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Gigante dormido

Gigante dormido

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Gigante dormido
Battle Tiers
Size, km
  • Map

The new map, "Sleeping Giant" has been introduced for tier IX- X battles conducted in "Domination Mode"

This map will be available for Random and Co-op Battles.

  • Features elements of islands, straits and free flanks
  • In the Domination mode, Key Area on the left flank is surrounded by large yet low-rising islands suitable firing from behind
  • Between the Key Areas on the right and in the center, there are several straits that allow movement from one Key Area to the other while remaining under cover
  • The map is designed relatively symmetrical and gives equal opportunities for both teams
  • This map is designed based on the Chinese coast -- watch carefully, and you can catch several references like the seemingly endless Great Wall of *China and a pagoda of the Youguo Temple