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Armored vehicles and gun carriers manufactured and fielded by the United States of America and other North American nations such as Canada. Overall, tanks from the USA faction are exceptionally versatile, sacrificing the advantage of specialization in certain fields so as to perform adequately in any situation.

American vehicles in general are known for their adequacy in most roles but a lack of specialization in any, except for good hull-down performance. American guns tend to have higher damage output over time than their competitors, but rarely have stellar aim times, penetration values, or damage per shell at their tier. American vehicles tend to be larger than their counterparts, and tend to share many components such as guns, radios and engines, making unlocks for one following more than one US line relatively easy. They are a fairly easy-to-play nation in comparison with other nations, but hard to master.

American light tanks pack a bit more of a punch than their counterparts, but they do lack a bit in speed. American lights are relatively large targets and lack armor. Their most notable feature is their high rate of fire and good view ranges. American light tanks tend to be more responsive in combat situations than other lights.

American medium tanks are perfect for variable strategies as they are able to both move quickly and deliver the firepower when needed. Their decent accuracy on the move and gun depression make them rather comfortable to play. American mediums boast above average view range with some being best in their tiers. American mediums tend to play the role of support tanks more often compared to other mediums, but are perfectly capable of operating on their own merits as well.

American heavy tanks have generally light armor all-round but always have a few areas of extreme thickness, mainly in the front. They have excellent gun depression and are ideal for hull-down tactics. Often they carry guns that are more balanced than comparable heavy tanks and have good power-to-weight ratios. American heavies exploit their balance to avoid the pitfalls of crippling specialization while aligning their tank in such a way as to force the enemy to engage their strong armor spots instead of the weak ones. Compared to other heavies, the American heavies work best in defensive or support positions that allow them to use terrain to avoid damage whilst not having to fully disengage in turn.

American tank destroyers have varied playing styles. US TDs are initially mobile with varied gun selection before eventually splitting into two branches: one with turrets and one mostly without turrets. The turreted TD line remains a versatile one, exchanging armor for mobility and versatility in the midtiers, then trending more towards heavy tanks with larger guns in the high tiers. The non turreted line is more specialized, exchanging either mobility or armor for more of the other depending on tier. Both lines are very good for supporting the team by filling very different roles in the battle order.

American self propelled guns are all about firepower, splash radius, and large gun arcs. They have some of the largest horizontal gun arcs, most noticeable in the M53/55, which allows them to cover large parts of the battlefield without moving the hull, thereby decreasing the need to constantly move their hull and preserving much needed accuracy, an important aspect for American SPGs as they have painfully long aim times. The American SPGs also have some of the most powerful guns in the game, boasting up to 8in guns with very large splash radius and can severely cripple or one-shot most enemy tanks with a single spot-on hit. The top tank however is none of the above, sacrificing everything for the largest gun in the game. High-tier US arty has large dispersion, long reloads, and long aim time to compensate for their power. They are able to traverse their hulls acceptably and have decent acceleration and top speed to transport their firepower with.

0.8.8 American Tank Tree

Light Tanks

  • annoA01_T1_Cunningham.png
    Tier_01_icon.png T1 Cunningham

  • annoA02_M2_lt.png
    Tier_02_icon.png M2 Light Tank

  • annoA74_T1_E6.png
    Tier_02_icon.png T1E6 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA19_T2_lt.png
    Tier_02_icon.png T2 Light Tank GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA93_T7_Combat_Car.png
    Tier_02_icon.png T7 Combat Car PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA43_M22_Locust.png
    Tier_03_icon.png M22 Locust GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA03_M3_Stuart.png
    Tier_03_icon.png M3 Stuart

  • annoA33_MTLS-1G14.png
    Tier_03_icon.png MTLS-1G14 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA22_M5_Stuart.png
    Tier_04_icon.png M5 Stuart

  • annoA34_M24_Chaffee.png
    Tier_05_icon.png M24 Chaffee

  • annoA23_M7_med.png
    Tier_05_icon.png M7

  • annoA134_M24E2_SuperChaffee.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M24E2 Super Chaffee PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA71_T21.png
    Tier_06_icon.png T21

  • annoA94_T37.png
    Tier_06_icon.png T37

  • annoA112_T71E2R.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T71 CMCD

  • annoA103_T71E1.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T71 DA

  • annoA99_T92_LT.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T92 GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA97_M41_Bulldog.png
    Tier_08_icon.png M41 Walker Bulldog

  • annoA100_T49.png
    Tier_09_icon.png T49

  • annoA116_XM551.png
    Tier_10_icon.png XM551 Sheridan

Medium Tanks

  • annoA24_T2_med.png
    Tier_02_icon.png T2 Medium Tank

  • annoA148_Convertible_Medium_Tank_T3.png
    Tier_03_icon.png Convert. Medium Tank T3 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA25_M2_med.png
    Tier_03_icon.png M2 Medium Tank

  • annoA129_T6_medium.png
    Tier_04_icon.png T6 Medium

  • annoA04_M3_Grant.png
    Tier_04_icon.png M3 Lee

  • annoA78_M4_Improved.png
    Tier_05_icon.png M4 Improved PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA44_M4A2E4.png
    Tier_05_icon.png M4A2E4 Sherman GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA05_M4_Sherman.png
    Tier_05_icon.png M4A1 Sherman

  • annoA62_Ram-II.png
    Tier_05_icon.png Ram II PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA104_M4A3E8A.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M4A3E8 Fury PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA118_M4_Thunderbolt.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA06_M4A3E8_Sherman.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M4A3E8 Sherman

