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Changelog: World of Tanks (XBOX) Patch 1.5.0

Changelog: World of Tanks (XBOX) Patch 1.5.0

Atla: kullan, ara

New Features

  • Operations System: Earn awards based on activities
  • Tank upgrade menu multi-layer reel system
  • Lifetime Ribbons Collection under Stats
    • Will not track ribbons earned prior to update
  • Changed the Functionality of "The 122 and U" achievement to no longer require ownership of the T-150
  • Added secondary callout menu to the radial command wheel (default: RT) with the following callouts:
    • "Great Shot!"
    • "Good Game!"
    • "On My Way!"
    • "In Position!"
    • "Awesome!"
    • "Sorry!"

New Maps

New Tanks

  • French Premium Tanks (available in the Store beginning Sept. 26)

New Achievements

  • Absolute: Research a Tier X tank)
  • Tactical Espionage: Spot at least 9 members of the opposing team in a single match and win
  • Now You See Me...: Apply Camouflage to your tank
  • This is World of Tanks: Be the last tank to be destroyed on your team
  • Ranger: Destroy all enemy light tanks during a match, must be 3 or more
  • The Sherminator: Own the M4, M4A3E2, and M4A3E8 Sherman tanks simultaneously
  • 'Tis Just a Scratch: Win and survive a match with 3 or more damaged components
  • Stand By Me: Survive and win a battle along with one or more Platoon mates.)


  • Fixed a graphical issue in which placeholder information is visible in the tank stats panel
  • Button legend now updates when highlighting an already owned equipment/consumable
  • Corrected some rate-of-fire rounding issues in the tank details screen
  • Backing out of the Options menu while in the tank grid now displays the correct information in the tank stats panel
  • "Return to Garage" dialog box now warns the player of the penalty for leaving early if they are alive
  • "Sell tank" dialog now has a separator for values in the thousands
  • Description for Clutch Breaking skill corrected
  • Updated Crew help screen
  • Fixed map image failing to load in loading screens
  • Fixed soft lock when purchasing a tank while ready in a Platoon
  • Resolved issues caused by returning to grid view after viewing tank details
  • Added error message/notification that your Platoon leader is already in battle queue
  • Corrected Platoon status text after returning from battle
  • Fixed an issue with Premium days displaying incorrectly in certain time zones
  • Removed the brief display of tank details when tabbing to the Tanks tab

Map Changes

  • Mountain Pass Encounter spawn points have now been changed. Team 1: A4 and corner of B2; Team 2: H8 and J8
  • Mountain Pass Standard spawn points adjusted slightly for both bases
  • Fisherman's Bay Encounter spawn points have been moved: J4 and K4 for team 2
  • Fisherman's Bay Standard team 1 base moved to A6
  • Lakeville Encounter spawn points have been moved slightly
  • Prohorovka Encounter has its base radius set to the standard 50 meters and moved slightly north
  • Erlenberg Assault base has been moved to A4/5 and the attackers have been moved to K9 and J0
  • Malinovka Encounter base has been moved to H3
  • Malinovka Assault defending team has been moved to B8
  • Malinovka Standard spawn points have been moved slightly
  • El Halluf Encounter Team 2 spawn points moved slightly
  • Province - Rocks added to H3 to block line of sight
  • Removed invisible wall from Mines at coordinate E8
  • Maps out of rotation:
    • Arctic Region
    • Sand River
    • Westfield
    • Widepark


  • Audio mix adjustments
  • Fixed the audio cues for purchasing 75% and 100% crew


  • All languages: Fixed truncation for tank names while in the Stats tab
  • Russian, Korean: Fixed truncation for "upgrade to Gold" message in the pause menu
  • German: Corrected translation of some German inscriptions