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My Forum Threads

Former member of [RUSHB/MIA-C]. WoWs competitive veteran since SL Season 3. Current member of [CUTE]. 17k games and counting. Smoothbrain enthusiast and manbun haver.

My achievements:

4x Rank 1 22 game Ranked Sprint in HuangHe. 31 game Ranked Sprint in Stock Gnevny. [RUSHB] 6th NA in CB season 1. [RUSHB] 10th NA in CB season 2. [RUSHB] 5th NA in CB season 3. Moved to help train members in [BIAS] in CB season 4. Hit Typhoon 1. [CUTE] ???th NA in CB Season 5.

6th in KOTS:Supremacy 6th in KOTS VII 5th in KOTS VIII

i literally can't remember any earlier results lol