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Waffenträger auf Pz. IV

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History In the process of separating self-propelled artillery mount production from tank manufacture, the development of socalled „Waffenträger” had been going on since 1942. The Waffenamt (Wa Prüf 4) bought firms that were not directly involved in tank production into the process. On this basis, several developmental studies were worked out, including, among others, consideration of using chassis components of the Panzer IV and III/IV.

Wa Prüf 4 had established the following designations for these vehicles: „Einheits-Waffenträger, Grösse I” and „Einheits-Waffenträger, Grösse II” (Grösse means size, Einheits means universal) Suggestions were made, involving Panzer IV or III/IV chassis components, for a „Mittleren Waffenträger (Mittleren means medium) für 15 cm sFH 18 (L/29.5)” and a „Mittleren Waffenträger für 12.8cm K 81 (L/55).” The first prototypes, presented by Krupp, Steyr and Rheinmetall, found only limited approval, since they had turned out to be too complicated and too ponderous. The industry thereupon suggested means of simplification, and Wa Prüf 4 stated its readiness to drop some of its requirements. Despite all of this, no statisfactory solution could be found. On February 4, 1944, on the occasion of a conference at Steyr-Daimler-Punch, a representative of Wa Prüf 4 presented requirements for a Waffenträger which had been changed again. Among other things, it was stated in them that the development of these vehicles was not to amount to a stopgap measure, meaning the placing of a weapon on an already existing chassis. The complete vehicle was to be developed especially for this purpose. The Panzer IV and III/IV chassis were now dropped as the basis of this development, since a lighter vehicle was preferred. It should be kept in mind that at this point the Panzer IV was already regarded as a model that would not be produced indefinitely, and that it was only a matter of time until its production would be halted.

Source: Panzer IV & Its Variants, Walter J. Spielberger

Weapon statistics for Waffenträger Auf. Panzer IV

Weapon statistics for 12.8cm are ruined.

12.8cm Kanone L/61 is supposed to have 276 milimeters of Armor Piercing shell penetration, and 352 milimeters of Armor Piercing, Composite, Rigid penetration. I have tried editing but I can not contribute>> because the editing menu is really weird and I don't understand.

Maybe you, will be the one, to take credit.