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<!-- DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE LINES WITH COMMENTS (it's look like as this or next line) -->{{WoWs_Ship|Promo=<!-- in case of gift or promo ship write conditions to get it. --> |Anno=<!-- you can write below short description for the ship. it will replace default once. --> A low-speed escort aircraft carrier built from a transport ship. Due to her modest size, the ship carried a relatively small air group. Soon after being commissioned, the aircraft carrier was rearmed with dual-purpose artillery and received reinforced AA defenses. <!-- <br><br>{{Model3DViewer|ce597fc3b1b54737850dbe319034a13b}}--> |Performance=<!-- write text about performance in battles below --> * '''Stock (1-1-1)''': As of 0.6.14 The Bogue only has once choice of plane loadouts. While there are two upgrades of Fighters available, the Torpedo Bombers and Dive Bombers are only available as stock modules. Right from the start, the Bogue features a full complement of monoplane aircraft. They are faster, can take more of a beating, and carry heavier ordnance than the aircraft on the ''Langley''. However, her hangar size is even smaller than that of the ''Langley'', and she cannot afford to lose many planes. Just like the ''Langley'', she is very slow and unarmored, and will almost certainly be sunk in short order if engaged by enemy ships. If a flank is collapsing, she must move away far in advance. |Pros=<!-- write list of positive points below. use * as in ordinary wiki-list. --> * Strong AA. * Fighters have virtually unlimited ammunition, and the large squadrons easily crush others of her tier or lower. * Very easy to manage. * Small compact size, making her a deceptive target. |Cons=<!-- write list of negative points below. use * as in ordinary wiki-list. --> * Glacially slow at 16.5 knots, only being 1.5 knots faster than Langley at the cost of an even slower acceleration. * Poor rudder-shift time, secondaries, and armor will get her sunk quickly if caught in the open. * Few reserve planes---in fact, less than ''[[Langley]]'' has and insufficient to renew a full squad. * Low squadron count limits map presence. * Inability to strafe is a massive disadvantage when placed in double-carrier matches with Tier VI carriers. |Research=<!-- write text about priority sequence of research below --> * Research the fighters first, as this will enhance your ability to bully the opposing carrier. * Next, B hull for the extra 4 planes in the hangar and assorted other benefits. * Finally, the alternative loadouts if you prefer them. |OptimalConfiguration=<!-- write some general text about selection of optimal configuration below (optional)--> |Upgrades=<!-- write text about best upgrades below --> The recommended upgrades for ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' are as follows: *'''Slot 1''': {{Air Groups Modification 1}} *'''Slot 2''': {{Damage Control System Modification 1}} *'''Slot 3''': {{Air Groups Modification 2}} |CommanderSkills=<!-- write text about best set of Commander Skills below --> <!-- Due to ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' being the next slowest ship in the game at 16kts, it is also unable to outrun any ship that may be chasing it - therefore '''[[Ship:Commander#Emergency_Takeoff|Emergency Takeoff]]''' again over '''[[Ship:Commander#Basic_Firing_Training|Basic Firing Training]]'''. Furthermore, due to ''[[Zuiho]]'' having Tier VI fighters, again, '''[[Ship:Commander#Dogfighting_Expert|Dogfighting Expert]]''' is a very good skill to utilize against ''Zuiho''. {{block|!|content= ATTENTION *As of Update 0.6.3, this carrier can no longer use manual / Alt function attack. *Due to dive bombers having a huge chance of causing fires, Demolition Expert is '''not''' a recommended skill.}}--> {{Commander Skills 3 CV <!-- Ratings 1,2,3 are legit. Others are ignored.--> | rating11 = <!-- Last Gasp --> | rating12 = <!-- Improved Engine Boost --> | rating13 = <!-- Engine Techie --> | rating14 = <!-- Air Supremacy --> | rating15 = <!-- Direction Center for Fighters --> | rating16 = <!