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Current doubloon, credit, and Free XP totals as seen in the top right corner of the Port screen.
Understanding and mastering the economy of World of Warships is one of the keys to enjoying the game. There are five main types of currency: Doubloons, Credits, Experience, Free Experience, and Elite Commander Experience. Doubloons, Credits, and Free Experience can be seen in the game client in the top right corner of the Port screen, and on your account page from which you have to access via the main page under "Profile" and in "Detailed Statistics" (you need to login to see the full details of your account page). Experience is unique to each individual ship, and can only be seen in the Port screen by clicking on the desired ship.


Credits is the primary form of currency in World of Warships. Credits can be used to buy unlocked tech tree ships, premium consumables, modules, upgrades, and commander retraining.

Players earn credits through battles, campaigns, containers, premium shop bundles, or special missions. Base credit income in battles is dependent on performance and may be modified by credit modifiers such as the "Zulu" signal flag and "Ocean Soul" camouflage. Premium time will increase base credit income by 50%. Factors such as damage, spotting damage, capture and defense points, plane kills will positively affect credit income in a battle. All premium ships have a higher base credit income rate; some premiums, like Missouri, earn even more credits than a normal premium ship.

Credits can also be obtained by converting doubloons to credits at a rate of 1 doubloon to 1500 credits.


Doubloons are World of Warships's version of Gold from World of Tanks and Warplanes. It is considered premium currency and as such can have a drastic impact on your gaming experience. Although it's possible to progress in the game without using Doubloons, they speed the process up in nearly every aspect of the gameplay.

Doubloons can be obtained in several ways:

  • Purchased directly from the premium shop. This is the only reliable way to gain them.
  • Any amount of doubloons between 500 and 25000 may be purchased with the price in USD being approximately (0.0067 * number of doubloons)^0.9. This is slightly more expensive than the standard packages, but not by much (at most 1.2% difference). The number of doubloons per dollar is between 168 and 250.
  • Doubloons may also be purchased as part of a bundle. Examples of these bundles:
  • Premium ship bundles.
  • Weekend Captain's Pass (available most weekends).
  • Check the "Specials" section of the World of Warships shop for limited offerings.
  • Achieving a specific rank during a season of Ranked Battles.
  • Winning various contests. You can find notices of current contests on the NA server via the forums.
  • Various in-game missions.
  • Chance to appear in Supercontainers (1000 or 2500 per container).
  • Gifts from friends.

Doubloons have a multitude of uses:

  • Exchanging doubloons for credits. The standard conversion is 1 doubloon = 1,500 credits. Any amount can be exchanged by clicking the Exchange Credits button in the Port.
  • Converting Experience you have on Elite ships or Elite Commanders to Free Experience. Elite ships are ships that have all modules researched; premium ships are elite by default. For Elite Commander Experience (gained by maxed-out Commanders), see the respective section. The standard conversion rate is 25 Elite Experience + 1 doubloon = 25 Free Experience (for both Elite Ships and Elite Commanders).
  • Purchasing some premium ships via the tech tree. Note that most premium ships can only be purchased for real money from the Premium Shop. Price of the ship in doubloons is usually the same as the the amount of doubloons purchasable for its real money cost in the shop (before any discounts).
  • Purchasing premium time (in Player Menu), which provides a 50% increase in credit and experience earnings as well as access to a special port with a unique soundtrack. Purchasing more days of premium time at once lowers the cost of a single day in the bundle.
  • Instantly retraining a commander on a new ship (500 doubloons regardless of rank and amount of experience needed).
  • Redistributing commander skills (cost increases as the number of commander skills increase; 25 doubloons per assigned point).
  • Demounting upgrades from a ship (25 doubloons); this equipment can then be applied to a different ship. Note that you can also sell equipment for 50% of the credit cost; if sold, no demounting fee is paid.
  • Purchasing port slots (300 doubloons per slot, regardless of how many the player already has).
  • Expanding the size of your commander reserve (100 doubloons for 4 slots regardless of the current size).
  • Purchasing special consumables:
  • Permanent camouflage with special bonuses for tech tree ships, cost increases with ship level: 1,000 (V-VI), 2,000 (VII), 3,000 (VIII), 4,000 (IX) and 5,000 (X). The cost is paid once per ship, can then be re-supplied for free.
  • Special camouflage (30-125 doubloons for each single use)
  • Premium consumables that recharge faster and may give you an extra use. Note that signals can often be purchased for either Credits or Doubloons; Special signals (Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Hydra and Ouroboros) cannot be purchased with Doubloons.


