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?== What is Total War: ARENA? ==+#REDIRECT [[Main_Page]]
? +
?Total War: ARENA is an '''online free-to-play''', '''team-based strategy game''', thrusting players into '''battles of epic proportions'''. +
? +
?=== Battles of epic proportions: ===+
?* Play 10 players against 10 players+
?* Each player has 3 units, each composed of 60 to 100 men+
?* Which gives a total of 3600 to 6000 total men on the battlefield+
? +
?=== Team Base: ===+
?* Use the F keys (F2, F3, etc.) to ping your allies to warn them about dangers and opportunities+
?* use the drawing tool (above the minimap) to let your allies know your intentions+
?* Use the chat to talk directly to your teammates (don't do that when you're about to charge)+
?* Look at what your neighbor allies are doing to help them by flanking engaged enemy units, charging enemy archers, retreating not to be left alone surrounded by the enemy team +
? +
?=== Tactics and strategy: ===+
?Coordinate with your 9 teammates to decide where and how you fight your enemies:+
?* Flanking enemies, +
?* Outranging them, +
?* Locking them down with smaller forces to +
?* Overrun their forces on another side of the battlefield +
?These will all help to lead you to victory.+
? +
?=== Knowledge ===+
?* Knowing where to position your troops and when to engage or retreat+
?* Knowing who you can and can't fight+
?* Knowing your speed and your enemy's speed (don't get kited)+
?* Checking the minimap to see where each side forces are gathered+
? +
?This Wiki is a great place to find information for all the above. There's also a guide repository where you can find Community video guides.+

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