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What You Should Do

  • Edit!
  • Fix errors
  • Be friendly

What You Shouldn't Do

Insults and edit warring

Polite debate is OK. Insulting other users is not. If you do, you will be warned twice, then temporarily banned. Ban lengths will escalate with continuing offenses.

Edit warring is continually reverting another editor's contributions. (See also [1]). (I'm not sure how we should handle this. Wikipedia's three reverts in a day rule seems like too many for the pace of our wiki. -Misfire)

Vandalism and Spam

Vandalism is intentionally damaging a page. This is usually done by adding false, misleading, or irrelevant information to page, or removing important information. This isn't the same as just adding incorrect information - that's obviously not a good thing, but it happens. It's only vandalism if it's clearly, intentionally, unconstructive. (See also [2]).

Users who continually add incorrect information will be asked to stop and temporarily banned only as a last resort. Vandals, on the other hand, will be warned once (or twice at most) and then temporarily banned. They will receive bans of escalating length if they continue to vandalize.

Spam is advertising on the wiki. This can take the form of content inserted into a page or links to an external site. Spammers will be permanently banned on sight.


Wargaming and the wiki staff reserve the right to take action in the case of unusual situation not covered by these rules.