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Achievements (Blitz)

Achievements (Blitz)

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Achievements are awarded to players for exceptional performance in battle. Achievements come as Medals, Titles and Badges and are attached to the player's overall service record as well as the individual records of the tanks the player has driven and the service record of the crews (except Qualification Badges).

You can see your own achievements by selecting the Service Record tab in the garage. Then, tap on Awards. There will be two buttons, "Mine" and "All". Under "Mine" you can see all the badges you own, to see all the badges you do and don't own tap "All".

You can see another player's achievements by searching for them in the Messaging window. Tap on their name and then select Profile.

Achievements come in seven groups, 6 of which are individual medals that can be collected in your service record:

  • Mastery Badges

A mastery badge is meant to show that you have truly mastered a tank and can use it efficiently. Mastery badges are collected by tank, so each tank you play has its own level of mastery, based on the highest rank you earned. For a 3rd class mastery badge, the player must earn more xp in one game than X% of all battles fought across the server by all players in the past 7 days. This means of all the battles fought by anyone in said tank across the server in 7 days, your xp value must be higher than X% of everyone else's values. For a third class mastery, your xp earned must be higher than 50% of the other players average highest xp, for a second class mastery, it must be higher than 80%, a first class mastery is above 95%, and a mastery badge (highest rank) is above 99%. In the service record, the mastery badges are paired with the tank they were earned in, and are not collected as a whole like in the awards tab. The Mastery badge shown is the highest you have earned in that specific tank (If none are present, that means you have yet to get above the 50% mark for a 3rd class mastery). Different tanks have different difficulties of obtaining that epic gold M badge, for example, a T54, which is a fan favorite and commonly played tier 9, in many cases is much tougher to get a mastery badge in than its tier X brother, the T62a or the obj140. This is due to the popularity of the tank causing there to be much better battles so the bar is set a lot higher. I myself (the writer) have had two T54 games where I have killed all 7 enemies, yet had no mastery badge.

  • Battle Hero

Battle hero achievements are mainly geared toward feats that you can accomplish in the span of one game. Most are basic and generic awards, but earning one means you brought your team much closer to victory, even if you lost. Battle hero medals will also grant you the bonuses of a 'valiant effort' per update 3.3. There are currently 9 Battle Hero achievements.

  • Top Gun- You must destroy more enemy vehicles (at least 4) than any other player in the battle. Destroying the majority means there can be only one top gun candidate per team. If you on the winning team destroy 4 players, but an enemy kills 5 people, then the enemy would get the top gun. The award can only be awarded once per battle. In the case of a tie for number of kills, the player with the higher XP will earn the award.
  • High Caliber- One of the newest Battle hero awards, this award is given if you cause the most damage in a battle. This amount of damage must be more than 35% of the enemy's total HP pool when the battle starts, and no less than 1000 HP. For example, if the enemy's total hit-points add up to be 10,000, then I must do 3500 damage and be the top damage dealer in order to receive the award.
  • Confederate- Damage more vehicles (at least 4) than any other player. 'Damage', in this case, includes modules such as tracks. You DO NOT have to kill the target to receive the award. If two players damage equal numbers of opponents, the award is given to the higher xp earner.
  • Sniper Tanker- Another new battle hero medal (update 3.3), the tanker must cause the most damage in a battle at a distance of over 250m. You also must fire at least 8 shots, with at least 85% accuracy and 80% of shots must do damage (including modules). Also, you must cause more damage than the HP of your vehicle, and must do over 1000 damage. As the name suggests, the award is geared towards tanks that snipe from very long distances.
  • Patrol duty- Help your team damage at least 3 enemy vehicles by spotting them. This means that your tank must be spotting the enemy at the moment when they are damaged, and the person doing the damage could not spot the vehicle on their own. Tiebreakers are determined by xp, just like most medals are
  • Steel Wall- Receive 11 hits and a minimum of 1000 HP of potential damage. Potential damage is damage that could have been done to you, if your armor did not block it. Tanks like the t95 can soak up thousands of potential damage each game, because very few guns can get though their armor. You also must survive the battle. Tiebreakers are determined by the number of hits taken, and then a tiebreaker of a tiebreaker is the xp earned in the game.
  • Defender- Defender medals are awarded to those who reduce the most enemy capture points in encounter battles (at least 70 pts). Of course the supremacy mode capture areas are not included, because there is multiple of them and they do not reduce enemy points when captured. The tiebreaker is, you guessed it, xp earned.
  • Invader- The counterpart to the defender medal, the Invader medal requires the most (at least 80) capture points earned by one player. To earn the award, a player must go on to capture the base (100 pts), and only includes points that were part of the final capture. Like normal, Supremacy mode does not count.
  • Scout- A player must detect more enemies (at least 5) than anyone else on your team. It can only be awarded once per battle, and your team must win. It usually occurs when you go around a corner and all 7 reds are there, which is no fun for anyone :)

