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AGO Ao 192 Kurier

AGO Ao 192 Kurier

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Ao 192

3900 Kosten
180 Überlebensfähigkeit
2990 kgGewicht
83.5 Schaden
1039.6 Fluggeschwindigkeit
340 km/hV(max.) auf Meeresspiegel
340 km/hV(max.) bei opt. Flughöhe
1200 mOptimale Höhe
550 km/hMax. Sturzfluggeschw.
51.9 m/Sek.Steigrate
160 km/hGeschwindigkeit Strömungsabriss
313.5 km/hOptimale Fluggeschwindigkeit
72.2 Steuerbarkeit
16 Sek.Mittlere Zeit für 360-Grad-Kurve
60 °/Sek.Rollrate
857.1 Manövrierbarkeit
AGO Ao 192 Kurier
Ein leichtes Aufklärungsflugzeug, welches während der Erstellung des leichten Transportflugzeugs Ao 192 CA entwickelt wurde. Es wurde kein Prototyp gebaut.



Stufe Motor Motorleistung, PS / Schub Typ Gewicht, kg Kosten,
II Argus As 10E 270 wassergekühlt 440 1070
II NAME_MODULE_ARGUS-AS-10E_SPEC_TOP_AO-192_1 270 wassergekühlt 440 1070


Stufe Flugwerk Überlebensfähigkeit Gewicht, kg Kosten,
I Ao 192 180 2426 640
Haubenmontierte Waffe

Haubenmontierte Waffe

Stufe Maschinengewehr Kaliber Mündungsgeschwindigkeit, m/Sek. Schaden Feuerrate, Schuss/Min. Gewicht, kg Kosten,
III 7.92 mm MG-17 (1934) (H) 7.92 960 23 1200 30 3900
III WEAPON_NAME_G7MM-MG17_34-F_SPEC_TOP_AO-192_1 7.92 960 23 1200 30 3900


Stufe Turm Kaliber Maschinengewehr Schaden Feuerrate, Schuss/Min. Gewicht, kg Kosten,
II 7.92 mm MG-29 13.2 1 16 30 5 400
III 7.92 mm MG-30 13.2 1 20 30 5 4500


Stufe Bomben Schadensradius, m Schaden Gewicht, kg Kosten,
II SC 50 50 1200 50 300

Compatible Equipment

Compatible Consumables

Historical Info

The Ago Ao 192 Kurier was a small German twin-engined aircraft designed and built by AGO Flugzeugwerke in the 1930s. A small production run of six aircraft followed three prototypes, these being used as transports.

The first prototype made its maiden flight in mid-1935, soon being followed by a second aircraft, similar to the first. A third prototype, with a deeper fuselage allowing an additional passenger to be carried, more powerful engines and a revised undercarriage, formed the basis for the planned Ao 192B civil transport, with versions planned to serve as light transports, ambulance aircraft and survey aircraft. AGO had large orders for licence-built aircraft for the Luftwaffe however, and only six production aircraft could be built. The six production examples completed were taken over by the State, one registered D-ODAF, being allocated as a personal aircraft to Robert Ley, the Minister of Labour; one was used as a staff transport by the Waffen-SS and registered D-OSSS and another example, registered D-OLER, was used as a staff transport at the Rechlin test centre.

Military variant

Projected military variants were the Ao 192Ca light reconnaissance aircraft with a crew of two or three, a defensive armament of two fixed forward-firing machine guns and a third gun on a flexible mount in a dorsal position, provision for various cameras and a bomb load of eight 22-26 lb (10-12 kg) bombs and the Ao 192CR light bomber with similar defensive armament to the CA and provision for four 110 lb (50 kg) bombs. Only a wooden Ao192C atrappe was build at AGO-Musterbau.

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