-- Search and Destroy --> | rating21 = <!-- Torpedo Bomber --> | rating22 = <!-- Swift Fish --> | rating23 = <!-- Improved Engines --> | rating24 = <!-- Repair Specialist --> | rating25 = <!-- Secondary Armament Expert --> | rating26 = <!-- Patrol Group Leader --> | rating31 = <!-- Sight Stabilization --> | rating32 = <!-- Enhanced Armor-Piercing Ammunition --> | rating33 = <!-- Demolition Expert --> | rating34 = <!-- Aircraft Armor --> | rating35 = <!-- Survivability Expert --> | rating36 = <!-- Interceptor --> | rating41 = <!-- Bomber Flight Control --> | rating42 = <!-- Proximity Fuse --> | rating43 = <!-- Close Quarters Expert --> | rating44 = <!-- Enhanced Aircraft Armor --> | rating45 = <!-- Hidden Menace --> | rating46 = <!-- Enhanced Reactions --> }} |Consumables=<!-- write text about selection of Consumables below --> As a carrier at Tier V, ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' has access to only [[Ship:Consumables#Damage_Control_Party|Damage Control Party]]. |Camouflage=<!-- write text about useful camouflage below --> [[Ship:Camouflage#Standard Camouflage|Type 1, 2, or 5 camouflage]] can be equipped for credits; Types 1 or 5 are recommended at a minimum to reduce the chance of being detected. |Signals=<!-- write text about best set of signals below --> As a carrier, ''{{#var:ship_name}}'' can only mount at most four signals at a time and has no risk of detonating. Players should mount '''Equal Speed Charlie London''' (for faster XP grinding / increased XP gain per battle), '''Zulu Hotel''' (when coupled with '''Equal Speed Charlie London''' greatly helps increase commander (re)training), '''November Echo Setteseven''' (for better bomber self-defense against fighters and increased AA DPS), and '''Juliet Whiskey Unaone''' (to have a better chance at causing flooding and dealing damage via flooding). Players can also choose to equip the '''Dragon Flag''' for faster commander (re)training. |Gallery=<!-- write below list of files with description (if necessary) separated with | --><gallery> </gallery> |History=<!-- write text below --> The ''Bogue''-class were a group of escort carriers built in the United States for service with the U.S. Navy and (under lend-lease) the Royal Navy during World War II.<br /> <br /> The ships operated by the Royal Navy were renamed and grouped as the Attacker class and the Ruler class; the latter all having names of "Ruler"s. ==Historical Inaccuracies== * ''Bogue'' first entered service in 1942, the same year the Douglas "Devastator" TBD was retired from active service. * ''Bogue'' also carried Grumman F6F "Hellcats", Vought F4U-1 "Corsairs" and Grumman TBF "Avengers". * ''Bogue''’s Measure 32 and Measure 22 camouflage schemes are missing. * The GM FM-2 is actually an improved version of the Grumman F4F-4 "Wildcat" (lighter and more powerful engine), whereas in World of Warships the latter has superior speed and survivability. * The GM FM-2 carried 430 rounds per gun, only slightly less than the F4F-3's 450. Both aircraft use the same four 12.7 mm AN/M2 Browning machine guns. * The F4F-3 has early 1942 markings (rudder stripes and blue gray scheme), while the TBD has pre-war markings (chrome yellow wings and bare-metal silver fuselage). * The F4F-3's markings denote an aircraft from VF-41, based on USS ''[[Ranger]]'' which is at Tier VII. * The Douglas TBD's blue tail surface actually indicates an aircraft from USS ''[[Enterprise]]'', a ''Yorktown''-class aircraft carrier. * The lightning bolt symbols on the GM FM-2 denote an aircraft from Composite Squadron 99 (VC-99), based on USS ''Hoggatt Bay'', a ''Casablanca''-class escort carrier. * The F4F-4's markings denote an aircraft from VF-22, based on USS ''[[Independence]]'' (CVL-22). |HistoricalGallery=<!-- write below list of files with description (if necessary) separated with | --><gallery> File:USS Bogue ACV-9.jpg|USS ''Bogue'' (CVE-9). </gallery> |Video=<!-- put below video clips with using template VideoYT. You can use html-tags for formatting. --> |Ref= <!-- write below --> }}<!-- DO NOT DELETE THIS LINE. DO NOT INSERT ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE -->