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Elevation Data

I don't care for the added Elevation data making each gun take up three lines. IMO it'd be fine to display less Elevation data so it only uses one line. --Trifler 10:45, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

Might also be worth experimenting with making the text size for the Elevation column tiny, possibly the same size as the headings, and remove the gap between the "Sides" and "Rear" lines. --Trifler 11:04, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
Bump --Trifler 01:18, 20 April 2012 (UTC)

Thoughts and suggestions

Something is seriously wrong with this page. I am placing a thoughts and suggestions panel at the very bottom, below categories. If I try to put the panel where I normally do (in between consumables and gallery), the panel appears in the wrong place. If anyone knows how to fix this page, please do so as quickly as possible. Either PM me and tell me to move the panel, or move it yourself. -Dog In Yard

The pros and cons are (mostly) wrong.

Three of the four listed cons are incorrect, at least with the M1 L/50 mounted.

Below average penetration and rate of fire : 110mm penetration at 24 RPM is above average on both counts. While the damage per shot is low, the DPM is notably higher than for the the 75mm guns that only have half the rate of fire but do far less than double the damage per shot with lower penetration. Note also that the M3 Lee has a notably slower rate of fire yet a high rate of fire is listed as a Pro for it.

Below average accuracy : 0.39 accuracy is actually better than average, at least for anything Tier 5 or below.

Below average ammo capacity : 66 rounds, even when fired every ~2.2 seconds (with a rammer), can last quite a long time. That is over two minutes of sustained fire. Given that an M8A1 is eitehr firing only sporadically or doesn't live more than two minutes, the 66 round capacity is adequate, though not great.

Conversely, one of the Pros (Above Average Damage) is also false in general. The 75mm guns do merely average damage for a Tier 4, or at least average compared to the M3 Lee or T-28. The 57mm gun does below average damage, but the high rate of fire gives it DPM comparable two TDs two tiers higher. That may qualify as "Above average damage" though, but in that case, it may be best to differentiate between Alpha and DPM.

I feel it safe to say that the 57mm M1 L/50 not only makes the M8A1 a dangerous TD, it also refutes/contradicts what is written in the Pros/Cons section of it's wiki page.

Whoever is naming these guns "L/50" is getting carried away with it. These are NOT German cannons. They have named ALL THREE guns, the 57MM, the 75MM, and a 76MM as "L/50". Somehow, I don't think the US Army does that. As far as I can tell, they should be called:

75 mm AT Howitzer M3

75 mm AT Gun M3

57 mm Gun M1

3-inch AT Gun M7

No "76MM" gun is available for the M8A1. If there was, I would have it :-)