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월드오브탱크 에서 모든 전차는 승무원이 하나라도 비어있다면 게임을 시작할수없습니다. 당신의 승무원은 당신의 조작에따라 전차를 조종합니다. 전차의 승무원수는 전차의 크기 또는 종류에따라 달라집니다.전차에 들어가는인원은 최소 2명부터 최대 6명까지 탑승할수있습니다.전차 안에 들어가는 승무원의 종류에는 크게 다섯종류가있습니다. 전차장, 포수, 조종수, 무전수, 장전수 이렇게 다섯종류입니다.

Just as vehicles accumulate experience for every battle, so do crew members. Each crew member has a Personal File, which records his battle statistics, medals, his Training Level in his qualification, and his training level in any Skills and/or Perks he has acquired. Credits or gold can be used to immediately train a crew member up to 75% (using credits) or 100% (using gold) in his qualification. Credits/gold cannot be used to boost the training of Skills and/or Perks.

Each crew member's Proficiency directly affects and improves the performance of their vehicle in battle. If a crew member is knocked out in battle, the vehicle's performance will suffer, especially in the area affected by his role. A knocked out Driver, for example, would reduce the acceleration, speed, and maneuverability of your vehicle. Since the Commander provides a bonus to the rest of the crew, losing the Commander will slightly degrade the performance of all remaining crew members. Skills/Perks belonging to a knocked out crew member are also disabled.

If all crew members are knocked out, the vehicle will become inoperable.