  • annoA36_Sherman_Jumbo.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo

  • annoA121_M26_Cologne.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T26E3 Eagle 7 GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA07_T20.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T20

  • annoA86_T23E3.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T23E3 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA111_T25_Pilot.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T25 Pilot Number 1 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA127_TL_1_LPC.png
    Tier_08_icon.png TL-1 LPC PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA136_T42.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T42 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA140_ASTRON_REX_105mm.png
    Tier_08_icon.png ASTRON Rex 105 mm PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA149_AMBT.png
    Tier_08_icon.png AMBT PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA63_M46_Patton_KR.png
    Tier_08_icon.png M46 Patton KR PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA35_Pershing.png
    Tier_08_icon.png M26 Pershing

  • annoA80_T26_E4_SuperPershing.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T26E4 SuperPershing GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA90_T69.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T69

  • annoA81_T95_E2.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T95E2 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA63_M46_Patton.png
    Tier_09_icon.png M46 Patton

  • annoA120_M48A5.png
    Tier_10_icon.png M48A5 Patton

  • annoA92_M60.png
    Tier_10_icon.png M60 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA95_T95_E6.png
    Tier_10_icon.png T95E6 PremiumIcon2.png

Heavy Tanks

  • annoA21_T14.png
    Tier_05_icon.png T14 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA09_T1_hvy.png
    Tier_05_icon.png T1 Heavy Tank

  • annoA142_Pawlack_Tank.png
    Tier_06_icon.png Pawlack Tank

  • annoA10_M6.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M6

  • annoA126_PzVI_Tiger_II_capt.png
    Tier_07_icon.png King Tiger (Captured) PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA147_M_II_Y.png
    Tier_07_icon.png M-II-Y

  • annoA11_T29.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T29

  • annoA115_Chrysler_K.png
    Tier_08_icon.png Chrysler K GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA115_Chrysler_K_GF.png
    Tier_08_icon.png Chrysler K GF PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA117_T26E5.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T26E5 GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA117_T26E5_Patriot.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T26E5 Patriot PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA124_T54E2.png
    Tier_08_icon.png M54 Renegade PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA132_T77.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T77 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA139_M_III_Y.png
    Tier_08_icon.png M-III-Y

  • annoA141_M_IV_Y.png
    Tier_08_icon.png M-IV-Y PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA45_M6A2E1.png
    Tier_08_icon.png M6A2E1 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA12_T32.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T32

  • annoA13_T34_hvy.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T34 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA13_T34_hvy_BF.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T34 B PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA125_AEP_1.png
    Tier_09_icon.png AE Phase I PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA128_concept_1b.png
    Tier_09_icon.png Concept 1B PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA144_M_VI_Y.png
    Tier_09_icon.png M-VI-Y

  • annoA66_M103.png
    Tier_09_icon.png M103

  • annoA89_T54E1.png
    Tier_09_icon.png T54E1

  • annoA143_M_V_Y.png
    Tier_10_icon.png M-V-Y

  • annoA69_T110E5.png
    Tier_10_icon.png T110E5

  • annoA67_T57_58.png
    Tier_10_icon.png T57 Heavy Tank

Tank Destroyers

  • annoA46_T3.png
    Tier_02_icon.png T3 HMC

  • annoA109_T56_GMC.png
    Tier_03_icon.png T56 GMC

  • annoA57_M8A1.png
    Tier_04_icon.png M8A1

  • annoA29_T40.png
    Tier_04_icon.png T40

  • annoA30_M10_Wolverine.png
    Tier_05_icon.png M10 Wolverine

  • annoA58_T67.png
    Tier_05_icon.png T67

  • annoA123_T78.png
    Tier_06_icon.png T78 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA41_M18_Hellcat.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M18 Hellcat

  • annoA31_M36_Slagger.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M36 Jackson

  • annoA101_M56.png
    Tier_07_icon.png M56 Scorpion GoldIcon2.png

  • annoA102_T28_concept.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T28 Concept PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA130_Super_Hellcat.png
    Tier_07_icon.png Super Hellcat PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA72_T25_2.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T25/2

  • annoA64_T25_AT.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T25 AT

  • annoA122_TS-5.png
    Tier_08_icon.png TS-5 PremiumIcon2.png

  • annoA39_T28.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T28

  • annoA68_T28_Prototype.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T28 Prototype

  • annoA14_T30.png
    Tier_09_icon.png T30

  • annoA40_T95.png
    Tier_09_icon.png T95

  • annoA85_T110E3.png
    Tier_10_icon.png T110E3

  • annoA83_T110E4.png
    Tier_10_icon.png T110E4

Self-Propelled Guns

  • annoA107_T1_HMC.png
    Tier_02_icon.png T1 HMC

  • annoA108_T18_HMC.png
    Tier_03_icon.png T18 HMC

  • annoA16_M7_Priest.png
    Tier_03_icon.png M7 Priest

  • annoA27_T82.png
    Tier_04_icon.png T82 HMC

  • annoA17_M37.png
    Tier_04_icon.png M37

  • annoA18_M41.png
    Tier_05_icon.png M41 HMC

  • annoA87_M44.png
    Tier_06_icon.png M44

  • annoA32_M12.png
    Tier_07_icon.png M12

  • annoA37_M40M43.png
    Tier_08_icon.png M40/M43

  • annoA88_M53_55.png
    Tier_09_icon.png M53/M55

  • annoA38_T92.png
    Tier_10_icon.png T92 HMC