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Something that was forgotten

Albemarle B hull gives the ship more HP and faster rudder shift time, that is widley known, but her B hull gives the ship another advantage, when B hull is equipped the Anti Air totally transforms from British style AA, which is really weak, but not as weak as Japanese AA, to US style AA with the 20mm Oerlikons becoming all MkV twin mounts, and the quadruple and octuple Pom Pom mounts (which are too weak to fight T8-10 planes) gets all replaced by a great number of 40mm Bofors Quadruple Mounts which deals more damage, have 1 Km more range (going from 2.5 Km of the Pom Pom, to the 3.5 Km of the Bofors) and are the selling point of any ship which wants an AA fit to clear airstrikes all alone without support from allies.

To summarize: B hull gives the ship the usual advantages of a B hull, but also transforms the AA to a US style AA giving the ship a fighting chance against same and higher tier planes, so in the Pro I'd say a few words should be spent on her B Hull AA; and in the Cons some words should be spent about her A hull AA.