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Tactics: Facehugging

Tactics: Facehugging

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Often used when fighting one on one with other tanks. Drive into the face of an enemy opponent and stay there while trading shots, not letting them back up or maneuver around you. This tactic is often a good idea when playing higher tier American tanks against tanks of other nations, or when playing as tank destroyers. They are forced to try to penetrate your tough frontal turret armor or hit your small cupola (which can be avoided by swinging your turret from side to side) while with your good gun depression you can fire onto their upper plate, which is now nearly horizontal. This tactic can often only be used against tanks of similar sizes, as being larger lets the enemy tank shoot your frontal plate while being smaller lets them shoot the top of your turret. Do note that this method is not a good idea for many French tanks, which have weak turrets but strong hulls.