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Equipment (WoWP)

Equipment (WoWP)

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Equipment improves the effectiveness of the plane in combat. Unlike consumables, equipment is a one-time cost addition, with each having its own advantage; however, they come at a high cost. Equipment availability and costs vary by tier, class, and nation.

Equipment can only be used on the plane it is installed on. If you want to use it on another plane, you need to demount it first. This option is available when clicking on the installed equipment on the Upgrade screen. Demounting removes the item from your plane and sends it to your Depot.

Purchasing from your plane's Upgrade screen is the best way to ensure compatibility. Only use the store to purchase equipment for planes you don't own yet and only if you have a firm understanding of the equipment system.

With respect to demounting equipment, some equipment costs gold to demount:

  • Removable Equipment can be demounted at no cost for re-use.
  • Complex Equipment is permanently installed to your plane. This is indicated in game by a gold nut on the equipment icon. Complex equipment can be removed or disposed of in one of three ways:
    1. Pay 10 gold to demount the equipment and return it to the depot (from where it can later be mounted on another tank)
    2. Destroy the equipment, which frees the equipment slot, but no compensation is given for the lost equipment.
    3. Sell the plane with the equipment mounted, which will return to you half the current purchase price of the equipment in credits.

Removable Equipment
Icon Equipment Name Cost (Credits) Weight (kg) Tiers Description
Improved Optical Sight
50,000 0 1-3 +10% to firing accuracy.
Improved Reflector Sight 250,000 0 4-6 "
Reflector Gunsight II 450,000 0 7-8 Only usable by Japan, USSR, and China.
Improved Gyroscopic Sight 500,000 0 7-8 Only usable by UK, Germany, and USA.
Gyroscopic Gunsight II 550,000 0 9-10 Only usable by Germany, Japan, USSR, and China.
Improved Radio Sight 600,000 0 9-10 +15% to firing accuracy. Only usable by UK and USA.

Self-Sealing Fuel Tank
150,000 10 4-5 +30% to firefighting speed.
Inert Gas 250,000 0 6-7 "
Fire Suppression System 300,000 50 8-10 +50% to firefighting speed.
Complex Equipment
Icon Equipment Name Cost (Credits) Weight (kg) Tiers Description
Reinforced Covering I
25,000 5 1-3 +10% damage resistance of wings, fuselage, and tail.
Reinforced Covering II 125,000 10 4-6 "
Reinforced Covering III 350,000 25 7-8 "
Reinforced Covering IV 500,000 50 9-10 "

Additional Armored Plates I
50,000 150 2-4 +50% crew resistance to injury, and engine and fuel tank resistance to damage.
Additional Armored Plates II 200,000 250 5-7 "
Additional Armored Plates III 500,000 500 8-10 "

Armored Plexiglass I
75,000 10 4-5 +50% crew resistance to injury.
Armored Plexiglass II 250,000 25 6-8 "
Armored Cockpit 400,000 50 9-10 "

Aircraft Polish I
150,000 0 4-5 +5% top speed.
Aircraft Polish II 250,000 0 6-8 "
Polish Covering 300,000 0 9-10 +3% top speed.