Experience is another primary currency in World of Warships. Players earn experience in the same way as they do credits through battles and special missions.

Ship Experience (XP)

Ship experience is the main type of experience. It is used to unlock new ship modules and the next ship(s) in tier, allowing the player to progress in the tech tree. Once researched, a ship or module can be bought for Credits, and if sold, does not need to be researched again later.

Ship experience cannot be earned through containers, campaigns, or shop bundles, although Free experience (below) can be spent in place of ship experience. Any purchase made on a specific ship will use as much Ship Experience as possible before turning to other sources for the missing amounts.

Upon fully researching all of a ship's modules and unlocking all succeeding tier ships, the ship gains the Elite status which allows any excess experience, and all future experience earned on that ship, to be converted to Free Experience for a Doubloons fee (unlocked upon reaching Account Level 5).

As premium ships do not need any modules or succeeding ships to unlock, players can use these ships as a way of collecting Free Experience indirectly (they must first play the ships to obtain the experience, then buy doubloons with real money, and finally convert the excess experience to Free Experience using the doubloons).

Free Experience (Free XP)

When a player reaches Account Level 5, they unlock Free Experience. Free Experience pool, like Credits, is shared among all ships, and therefore can be spent to unlock any ship or module, regardless of what ship it was earned with. 5% of the total amount of ship experience earned in battle - including all the bonuses incurred by any modifiers - is awarded to the player as an additional amount of Free Experience. This rate can be increased by mounting certain camouflages or the Papa Papa signal, potentially bringing the amount of Free XP earned to over 70% of the Standard XP. Note that Free XP does NOT count towards mission objectives and daily containers, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Free XP can also be obtained by converting Standard Experience earned on Elite ships (ships that have every module and following ship researched) at the rate of 1 Doubloon per 25 Free Experience converted. Wargaming occasionally offers sales that increase this rate.

Free XP can also be converted from Elite Commander Experience (see below) the same way. It can be used the other way around: to train captains if the player has used up all of their Elite Commander Experience.

By clicking the "+" symbol next to a captain, Elite Commander XP and/or Free XP can be used to gain Commander skill points.

Elite Commander Experience (Elite XP)

Elite Commander Experience is awarded by using captains which have attained 19 skill points. When a player uses such a captain, all commander experience gained during the battle is automatically added to the Elite Commander XP pool for no extra fee. The amount of available experience so accumulated is visible in the lower left corner of the Commander skill page, just above the ship carousel, when any commander is selected.

Elite Commander XP may be used in addition to any commander experience gained during battle to grant additional skill points to any commander which has less than 19 skill points. This is accomplished by left-clicking the "+" symbol beneath the commander's portrait. This will present the player with an information box which will allow him or her to choose how many points are to be assigned to that commander. If insufficient Elite Commander Experience is available to provide an additional skill point to a given commander, Free Experience will be used for the remaining balance. A skill point can only be gained if there is sufficient total experience available (Commander XP + Elite Commander XP + Free XP, in that order of priority); there is no option to partially fill the experience bar.

Elite Commander XP can also be used to retrain any commander transferred to a new ship, with or without any additional ways to fill the gap.

