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 Q: Does player controlls only one warship? Q: Does player controlls only one warship?
?A: Yes, he does+A: LoL, that English, though.
 Q: How many nations will be introduced in the game? Q: How many nations will be introduced in the game?

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Q: Which time period will be covered by the game?

A: We don't know yet.

Q: What classes of Warships will be presented in the game?

A: WW2. Q: Will you have submarines in the game?

A: Yes, and they will be OP. Q: Who is developing the game

A: Some random company.

Q: Will you be able to give a warship a name and make it displayed to other players?Also, are we going to be able to fly flags, to reflect country and clans?

A: Yep, you will be able to name your ship "dick" or "ass". Q: What size of maps will WoWS have?

A: 200m x 200m

Q: Will you integrate all 3 projects in one battlefield.

A: No, because we aren't war thunder.

Q: When will Alpha Test be started?

A: As soon as the game will require this stage of Development.

Q: Does player controlls only one warship?

A: LoL, that English, though.

Q: How many nations will be introduced in the game?

A: Only Poland.

Q: How the crew system will work?

A: A ship doesn't have crew.

Q: The average dogfight lastedroughly 45 seconds, and small tank on tank fights would not ussually last long either. However ship to ship clashes would often last hours on end, and usually a few ships would be sunk and others damaged before one side retreated. How does WG plan on making battles last only 15 or so minutes?

A: Didn't read the question, because it was too long. Q: What will happen if you get shot below the water line will your ship begin to flood or will it just be normal damage

A: You will ammo rack the ship. Q: How will the upgrade system look like?

A: There are no upgrades. Q: Will there be scouting-specific aircraft launched from non-carrier warships?

A: No, that's too OP.

Q: Will the firing range be much longer than the spotting range?

A: Duh!

Q: What kind of ammunition will there be with the different classes of guns?

A: I don't know, ask the developers. Q: Is there going to be weather on release?

A: Maybe. At some point... Q: Can you give me a tier number for the Bismark? it will be a tier 10?

A: 2 is the best. Bismark is 1.5.

Q: With Air craft carriers, How many planes will I be able to launch and how Do I control them? IN a RTS view?

A: 2.5 the third one is broken.

Q: Will we be able to lay smoke screens in the game?

A: I don't smoke.

Q: After the testing is done do you expect Patrol boats(PT and Eboats), submarines, and destroyer escorts?

A: Why would we do that?

Q: Will waves and wind be a factor when shooting?

A: No, because we aren't war thunder (again).

Q: How will the interface of game play be like such as sniper mode torpedo mode and so on?

A: It will be very buggy and glitchy.

Q: Will we be looking at realistic engagement distances and times?

A: ofcourse not, we are Wargaming, remember?

Q: Since ships have multiple gun turrets, how will that work?

A: You will be shot. Q: Reading that players choosing a Destroyer will have a three accompanying AI-controlled destroyers, and choosing a Cruiser will have an accompanying Cruiser; How will that work?

A: Are you for real?

Q: What's the tonnage of the biggest ship that'll be featured on WoWs?

A: around 130 kilograms. Q: What Top Tiers will there be for release?

A: AAA ships.

Q: If you run your ship aground would it be impossible for it to sink?

A: No, it will become a submarine.

Q: Can you tell us why its only going to be the USN and the IJN at teh release of the game and not having a third nation?

A: We are too lazy to make more.

Q: How far are you guys on getting alpha/beta out?

A: Not even close. a) There are like 3 ships already made, but very few of them are actually tuned enough to be in game. b) Already glitchy, though there are still things to remake and to polish c) We already fight each other on the office because of anger issues..

Q:Some battleships such as the German H class designs had a large set of main guns AND torpedoes. In these case, which of those would be the main armament, or would they both work as such?

A: Who like torpedo's?

Q: Somewhere above the devs said smaller nations like sweedan, and dutch ships would be in game, would this be as a tech tree or more likely premuim ships?

A: Nope, once again. Too lazy.

Q: When your carrier (or any ship with aircraft flying) is sunk, will your aircraft instantly be destroyed or can you still control them until they run outa ammo and fuel?

A: They will become kamikaze bombers.

Q: Also, will ships be able to become "beached" or will the battle ground be out in open water further from shore to prevent this?

A: There os no water, so you will be instantly beached once you spawn.

Q: Will there be a team damage occur? Will there be a fine system in place similar to WoT?

A: Yes, we like it when team mates shoot at each other

Q: What will be German Top Tiers, once the Tree released some time after?

A: What does 'german' mean?

Q: You've already disclosed Top Tier available upon release. And what will be Tier 1?

A: Tier 1 will be a rowboat.