombers, the “Repair” consumable on Shokaku and Hakuryu has been improved: cooldown reduced from 180 to 120 seconds, the number of charges increased from 3 to 4.
  • The falling time of bombs from the planes of aircraft carrier Kaga has been increased by 10%, which will allow the target to dodge some of the bombs with the help of a well-timed counter-maneuver. The recovery time of one torpedo bomber on deck is increased from 75 to 90 seconds, which will require more careful control of Torpedo Bombers and make the aircraft carrier more sensitive to the loss of aircraft.
  • To reduce the high attack potential of Graf Zeppelin Torpedo Bombers, the damage from one torpedo is reduced from 6,000 to 5,500.
  • Increased the number of Hit Points of the stock planes of aircraft carriers with researchable modules. Now, the HP of Stock aircraft will not be lower than 95% compared to the number of Hit Points of the top researchable planes. This change will make the game on carriers with stock modules more comfortable. The change does not affect premium carriers and the carriers of Tier IV.
  • For all classes of ships, except destroyers, visibility from the air now cannot be less than the range of the ship’s air defenses. This will prevent cases where a squadron comes within range of a ship with its air defense switched off with the ‘P’ key, after which the ship activates anti-aircraft weapons and causes serious and sudden damage to the aircraft. After this change, a squadron will detect the ship at the same time or before it is within range of air defense, regardless of if the ship has its air defenses activated or not. Changes will affect such ships as Worcester, Minotaur, Cleveland, Atlanta, Flint and others. The interaction of destroyers with aircraft will remain at the same level and the tactics of disabling air defense weapons with the ‘P’ key will also be relevant for this class.

Sound in World of Warships is an intrinsic element of the game and accompanies the player throughout the battle, prompting and helping to navigate the environment. We are constantly working on sounds, music and their quality. Update 0.8.1 has affected most of the sound environment. Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly, and with the change a few bugs crept in. In we correct this annoying flaw so that you can enjoy the roar of the guns and the music again.

  • Reduced the volume of the reverb when a shell hit a ship while in the binocular view.
  • Reduced the volume of switching speed and direction.
  • Adjustments were made to the sound settings which caused a strong reverberation of individual sound effects.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause wheezing sounds in the game when firing the main battery and in other cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sounds of AA guns firing after losing a large number of hit points to sound very loud.
  • Fixed a bug where a voice message was played while in the tactical or binocular view, even when "Voice message volume" was configured to zero.
  • Now, while using voice chat, the game sounds are muted less drastically.
  • Fixed a bug where setting "Music in the Port" did not affect the volume of sale/purchase of the ship, recruiting/demobilization of commanders and other sounds in the Port.
  • Fixed a bug where the message "Fighter has taken off" was activated for any modification of the voice ARP played in Russian.

Fixed the following bugs:

  • The range of the "Surveillance Radar" consumable on the battleship Missouri is now 9.5 km instead of 10 km. The correct value of 9.5 km was mentioned in the following article and erroneously increased in Update 0.8.1.
  • Improved the accuracy of bombers and stock attack aircraft on carrier Furious; and attack aircraft on carrier Indomitable. The accuracy of these squadrons had remained unchanged after having the number of aircraft in their attacking flights changed. As a result, since there were fewer bombs being dropped, a higher accuracy was required.
  • Reduced the visibility of test ships from aircraft by 20% in accordance with change in visibility from the air in the Update
  • Fixed a bug that caused a short-term performance drop in battle.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect contents in containers "Battle of the North Cape". Now the contents correspond to the cost of a container of 5 000 coal in comparison with other containers in the Arsenal:
    • number of Zulu, Juliet Charlie, Papa Papa signals reduced from 25 to 10.
    • number of Frosty Fir Tree camouflages reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Fixed bug with the width of Exeter’s torpedo aim. Now the second option launches torpedoes in a narrow spread, instead of wide.