Premium Account


Premium account time allows for quicker progression by increasing the amount of credits and ship experience earned per battle by 50%. It also provides a similar bonus to commander experience earned. This greatly speeds up the process of training a new commander or retraining one for a new ship. Activation of premium time also grants the user access to the Naval Base port in-game.

Premium account time can be purchased in-game with doubloons, or through the premium shop website in durations ranging from one day to one year. Premium time may also be earned through select missions and campaigns. Premium time, whether purchased or earned, takes effect immediately.

Additionally, premium time is unified across World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships, meaning that its benefits apply to all three games.


Main article: Containers

Containers contain randomized rewards and come in many different types. Up to three standard containers may be earned per day by earning net XP that day. Campaigns, missions, and events may grant additional containers, both of standard and special types.

Earning Credits and Experience

After each match, players will always receive a "basic" credits and experience income in terms of their contribution to said battle:

  • Receiving any ribbon (such as hitting the enemy, detecting a new target, capturing a point etc.) increases both credits and experience, though not every ribbon is of equal value.
  • Dealing damage and especially the killing blows is a major contribution towards the basic reward.
  • A small bonus is awarded for the damage dealt by allies using your ship's line of sight when they can't fire at a target by themselves.
  • Achievements add a very hefty bonus to the reward.
  • Finally, the basic reward increases greatly for the winning team.

Total "basic" amounts can then be altered due to the influence of "Modifiers", such as Camouflages, Signal Flags, and Premium equipment (Ships and Account). The Post battle screen provides an adequate summary and breakdown of the total Credits and Experience earned per battle, but the following calculations are also presented here to aid players in understanding the calculations behind said numbers. Detailed breakdown can be found in the post-battle report on the final tab (Credits and Experience).

Friendly fire (dealing direct damage to allies, accidental or otherwise) is the only way to decrease the amount of credits and experience gained, imposing a fine on the total amount. This will never cause the reward to go below zero, though.


1) Ship Experience:

ES = EB · AT · (1 + ΣMEs)


  • ES - Total ship experience earned from battle
  • EB - Basic experience earned from battle
  • AT - Account type: use 1 for "Standard"; use 1.5 for Premium
  • ΣMEs - The sum of the coefficients of the modifiers to experience, which include:
  1. The first victory of the day for each ship in port (default value is +50% in addition to the regular victory bonus, but can change due to events)
  2. Usage of Signal Flags
  3. Usage of Camouflage
  4. Awards for the completion of Combat Missions / Events
  5. Usage of Commemorative / Special Flags

2) Credits:

CrTot = CrB · AT · (1 + ΣMCr)


  • CrTot - Total credits earned from battle
  • CrB - Basic credits earned from battle
  • AT - Account type: use 1 for "Standard"; use 1.5 for Premium
  • ΣMCr - The sum of the coefficients of the modifiers to credits, which include:
  1. Usage of Signal Flags
  2. Usage of Camouflage
  3. Awards for the completion of Combat Missions / Events
  4. Usage of Commemorative / Special Flags

Note: any ship service costs (repairs and ammo) are deducted after the battle, so for the purpose of the mission objectives that require earning Credits, only the final amount earned in battle matters.

3) Commander Experience:

EC = EB · AT· (1 + ΣME + ΣMC)


  • EC - Total commander experience earned from battle
  • EB - Basic commander experience earned from battle
  • AT - Account type: use 1 for "Standard"; use 1.5 for Premium
  • ΣME - The sum of the coefficients of the modifiers to experience, which include:
  1. The first victory of the day for each ship in port (Default value is 50%, but can change due to events)
  2. Usage of Signal Flags
  3. Usage of Camouflage
  4. Awards for the completion of Combat Missions / Events
  5. Usage of Commemorative / Special Flags
  • ΣMC - The sum of the coefficients of the modifiers to experience, which include:
  1. Usage of Signal Flags
  2. Usage of Camouflage
  3. Awards for the completion of Combat Missions / Events
  4. Usage of Commemorative / Special Flags

4) Free Experience:

EF = ES · 0.05 · (1 + ΣMEf)


  • EF - Total free experience earned from battle
  • ES - Total ship experience earned from battle
  • ΣMEf - The sum of the coefficients of the modifiers to free experience, which include:
  1. Usage of Signal Flags
  2. Usage of Camouflage
  3. Awards for the completion of Combat Missions / Events

Note: Free Experience is an extra bonus on top of the Standard Experience received, and does not increase Commander Experience or any mission progress that requires earning Standard Experience.

