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Funny AA

Hood Anti Air is already odd by itself, because of the presence of the 12.7mm Machine Guns, which disappear from UK Battleships after Tier 5 Iron Duke, and the presence of 178mm UP AA Rocket Lauchers, what makes it funny is that by it self, even with Priority Sector activated, the AA is totally underwhelming to the point that it can't even put a dent into a T6 airstrike, unless it gets hit by all the explosions of the long range made by the 102mm DP Guns, but as soon as the DFAA springs into action Hood AA becomes so fearful that even a T8 Carrier with a full set of upgraded planes will have a hard time survivng the onslaught brought by all the crazily powered up AA, and if an AA build is set on Hood, with upgrades, signal flag and the needed captain skills, Hood AA, becomes really fearsome. Not all is smile and roses, as they say, for starter while the Long Range AA has a 5.8 Km range, the middle AA is made by just 3x8 Pom Pom installations, that have a firing range of just 2.5 Km, meaning an entire chilometer shorter range compared to nearly all the same tier BBs, but the same range of King George V middle range AA, and the short range while it has much more numerous installations compared to the medium range AA, their range is 1.5 Km, which is 0.5 Km shorter than the short range AA of nearly all other T7 BBs, but not shorter range than Arizona's and West Viginia's 1941 short range AA, which has a range of 1.2 Km.