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Gunnery (WoWP)

Gunnery (WoWP)

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Anybody can shoot a gun, but not everybody will hit what they are aiming for. This article is getting you used to the guns.


Guns are the main weapon in WoWp. They are the first you will see, and the ones you use most. It is critical that you know how to use them.

The Don'ts...

There are some things you should know about guns... that you shouldn't do.


Overheating is another problem. Guns heat up as you shoot, and if they overheat, they won't fire nearly as quickly as they did. Sometimes, not using short bursts is okay, but don't crash on the fire button for too long while chasing down enemies. Guns will need some time to cool down after heating or overheating.


All guns have an optimal range that you want to be within when shooting. First is firing range. When coming into firing range of a locked target, a red square (For ground targets) or a red circle (For airplanes) will appear. Though you can anticipate, and hit a few shots outside of that, most shots will harmlessly bounce off the victim if you are outside the firing range. However, you will notice that if one is outside of optimal range, their accuracy will also be quite dismal. For the most damage, one will usually fire as soon as the red indicator appears, but only within an optimal range will a majority of shots hit. Then, the damage truly starts dishing out.

The Do's...

Then there are the things you should do while shooting...


When shooting upon enemy planes, you should always lead the target. That is, aim ahead of them in the direction that they are going. Bullets don't have insta-speed. They need time to travel. There is a red circle that will appear in front of an enemy that you have locked on to, showing where you should shoot. But be wary that as the target turns, climbs, and dives, the circle will move about unpredictably, depending on the target's movement.


Though mostly unrelated to gunnery, it is a good idea to shoot at a plane from behind, just so they can't shoot back, and so you're at less danger of ramming. Watch out for rear gunners however, who may shoot back at you while tailing.

"Rear Gunnery"

There is another, somewhat automated but tougher gunnery, that is, "rear gunnery". The rules of "rear gunnery" are pretty simple - keep the tailer behind you in range of the rear gunner. However, this may be easier said than done, as the rear gunner has much less range and less accuracy (Which means you should always try to attack with your front, not your back. Your rear gunner may save you a few times, but don't rely on him too much). To check if the tailer is in range, you can press "Q" for a rear view, then line up the enemy to the center of the screen.