Spending Credits and Experience

Credits and Experience are both spent on a wide variety of goods and services in nearly every facet of the game. Credits are spent to purchase new ships in the tech tree, purchase researched modules, premium consumables and upgrades in the Modules section.Type 1, Type 2, and Type 5 Camouflages can be purchased with credits in the Exterior section. Finally, credits are spent on a ship's service and resupply after the ship has returned from battle. Experience is spent on researching new ships in the Tech Tree and new ship modules in the Modules section or in the Tech Tree.

Operating Cost

After a battle a credit fee must be paid to use the ship again. This consists of a service cost (dependent on tier and premium status) with additional costs based on ammunition expenditure (dependent on shell/aircraft type and the number used) and premium consumables. In early versions of the game, this cost was modified based on how damaged the ship was at the end of the battle; as of Update 0.5.12, it is a fixed cost that is paid regardless of the end health of the ship, even if it has been sunk.

Operating cost can be decreased by equipping the India Bravo Terrathree (-10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle repair.) signal and/or Ranked season flags.

Operating costs are paid automatically if there are funds available. In the event of insufficient funds to fully cover expenses, the ship will be rendered unusable until it is paid off. It is not done automatically - players must do this manually by selecting the ship in the port and requesting repairs there.

Operating Costs by Tier
Tier Operating Cost per match
Tech Tree Ship
(base cost)
Tech Tree Ship
(with permanent camouflage)
Premium Ship
(base cost)
Premium Ship
(with premium camouflage)
I 0Silver_icon.png N/A N/A N/A
II 2,000Silver_icon.png N/A 2,000Silver_icon.png 1,800Silver_icon.png (-10%)
III 3,000Silver_icon.png N/A 3,000Silver_icon.png 2,700Silver_icon.png (-10%)
IV 5,000Silver_icon.png N/A 5,000Silver_icon.png 4,500Silver_icon.png (-10%)
V 11,500Silver_icon.png 10,350Silver_icon.png (-10%) 11,500Silver_icon.png 10,350Silver_icon.png (-10%)
VI 23,000Silver_icon.png 20,700Silver_icon.png (-10%) 21,850Silver_icon.png (×0.95) 19,665Silver_icon.png (-10%)
VII 42,000Silver_icon.png 37,800Silver_icon.png (-10%) 35,700Silver_icon.png (×0.85) 32,130Silver_icon.png (-10%)
VIII 75,000Silver_icon.png 67,500Silver_icon.png (-10%) 52,500Silver_icon.png (×0.7) 47,250Silver_icon.png (-10%)
IX 120,000Silver_icon.png 96,000Silver_icon.png (-20%) 60,000Silver_icon.png (×0.5) 48,000Silver_icon.png (-20%)
X 180,000Silver_icon.png 90,000Silver_icon.png (-50%) N/A N/A


Main article: Ship:Clan

Oil is earned by opening containers and through participating in Clan Battles and is used to upgrade Clan buildings.

Coal and Steel

Main article: Ship:Arsenal

Coal is earned through containers (the More Resources type of container will always contain Coal) and also through some challenges and combat missions.

Steel is earned through ranked and Clan battles. Steel may also be found in Supercontainers. 1 Steel may be exchanged for 10 Coal, but Coal cannot be exchanged for Steel.

Both Coal and Steel are used to purchase items in the Arsenal.