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Battle Tier limit
Size, m
Map type
  • Map
  • Standard battle
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Mittengard is a very small map limited to tiers 1-3. Battles that occur on this map generally finish extremely quickly. There aren't really many tactics you can use on this map. Each team starts on a steep hill on opposite sides of the map. In the middle of the map there is a city destroyed by war. You can either stay where you spawn and snipe enemy tanks from the hillside, or you can go down into the city and use the peek-a-boo tactic. The hillside is a very dangerous place, because there is absolutely NO cover, which means you can get destroyed very easily. To the NE and SE is where artillery start. Scouts or artillery hunters can go around the east of the town and try to take them out, but there is a cliff that separates the two artillery spawning spots, and enemy tanks sometimes take guard there. In the town, there are buildings with windows from which you may be able to snipe an unsuspecting enemy tank. There are many alleyways in the town, so you will have to watch your rear to make sure you're not being shot at from behind.

Mittengard was removed in update 1.0