  • Honorary Ranks

Medals given to people for various deeds, such as destroying one of each tank from a country, or researching every tank in a country. Typically focuses more on achievements as a whole an not as part of a single battle. Many Honorary rank medals are series medals, meaning that instead of tracking how many times you have earned the medal, it tracks your longest streak of an achievement. In game they are marked with a red ribbon as opposed to a black rectangle.

  • Sniper- Achieve at least 85% of hits out of a minimum of 10 shots fired with potential damage of 1000 HP or more Note Has been removed from the game as of update 3.3, replaced by Sniper tanker (under battle hero)
  • Kamikaze- Destroy an enemy vehicle at least one tier higher than your vehicle by ramming
  • Raider- Remain undetected throughout an encounter battle and be the only player to capture the base. Blind shots and accidental hits are not counted. You must be spotted to lose the achievement.
  • Reaper- Destroy (at least) 3 enemy vehicles in a row. The series is broken by a shot that does not kill somebody. The series carries over to the next battle in the same tank. Only the longest series counts for the achievement.
  • The Lion of Sinai- Destroy at least 100 tanks of the IS series class, or with similar chassis. The achievement is counted as a whole throughout all tanks played. You kill 100 IS series tanks and get 1 award, then it starts over again. For example, in 18k games I have 22 Lion of Siani medals, meaning I have killed 2200 IS tanks, plus what I have in my current progress (64/100). The tanks (tier) that qualify to be killed are: IS (VII), IS3 (VIII), IS3 Defender (VIII premium), IS4 (X), IS6 (VIII premium), IS7 (X), IS8 (IX), ISU-152 (VIII), Object 263 and 268 (both X)and the object 704 (IX).
  • Hunter- Identical tot he Lion of Sinai achievement above but with different sets of tanks 'feline family' (German). Tanks (tier) include: Tiger 2 (VIII), Panther (VII), Panther 2 (VIII), Panther M/10 (VII), Jagdpanther (VII), Jagdpanther 2 (VIII), Tiger P and Tiger 1 (VII), Jagtiger (IX), [Snowstorm] jagdtiger 8,8 (VIII), Leopard (X), Leopard PTA (IX), Lowe (VIII premium), Kuro Mori Mine (VI premium). Note The Kuro Mori Mine is a Japanese premium anime tank, but it is based off of HT no VI which is based off of the Tiger 1, hence the association with the German tanks
  • Valley of Pattons- Same as the two achievements above, but this time it is only two American mediums. The M46 patton (IX), and the M48 patton (tier X)
  • Mouse trap- A stage award, like above, but instead of destroying 100 tanks, you have to kill ten Mauses The tier X German heavy tank
  • Survivor- Survive (10) battles in a row. Counting the longest streak, the medal is by tank, and counts the number of consecutive battles survived. Only the longest series is counted. There is no way to figure out which tank your longest streak is on. The series is broken by playing a battle in which your tank is destroyed.
  • Invincible- Identical to the survivor medal, except you can not take damage during the games in the series. There are also 5 games until the medal is first awarded as opposed to the 10 of survivor
  • Master gunner- Score (10) armor penetrating hits in a row against enemy vehicles. The series is broken by a miss, non-penetration, or a ricochet against enemy vehicles. Each vehicle has its own series, but only the longest is counted. For example my longest is 138, meaning that I have gone (in one tank) 138 shots ina row that did damage. You can see the longest series of this award for individual tanks in the vehicle tab.
  • Sharpshooter- Identical to the Master Gunner award, except instead of doing damage, you only have to hit the enemy vehicle. Non-penetrations and bounces are counted. A series is broken only by a miss.
  • Technical Engineer (All countries)- Awarded to those who research all vehicles in the respective nations tech tree. Modules do not count for or against you, only the tanks themselves. Premium tanks do not count for or against you either.
  • Senior Technical engineer- Awarded to players who collect all the technical engineer badges for each country, ie have researched every tank in the game.
  • Expert (all countries)- Awarded to people who have DESTROYED all vehicles in the respective nations tech tree. Premium tanks and award vehicles are not counted in this total. It basically is the opposite of Technical engineer.
  • Expert- Awarded for killing every non-premium tank in the game. Basically once collecting all of the specific country expert badges.

