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Which self-propelled guns have the best damage?

  • German: "may not have as much firepower as their counterparts,"
  • Soviet: "don't do much damage"
  • American: "accuracy and firepower land somewhere between the Soviet and German artillery"
  • French: "suffer from lower damage than their rivals."

Could you clarify? It seems as if every single one was doing less damage than the rest!

Well I looked at all the tier 10 SPGs Damages and i found the American's was the highest at 2813. The french may be more because they have an auto-loader but that is your call. I will list from highest to lowest.

Amer.Tier 10 1688-2813 Brit. Tier 10 1650-2750 Ger. Tier 10 1500-2500 USSR Tier 10 1275-2125 Fren. Tier 10 938-1563 (4 round auto-loader drum)