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Großer Kurfürst

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This ship isn't the H-41, as it has distinctly different characteristics. Since this ship is a hypothetical "what if" that incorporates design aspects of several German battleship studies, I changed the historical section to reflect that.

Understood; no concerns. Historical sections for ships that never actually existed is a constant challenge for the editing staff. We appreciate the input. SeaRaptor00:na (talk) 17:14, 10 November 2017 (UTC)

Given the new Russian Tier 10 Kremlin has higher maximum HP and a slightly lacking mobility compared to the G.Kurfurst as well as other differing qualities, unless either ship are subject to change, are some of the observations of this ships characteristics not out of date? --Calgor_Grim:eu (talk) 14:52, 22 June 2019 (UTC)

Possibly. Anyone with 100 games played on their account is free to edit the page and make updates. SeaRaptor00:na (talk) 16:26, 23 June 2019 (UTC)

just the worst bb....


Almost impossible to land a citadel hit, almost...

In the PRO section is written that this ship citadel position, combined with thick armor, and Turtleback armor, makes sustaining citadel hits, from surface ships, almost impossible; almost... so, let's rule out everything that's smaller than a Large Cruiser, this leaves Large Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships and finally Carriers, now as for Large Cruisers, based on Main Gun caliber, I'd wage that French Large Cruisers, might pull off a citadel hit on this ship, but since the only way to do it, would be an extreamly long range shelling, with AP Shells, probably only the Tier 9 French Large Cruiser could do it, since the Tier 8 has only 305mm Main Guns, and the Tier 10 has wonky accuracy at all ranges; if we consider Long Range Shells Dispersion, then Probably the only Large Cruisers that might be able to land a citadel hit on Kurfurst, are Azuma and her AL variant, and Yoshino, since their dispersion curve is like Yamato's one, the further they shoot, the more precise the shot will be. For Battlecruisers, I'll exclude Royal Navy's ones, the AP Shells are short fuzed, they might even just bounce on this ship deck, and do nothing; as for ohter nations I think that Amagi might be able to do it (although she's in the Japanese Battleship Branch, she's an Amagi class Battlecruiser), and probably German T10 Battlecruiser, but since it's usually built around her Secondary Armament, the main Battery dipsersion, might not allow it. Battleships that can pull off this stunt, my mind instantly rushes to the two Iowa class sisters (Iowa and Missouri), which can do it, albeit, the minimun distance to do it, is 18 Km, so without friendly spotting is difficult to pull it off; Montana too can do it, and has more chance to do it, because she mounts the same Main Guns of the Iowa class (triple 406mm/50 Mk 7) but has 12 instead of 9; Georgia might, since she packs bigger guns (twin 457mm/48 Mk A) and heavier AP Shells 1700 Kg per shell, compared to the 1225 Kg per shell of the Iowa and Montana classes, but heavier shells, and shorter Main Guns result in slower shell speed, so long range shelling to citadel Kurfurst might not work, but normal penetration will still be achived, and if all six 457mm shells, land and penetrate, even if it not a citadel hit, the damage is tremedous: Other battleships that can do it, are Yamato for sure, and with even more chances compared to the Iowa, Montana and Georgia classes, because of the 27 Km Main Battery range, and the way bigger guns, Satsuma, but with the Combat Instructions Active, as to minimize the shells dispersion, and have better chances to land a citadel hit; Shikishima too, as she posseses the same guns of Satsuma, and if the shot will result in a citadel hit, it will be both painful (yeah, go cure a citadel hit from such large guns, without the Specialized Repair Party) and quite scary, since the defeaning noise of Shikishima Guns can be heard extreamly loudly even from the opposite side of the map; (firendly advice, wether Shikishima is your ally or your enemy, if she's in the match, bring earplugs to the fight, I fought her once, without, got missed, but I was so close that I didn't heard anything for a few seconds after she shot). hannover, has a gun caliber that would allow her to land citadel hits on Kurfurst, (she packs eight 483mm main Guns) but even when boosted, her Main battery Accuracy, is so atrocious that is unrealiable even at close range. As for which carriers can land citadel hits on her, at present only Japanese and German Tier 8 and 10 CV can do it, while thier whole branch have access to AP Bombs, this Battleship is a Tier 10, so Tier 4 and 6 CVs cannot engage this ship; also the Japanese Super carrier can do it, and the LEGENDARY Carrier USS Enterprise CV-6, but since Enty has very poor armor, like all Washington Treaty Carriers, to attack this ship will have to do it, while being hidden, otherwhise will melt down when faced with Kurfurst Primary and Secondary Armaments. One thing to note, is that the three Japanese Carriers, Shoukaku, Hakuryuu and the Super CV, are better than German CVs to land Citadel hits on any ship, that's not a Destroyer, since the aiming circle for the bombs, is placed in front of the planes, and not under the planes like in German CVs, this allows for better situation awreness, and easyier time in aming correctly.