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Battle Tiers
Size, km
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In Update 0.8.4 a new map called "Greece" will appear in the game for Tier IX–X battles in Domination mode. The map has two versions: one with three and one with four key areas. It also features the Thunderstorm Front, which has a 25% chance of appearing in Tier X battles. The visuals of the map were inspired by the landscape of Santorini Island, but its atmosphere will be wet and dreary. The “shelters” on the map allow ships to provide support to their allies, not only in the closest key area but in neighboring key areas as well. The islands are tall enough to hide a ship, but do be careful and cautious: the enemy will still be able to attack you if you’re spotted. The number of islands on each side of the central part of the map differ. This will allow you to safely approach a key area and quickly redirect fire to support the neighboring key areas. The flanks of the map aren’t similar, either: the left side offers more hideouts, but makes it harder to maneuver; the right side is better suited to attacks with any type of ship. The edges of the map are ideal for flanking and mounting effective attacks or breakthroughs at the enemy's rear.