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Object 268

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Object268 (Stock)

6100000 Coût
1800 PSDurabilité
50.97 / 53.9 Poids
  1. Chef de char
  2. Opérateur radio
  3. Tireur
  4. Pilote
  5. Chargeur
  6. Chargeur
187/100/50Blindage caisse(avant/flancs/arrière, mm)
18/16/16Blindage tourelle(avant/flancs/arrière, mm)
800 chPuissance moteur
48 km/hVitesse maximale / en marche arrière
30 °/sVitesse de rotation
640 damage
303 mmPénétration moyenne
13.9278856411351 Temps pour un chargement complet
26 °/sVitesse de rotation du canon
250 mPortée de vue
500 mPortée du signal radio
Object 268
Object 268

The Object 268 is a Soviet tier 10 tank destroyer



Niveau  Canon Pénétration moyenne (mm) Cadence de tir Dispersion à 100 m Temps de visée Expérience Poids (t)
X 152 mm M64 303/395/90 640/640/960 4.31 0.33 2.5 0 6500


Niveau  Moteur Puissance moteur (ch) Probabilité d'incendie à l'impact Expérience Poids (t)
X V-16FN 800 12 0 1024

Niveau  Suspension Limite de charge Vitesse de rotation (°/s) Expérience Poids (t)
X Object 268 53.9 30 0 10000


Niveau  Radio Portée du signal radio (m) Expérience Poids (t)
X R113M 500 0 80

Compatible Equipment

Revêtement anti-éclats (Lourd)
Filet de camouflage
Remplit les réservoirs avec du CO2
Optiques traitées
Système de visée amélioré
Barres de Torsion Classes 5 t et plus renforcées
Filtre "Cyclone"
Ventilation Classe 3 améliorée
Fouloir de canon gros calibre
Télescope binoculaire
Boîte à outils
Râtelier de munitions "Humide" - Classe 2

Compatible Consumables

Avis des joueurs

Points forts/faibles

Points forts :

  • Ridiculously good penetration
  • Extremely good DPM and alpha
  • High camouflage rating
  • Good mobility
  • Good accuracy

Points faibles :

  • Obvious frontal weakspot
  • Somewhat long aim time
  • Small gun arc
  • Low velocity gun
  • Driver dies easily from frontal shots


The Object 268 is the Tier X Soviet Tank Destroyer. This beast has an astounding 303mm of standard AP penetration making it the highest penetrating gun in the game. It also has quite a high rate of fire for the damage it can do, giving it the highest DPM for all tier X tank destroyers. Another noticeable feat of this tank is the extreme accuracy of the gun. However to balance this powerful gun, the 268's armor is rather poor, and only decent at best in the front, to help players though, it maintains the hallmark of Soviet TDs by having a very high camo rating, making difficult to detect. So people that are used to the play style of the ISU-152 will have no problem adapting to the Object 268.

The biggest difference between the ISU-152 and Object 268 is the Object 268's much lower gun arc. This means that you will be moving your tank from side to side more often in the Object 268. The consequence of this movement is that you will not be able to take nearly as large an advantage of a Camouflage Net or Binocular telescope as you would in the ISU-152.

The Object 268 can play a variety of roles, and can therefore have a variety of equipment load outs. If you are staying back and sniping from behind a bush, the recommended equipment is the Gun Rammer, Camouflage Net and Binocular Telescope. You can also switch out the Binocular Telescope for Improved Ventilstion if you wish. If you are going to support from the 2nd line, the recommended equipment is a Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive and Improved Ventilation.

Informations Historiques

Object 268 during tests at the Kirov plant
Development of the Object 268 was started in the summer of 1952 at the Kirov Plant, Leningrad, under the supervision of Joseph Kotin. The vehicle was developed on the basis of the T-10 heavy tank. A prototype was manufactured in 1956. The vehicle passed trials, but never saw mass production.

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