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Tournaments (WoT)

Tournaments (WoT)

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Currently, there are three Tournament formats being offered - Challenges, Skirmishes, and Clan Tournaments.

Tournaments differ from random battles in several ways:

  • Teams can range anywhere from three to fifteen players. (Each team can also contain several 'reserve' players to swap out as needed.)
  • Team members are chosen by the Team Captain (the player who created the team), rather than thrown together randomly.
  • Tournaments are played at specific times, and are not available 24/7.
  • Tournament battles generally last 7, or 10 minutes, not 15.
  • All battles are generally played on a single map, or a small collection of maps.
  • Teams are limited in types of tanks allowed. (By Tier, Type, and sometimes even model.)
  • As with training rooms - players do not need to pay for repair costs during tournaments, but they must pay for ammunition and consumables.
  • There are NO Credits or Experience rewarded after a Tournament battle.
  • However, members of winning teams are rewarded with Gold, or cash prizes (USD) at the tournament's conclusion. (The exact amounts vary from tournament to tournament.)