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A-32 (Stock)

1450 Coût
560 PSDurabilité
19.54 / 21.3 Poids
  1. Chef de char
  2. Tireur
  3. Opérateur radio
  4. Pilote
  5. Chargeur
35/30/16Blindage caisse(avant/flancs/arrière, mm)
35/35/35Blindage tourelle(avant/flancs/arrière, mm)
540 chPuissance moteur
70 km/hVitesse maximale / en marche arrière
40 °/sVitesse de rotation
160 damage
66 mmPénétration moyenne
11.5837104072398 Temps pour un chargement complet
40 °/sVitesse de rotation du canon
230 mPortée de vue
500 mPortée du signal radio

Originally available as part of the game's Light Pre-Order Package. It was also briefly available from the Gift Shop before being withdrawn. Classified as a light tank at the game's release, it was reclassified as a medium tank a few months later. It's basically an improved version of the A-20 that has more health, armor and a decent gun that has noticeably higher penetration than the A-20's. Even with these upgrades, it cannot win a head-on fight against a proper medium. Instead, it should be used as a scout tank. Presently this vehicle is only available for purchase on the RU server.



Niveau  Tourelle Blindage tourelle (avant/flancs/arrière, mm) Vitesse de rotation du canon (°/s) Portée de vue (m) Expérience Poids (t)
IV A-32 35/35/35 40 230 0 3200
Niveau  Canon Pénétration moyenne (mm) Cadence de tir Dispersion à 100 m Temps de visée Expérience Poids (t)
III 76mm L-10U 66/75/20 160/160/200 5.18 0.45 2.3 0 641


Niveau  Moteur Puissance moteur (ch) Probabilité d'incendie à l'impact Expérience Poids (t)
V BD-2 540 15 0 750

Niveau  Suspension Limite de charge Vitesse de rotation (°/s) Expérience Poids (t)
V A-32 21.3 40 0 5000


Niveau  Radio Portée du signal radio (m) Expérience Poids (t)
IV _71-TK-3U 500 0 100

Compatible Equipment

Revêtement anti-éclats (Moyen)
Filet de camouflage
Optiques traitées
Système de visée amélioré
Suspension Christie renforcée
Filtre "Cyclone"
Ventilation Classe 2 améliorée
Fouloir de canon moyen calibre
Télescope binoculaire
Boîte à outils
Râtelier de munitions "Humide" - Classe 1

Compatible Consumables

Avis des joueurs

Points forts/faibles

Points forts :

  • Above average hit points
  • Above average engine power and top speed
  • Above average turret armour
  • Above average aim time and elevation arc
  • Above average ammo capacity

Points faibles :

  • Below average traverse speed
  • Below average hull armour
  • Below average damage, penetration, and rate of fire
  • Below average accuracy and turret traverse speed
  • Below average view and signal range

Informations Historiques

==Production history of the T-34, A-32 being T-34's prototype== Koshkin convinced Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to let him develop a second prototype, a more heavily armed and armoured "universal tank" which could replace both the T-26 and the BT tanks. The second prototype Koshkin named A-32, after its 32 millimetres (1.3 in) of frontal armour. It also had a 76.2 mm (3 in) gun, and the same model V-2 diesel engine. Both were tested in field trials at Kubinka in 1939, with the heavier A-32 proving to be as mobile as the A-20. A still heavier version of the A-32 with 45 millimetres (1.8 in) of front armour and wider tracks was approved for production as the T-34. Koshkin chose the name after the year 1934 when he began to formulate his ideas about the new tank, and to commemorate the decree expanding the armoured force and the appointment of Sergo Ordzhonikidze to head tank production.

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