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Campaigns offer a set of special missions which must be completed in succession. They teach newcomers important subtleties of the game while allowing experienced players to expand their horizons, and players of all skill levels and experience can earn epic rewards.

The Campaign screen, where players choose a campaign to progress.

How Campaigns Work

The campaign screen for "Science of Victory"; active tasks are shown at left.
A Campaign is a set of successive missions laid out in a map interface. Individual missions are comprised of multiple tasks that must be completed before progressing to the next mission.
  • Each mission is comprised of individual tasks that award pins (Campaign_pin.png) used to unlock a final task.
  • Any individual task is repeatable, and players earn pins each time it's completed.
  • Other rewards tied to tasks, such as flags, consumables, etc., are earned only once, regardless how many times players accomplish the task.
  • After earning enough pins by completing tasks, campaign missions have a separate "final" task to complete in order to progress to the next mission in the chain.
  • Players can have two tasks active at a time (three with a premium account).
  • If a player fulfills a task's requirements in a battle but returns to Port and cancels the task in the Campaign interface before the battle ends, the fulfillment won't be counted.
  • If a player cancels a task that is in progress, all progress is lost.
  • Players earn one big reward at the end of a Campaign. This reward will vary depending on the Campaign.

Active Campaigns

Below is the list of campaigns currently available in World of Warships.

List of Active Campaigns
Emblem Campaign Name Number of Missions Total Number
of Tasks
Dates Active
Icon_22.png Science of Victory 10 119 30 November 2016 -
PCQC002_CampaignSB_logo.png Honorable Service 5 40 30 November 2016 -

Inactive Campaigns

The below campaigns are no longer active.

List of Inactive Campaigns
Emblem Campaign Name Number of Missions Total Number
of Tasks
Dates Active
PCQC003_NewYear2017BasicCampaign_logo.png The Hunt for Graf Spee 4 12 22 December 2016 -
18 January 2017
PCQC004_NewYear2017EliteCampaign_logo.png Santa's Christmas Convoys 9 49 22 December 2016 -
18 January 2017