  • Epic Medals

The hardest of the medals to earn. Many epic medals consist of very specific requirements which require more luck than skill. Among these are the legendary Raseiniai medal and the Kolobanovs medal. Each and every one is named after a famous tank ace or soldier during WW2 who made some remarkable accomplishment to support the war effort.

  • Raseiniai Heroes Medal- Destroy 7 enemy vehicles (entire enemy team) in the course of a battle. In June 1941, near the Lithuanian town of Raseiniai, roughly 20 KV tanks of the Soviet 3rd Mechanized Corps met the assault of the 6th Panzer Division, with approximately 100 vehicles. A single KV tank managed to hold off the German advance for a full day while being pummeled by a variety of antitank weapons, until finally the KV-2 ran out of ammunition and was knocked out.
  • Kolobannov's Medal- Stand alone against 3 enemy vehicles and win, you must survive. Capturing the base does count. Colonel Zinoviy Kolobanov was a Soviet tank ace who destroyed 22 German tanks 2 armored guns, and 2 vehicles with his KV1 in battle on August 19, 1941.
  • Pool's Medal- Destroy 6 enemy vehicles in one battle in tier V-X vehicles. Lafayette G. Pool is widely recognized as the U.S. tank ace of aces, credited with 12 confirmed tank kills and 258 total armored vehicle and self-propelled gun kills.
  • Radley-Walters' Medal'- Destroy 5 enemy vehicles in one battle in tier V-X vehicles. Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters was a Canadian tank ace of the 27th Armored Regiment. In 1944-1945 he destroyed 18 German vehicles with his Sherman Firefly.
  • Nicols's Medal- Destroy at least 4 enemy vehicles at least 1 tier higher than your vehicle with a medium tank in one battle. Alfie Nicols was a British tank gunner. During the battle of El Alamein he destroyed 14 German vehicles.
  • Oskin's medal- Destroy 3 enemy vehicles at least 1 tier higher than your vehicle with a medium tank in one battle. Alexander Oskin, a hero of the Soviet Union, was a tank commander who destroyed 3 King Tigers with his T-34 during a reconnaissance operation on August 11, 1944.
  • Lehvaslaiho's medal- Destroy 2 enemy vehicles at least 1 tier higher than your vehicle with a medium tank in one battle. Reino Lehvaslaiho was a French tank ace who destroyed 7 tanks and tank destroyers.
  • Orlik's Medal- Destroy 3 enemy vehicles at least 1 tier higher than your vehicle with a light tank in one battle. Roman Edmund Orlik, a polish army sergeant, was a tank ace who knocked out 13 German tanks with his light TKS tankette in September 1939.
  • Halonen's Medal- Destroy 3 enemy vehicles at least 1 tier higher than your vehicle with a tank destroyer in one battle. Erkki Halonen, a sergeant in the Finnish army and a tank ace, destroyed T34-s, 2 KV-1's, and 2 ISU-152's in his StuG III in battles during June and July 1944.
  • De Langlade's Medal- Destroy 3 enemies that are trying to capture the base in one battle. Enemies must be inside the base circle. It may be all at once or sequentially. On September 12-13, 1944, a combat team under Colonel de Langlade's command wiped out Panzerbrigade 112 in the battle of Dompaire, France. Only 4 out of 45 Panthers survived.
  • Tarczay's Medal- Destroy at least 5 enemy vehicles while having 5 modules critically damaged and losing 80% of your hitpoints. Destroyed enemies count after all damage is received, and you must win and survive. Ervin Tarczay was a Hungarian tank ace. He destroyed at least 10 enemy vehicles with the 2nd Armored Division.
  • Bruno's medal- Destroy at least 3-4 enemy vehicles while having 5 modules critically damaged and losing 80% of your hitpoints. Destroyed enemies count after all damage is received, and you must win and survive. Pietro Bruno was an Italian tank ace who was awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valor, the highest Italian award.
  • Billotte's medal- Destroy at least 2 enemy vehicles while having 5 modules critically damaged and losing 80% of your hitpoints. Destroyed enemies count after all damage is received, and you must win and survive. Pierre Billotte was a captain in the French Army who destroyed 2 PzKpfw IV, PzKpfw III and two guns with his Char B1 bis on May 16, 1940.
  • Fadins Medal- Destroy the last enemy vehicle with the last shell in the ammo. Awarded even if the enemy vehicle is destroyed by a fire caused by the last shell. A hero of the Soviet Union, Alexander Fadin was a T-34 commander. Combined with an infantry platoon, Fadin managed to capture the village of Dashukovka and hold it for 5 hours with one tank. He destroyed one tank, one spg, 18 machine nests, and also up to 50 enemy soldiers. His crew also shot down an enemy plane.

  • Commemorative tokens

Commemorative tokens are meant to show events that the player has participated in. Most commemorative tokens cannot be earned anymore. They range from the achievements of your first games, to events hosted 2+ years ago.

  • Ranger- A player must destroy all enemy light tanks in the course of one game (at least 3)
  • Cool-Headed- Survive at least 10 ricochets and/or non-penetrating hits in a row from enemy team players. Low pen autoloading guns make this award quite easy, as each shot counts as a bounce/non-pen.
  • Spartan- Survive any ricochet or non-penetrating hit from an enemy team player when your vehicle has less than 10% of its HP left. You must survive the rest of the battle.
  • Lucky- Witness an enemy team player being hit and destroyed by another enemy. You must be 10 meters of closer from the enemy at the moment of its destruction. Note This award originates from PC WoT, and was brought into Blitz when there was still teamkilling allowed/possible. The thinking was an enemy would shoot at you, but miss and kill their ally, and you would be lucky and survive. Fun fact There was a window of time after friendly fire was turned off but the medal was still there that the only way to get it was to have somebody kill them self when they shot you with a HE shell at close range. The splash damage would kill the enemy that originally shot it. (That's how I got mine :D)
  • Cadet- Complete the tutorial
  • First Blood- Destroy your first enemy vehicle
  • First Victory- Win your first battle
  • 100 Years of service- In early September of 2016, players could play as the first tank ever, the MK1, in a special queue on for a two week period. To earn the award you had to play at least 10 games in the MK1 Heavy tank.
  • Continental competitor- This award was awarded for the global Rise of Continents competition in late October of 2015. In the competition all the servers competed in various categories and earned points. At the end of it all, the places were, RU-1st, EU- 2nd, Asia-3rd, and NA-4th.
  • In Honor of the Blitz Twisted Cup- This award was given to clans who fielded a team in the Twisted cup competition in fall of 2016
  • Blitz games:Gold- Awarded to players who were active during the Blitz games, and whose server filled up all the bars. (NA server received gold). The event was held to celebrate the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

  • Stage awards

Stage awards are exactly as they say. They go in stages. You can not earn multiple, but your stage moves up. They are anything from damage caused to tanks spotted. Stage awards are also named after famous individuals. Once you earn the class 1 stage award, the stat stops being tracked. The awards do not reset after you move up a class. So if I finish class 1, I start class 2 with what I had before (10/100 for example)

  • Knispel's Medal- The total damage caused AND received. It is the sum of both. Class 4 is 10,000 hitpoints, class 3 is 100,000 hitpoints, class 2 is 1 million hitpoints, and class 1 (max) is 10 million. Kurt Knispel, a WW2 German tank ace, participated in battles on both the east and west fronts, fighting in a pz2, pz3, pz4, Tiger, and a King tiger.
  • Carius's Medal- The total number of enemy kills. For class 4 it is 10 kills, class 3 is 100 kills, class 2 is 1,000 kills, and class 1 (max) is 10,000 kills. Otto Carius was one of the most successful tank aces of WW2. He commanded the PzKpfw 38t, the Tiger, and the Jagdtiger tank destroyer during his impressive career.
  • Ekin's Medal- For destroying vehicles of tier 8-10. Class 4 is 3 kills, class 3 is 30 kills, class 2 is 300 kills, and class 1 (mx) is 3000 kills. Joe Ekins was a tank gunner. He is credited with bringing down the famous tank ace, Michael Whittmann.
  • Kay's Medal- Receive any battle hero medal. 1 for class 4, 10 for class 3, 100 for class 2, and 1,000 for the max class 1. Douglas Kay, a British gunner on a Sherman Firefly, participated in the Normandy landing and greatly increased popular interest in tank warfare.
  • Popel's Medal- For the number of enemies spotted. You will need 20 for class 4, 200 for class 3, 2,000 for class 2, and 20k fr class 1. Lieutenant General of Tank Forces Nikolay Popel, organized a raid against the enemy rear using captured vehicles in the battle of Dubno in the summer of 1941
  • Lavrinenko's Medal- Reduce the capture base of the enemy in Encounter battles. Reduce 30 points for the class 4, 300 for class 3, 3,000 for class 2, and 30,000 for class 1. Dmitry Lavrinenko was recognized as the top soviet tanker, destroying 52 tanks in 28 battles over the course of just 2 months.
  • Abram's Medal- The total number of battles in which the player survives. For a class 4 you need to survive 10 games, class 3 requires 100 survivals, class 2 and 1 require 1,000 and 10,000 respectively. General Crieghton Abrams commanded the US armored forces during WW2 and the Vietnam war, earning a reputation as an aggressive and successful commander.
  • Leclercs Medal- The total number of capture points earned by the player. The player must win the battle and supremacy mode is not counted. Class 4 requires 30 points, class 3 is 300, class 2 is 3,0000, and to top it off you need 30,000 points for class 1. Philippe Leclerc was a general of the Free French Forces during WW2 and one of the leaders of the Paris liberation operation.

  • Platoon awards

Platoon awards are just as they say. They are only given to players in a platoon who exhibit professional and skilled behavior. Of the 4 awards, two of them are stage awards. the other two are based on kills earned by one or both platoon mates. The two medals are received by both players, regardless of who did what.

  • Crucial Contribution- The platoon as a whole must destroy at least 6 enemy vehicles. It is very possible for one person in a platoon to get all 6 or 7 enemies, thus basically 'giving' the award to his platoon mate, when (s)he had 0 kills.
  • Brothers in arms- Both platoon mates must kill 2 enemies in the course of one battle. The platoon also must survive until the end of the game. As usual, both platoon members receive the award.
  • Platoon victory- One of 2 platoon stage awards, credit is given based on the number of victories any platoon can get. The award is only relative to you, so you may platoon with anybody. It does not need to be all with one person. Class 4 is just 1 win as part of a platoon, class 3 is 10, class 2 is 100 wins, making class 1 1,000 wins as a platoon.
  • Avenger- This award is rewarded if you can kill the player that killed your platoon mate. Should your platoon mate die in action, you could take it upon yourself to avenge his death and earn points for this stage award. The person that dies does not get points added to his avenger medal, and should you fail to kill your platoon mates killer, you will not receive any points either. For a class 4, you need to do this once. Class 3 requires 10, class 2 takes 100, and class 1 needs 1,000 instances of this.