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Note to self

Add new contour images to Template:Contour after uploading them first.

When creating/adding pages makes sure to go to the other templates ex.(Light Tanks/Data, Medium Tanks/Data, and by nation Germany/Data, USA/Data, and UK/Data).

Make sure when adding images to have the correct /exact name of the tank's page ex.(M26 Pershing).

Adding/Creating tank pages

First put {{Tank Data and the rest like pros and cons etc., look at other tanks for reference.

Then create the description look at other tanks as a example, upload the icon for the specific tank for example →. Germany-Pz.Kpfw._II_Ausf._G.png

Second add the tanks name to the specific category like Light Tanks/Data and USA/Data same rules apply to other tanks for example the E-75 would be added to the Heavy Tanks/Data and Germany/Data.

Then create the rest of the pages like Modules, Footer, Sidebar, Consumables, and Equipment. To do this use the address bar in the browser and next to the name put the specific one you are creating (ex. M26 Pershing/Modules or Maus/Sidebar).

Adding Tank Trees

In the image summary when first uploading put Category:Tank Tree with the two brackets on each side of the words.

The name for the file should be TR-Nation-Tankpagename.jpg (ex. TR-USA-M26 Pershing.jpg).

Image uploading

Images like .png don't work with Tank Trees, Gallery Images, and Historical Images.

Works for Contour Images and Tank Icons.