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?{{TankData+#REDIRECT [[Tank:R89_SU122_44]]
?|Despite being a Premium Tank, the SU-122-44 boasts the Highest DPM of all Tier 7 Tanks, has an excellent angled armor that can warrant that no gun under 175mm penetration will go trough it, Excellent mobility and speed, but has a rather vindictive Health pool and terrible View range that will require most the times, help from an ally scout to perform its role, many players consider that it can outmatch the Regular [[SU-152]] Tank Destroyer, as its the closest TD that resembles it.+
? +
? +
?*Excellent Damage potential+
?*Decent Penetration+
?*Amazing Rate of Fire.+
?*Very fast.+
?*Great maneuverability.+
?*Above average signal range. +
? +
?*Poor view range.+
?*Average Accuracy+
?*Low Health Pool+
?*Rather Expensive to Buy+
? +
?|InTheGame_performance= With a gun that's for all intents and purposes as good as the Su-152's best 122mm gun (7.5 to 8.11 Rate of Fire), this tank has one of the best damage per minutes in the game - combined with a low, sneaky profile and high maneuverability - and a bit of sloped armor to boot. A scary tank to face, this premium tank is atypical for premium tanks for having an amazing gun while keeping the benefits of a normal tank. +

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