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King of the Sea Collection

King of the Sea Collection

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King of the Sea is the premier tournament of our game, and the title carries a great deal of prestige! A grand-scale competition run by and for the players, where the best teams from all regions compete to achieve complete naval superiority and be crowned Kings of the Sea.

Get to know more about the categories participants are divided into, why some referees prefer sticks to carrots, what falls within the organizer's duties, and why destroyers would be better off moving into Key Areas stern first.
The overall collection comprises four sub-collections. Each sub-collection grants one day of WoWS Premium Time. There is a separate reward for obtaining all 16 items. Items may be bought for 1 duplicate.

Sub Collections


The Winner

Long live the King!

Only one team deserves to win. And that team is made up of kings. All they can see is a sea of glory—and a hefty haul of Steel. All they hear is roaring applause. All they feel is the sweet taste of another triumph. But this satisfying feeling only lasts until a new tournament kicks off, where they will have to defend their title and prove their might in battles against the strongest teams.

The Guy-Who-Is-Always-Late

"Gimme a sec! I just gotta finish my lunch..."

While half of his team is trying to reach them, here they are checking out a ship guide and calmly fixing their favorite chicken dish.


Not always the carrier, but carries his team.

The strategist, the tactician, the brain, the unicum, the… Call him what you want, he will carry his team to victory.

Mr. Technical Issues

"But when I tested it yesterday, everything was working fine! Honest!"

Yesterday maybe, but today's a different story. They forgot to install the latest client update; their PC is bursting into flames with the DCP on cooldown... Oh, and they accidentally deleted the Internet.

There is always someone haunted by technical issues.


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
24 Hours of WoWS Premium Time (icon_reward_wows_premium.png)

Tournament Setup

  Tournament Setup  
The Organizer

Burdened with responsibility and working to their limits every day.

Each server has a group of volunteer players organizing the King of the Sea events. Setting dates, writing rules, and ensuring the smooth running of everything on match days are just some of their responsibilities.

Whipping Adjudicator

"Attention, Group A! Your games start in 5 minutes. You had better be ready, or else you will be disqualified!"

Adjudicators and volunteers help run King of the Sea. They make sure that teams know who, where, and when they have to fight. They also settle minor conflicts between teams, and some of them really enjoy breaking out the whip when a team is out of line.

With these adjudicators, just the mere thought of typing your first joke into the chat will get you slapped with a second warning! But on the plus side, all the games start on time.

Generous Adjudicator

"Of course, I will be happy to explain how to open a Training Room. No, even better—let me just do it for you!"

Adjudicators and volunteers help run King of the Sea. They make sure that teams know who, where, and when they have to fight. They also settle minor conflicts between teams, and some of them are very protective of their assigned teams.

A generous adjudicator will happily postpone the starting times by 10 minutes, then another 10 minutes, and another 10 minutes...


"The shells were in the air! What. A. Game."

Since the start of the tournament, streamers have been making King of the Sea increasingly popular by casting the games in an entertaining way with great commentary.

To those who lost their voices while streaming, who forgot to switch on their microphones, who neglected to sink when ramming a fellow caster, who rooted for all teams equally (although a little more equally for their favorites)... and to those who forgot to switch the scene and only realized when the chat caught up to the delay.

Thank you for shaping the art of casting in our game!


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
24 Hours of WoWS Premium Time (icon_reward_wows_premium.png)

Specifics of Gameplay

  Specifics of Gameplay  
Ramming Speed!

There is no better way to start a game than with a good ol' fashioned simultaneous triple ram.

Why did the streamers have to ram at the start of each battle?

Maybe they also wanted to fight? Or maybe their W key was stuck? Perhaps they were stuck in an endless cycle of revenge after being rammed in the previous battle?

It is none of the above! Back when there was no Spectator mode, the only way for streamers to get into the game was to spawn in on Tier I ships on both teams, and then allow the competitors to sink them.

In later editions, the streamers' ships spawned opposite each other and on opposing teams in the corner of the map. This enabled them to instantly ram each other and switch to the free camera mode.

And let's not start about suiciding in an aircraft carrier...

Land Ho!

"Who dropped this island right in front of me??!"

Why did the ship beach on the island? Was it an enemy plot?

So many battles were decided by islands suddenly appearing out of nowhere! Who is to blame? We will never know for sure...

Lucky Shot

"But I had a flag! I'm sure of it! I think…"

Did you forget to enable auto-resupply for signals? Or did you mount a particular signal on one ship, but your Captain told you to pick another one? Or maybe you spent all those signals in Random Battles?

Let's be honest, we all know that one saves their signals for the final battle, particularly given that they are not consumed in the Training Room.

Torpedo Magnet

- "I thought you ran Hydro!"
- "No. I thought you did."

Smoke screens: the original torpedo magnet!

There is a good chance that none of the ships sitting in smoke are running Hydro.

Casually send some torpedoes their way and enjoy your "Devastating Double Strike"! Oh wait, there are no achievements in the Training Room...


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
24 Hours of WoWS Premium Time (icon_reward_wows_premium.png)



"Why is that cloud shooting us? It's getting closer! RUN!"

You can hide anything you want in smoke—cruisers, battleships, islands...

Before smoke fire penalties were introduced, teams would often push all their ships forward with the help of smoke screens. Because of the notoriously slow push, combined with the immense firepower within the cloud, this strategy was baptized "doomsnail".

Safety First!

"No worries guys, this cap's as good as ours! Allllmost there... ARG!!! RADAR!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"

When eager to secure a cap, the wily destroyer must first perform the back-up dance: turning the ship around and going into the circle stern-first.

This way, if danger rears its ugly head, the destroyer can high-tail it out of there at the tap of a key.

So, in case you witness such an extraordinary maneuver in Random Battles, don't assume that someone lost a bet and has to play 10 games in a row like this. It simply means that you may just have met a very experienced tournament player!

German Tank

2017 called. It wants its start back.

As one of the most versatile and tank-like cruisers, Hindenburg was the most popular ship during the first Tier X seasons of both King of the Sea and Clan Battles. Teams would often bring three or four of these ships into battle at a time.

Players appreciated her good DPS, decent chances of starting fires, strong armor, and German Hydro! This is why she was the primary choice for professionals (and totally not because most players had only one Tier X ship back in the day).

She was later ousted from her place as top pick by Henri IV.

French Flavor


In the early seasons, Hindenburg was considered one of the most versatile ships and was a real favorite among tournament participants. But as time went by, French cruiser Henri IV eventually conquered the top pick position. In tournaments and Random Battles alike, Henri IV was often seen daring to sail broadside to battleships, constantly accelerating or hitting the brakes. But the game is ever-evolving, and there is no time to stand still or rest on one's laurels. Which ship do you think will enjoy the most popularity in the next tournament?


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
24 Hours of WoWS Premium Time (icon_reward_wows_premium.png)

Overall Reward

Completing the entire collection provides the following rewards:

icon_reward_lootbox_PCL072_EPICstd7.png Tier VII Premium Ship Container