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Credits are used as a payment method to buy consumables, equipement, modules, tanks and other basic items required or optional during battle.

Credits can be earned by everyone for participating in battle and is regulated by your battle performance (inflicted damage, detected enemy tanks, performance of the team etcetera).

Credits can also be exchanged from gold that can be bought in the respective server's website (NA, EU) by clicking on the "Get Gold" button and following the basic instructions.

How credits are calculated

Payment for battle

Payment for battle - guaranteed amount of credits, independent of the tank's performance in battle. Payment is proportional to the tank tier (essentially its worth in battle)

Payment for battle consists of: X * tank_tier for defeat or a tie, and 1.85X * tank_tier for victory.

Payment for inflicting damage to the enemy

For every point of damage inflicted the tank receives Y credits, independent of the tier. For every tier the target is higher than the player, the player receives bonus of 0.1Y credits. Damage inflicted by fire is counted towards the player who set the fire. In case of ammo rack explosion or other damage by initial fire all damage is counted towards the player who set it.

Damage is counted if inflicted on the enemy. Damage by friendly fire is not counted. Unintentional kills (frag) are not individually counted towards the payment.

If shooting a target spotted by another - 0.5Y credits for damage. If the enemy is damaged by another teammate when spotted by the player, then the player receives up to 0.5Y credits for damage.

Payment for spotting

For all initial spotting of the enemy tanks the player receives Z credits, for SPG - 2 * Z.

Payment for base capture

Base capture is payed out with a certain sum of credits. Payment is independent of the number of tanks and their tiers - everyone receives the payment equally. Interrupted capture and the interruption of a capture does not warrant a payment.

Balance coefficient

It is a factor for individual setting of tank profitability. Payment for all vehicles, except premium, is multiplied by the coefficient W. The given coefficient for premium vehicles is higher.

Influence of premium account on credits

For premium account credits are multiplied by 1.5

Complete destruction of the enemy team is NOT specifically awarded.

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