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  • Fixed an issue with aviation group icons and their models during takeoff while the “small objects animation” option was enabled.
  • Fixed icon shake during takeoff and landing within a group containing more than one plane.
  • Fixed an error of that occurred when returning to Port from battle while viewing an unresearched ship prior to entering the battle.
  • Fixed error that resulted in being unable to select ships with no crew.
  • Fixed a number of errors that made server work unstable.
  • Improved matchmaking logic.

Known Issues

  • Passwords saved on the login screen may have become invalid. Please retype your password once to correct this issue.
  • Some trees on the "North" map have become unhinged by gravity again. (When viewed at certain angles, you might see floating trees)
  • An aircraft model is present on a ship's catapult even if all the scouts have been launched.
  • Some daily missions may have vague descriptions.
  • Visual effects disappear when rotating the camera.
  • Duplication of interface elements (primarily affecting PC’s with ATI graphics cards).
  • The visibility cone may overrun the mini map frame; artifacts may then appear on the main screen (primarily affecting PC’s with ATI graphics cards).
  • Primary armament guns and torpedo tubes intersecting with superstructures on some ships.
  • Machine gun shells appearing to travel faster than primary armament shells.
  • Ships sometimes move jerkily and twitch when turning.
  • Aircraft sometimes dive under the water and fly through the landscape and other surrounding objects.
  • The battle loading and countdown screens feature an incomplete description of the “Domination” game mode.
  • The client is occasionally unable to return to the full screen mode after switching it with the Alt+Tab key combination.
  • The torpedo sight's “butterfly” is sometimes displayed over surrounding objects.
  • Previously destroyed ships may be visible on the surface.
  • The battle may spontaneously crash, resulting in the players’ current ships being blocked in the Port, and attempts to start a battle on another ship could result in endless loading. Players experiencing this should restart their game client.
  • Visual effects of primary armament fire linger when switching from binoculars to the third person view right after a shot.
  • A player's ship may submerge partially or completely after colliding with sinking ships.
  • Damage marks moving across a ship's hull.
  • In Spectator mode, the primary armament turrets of the observed ship may be turned away from the true firing direction.
  • Air groups may occasionally have increased HP.
  • The consumable icons are designated with the “N” character when attempting to assign hotkeys to the numerical keyboard keys.
  • During air attacks the aiming sight may partially or completely disappear.
  • Ships controlled by the AI in the Cooperative mode may sometimes run into islands and move backwards.
  • The collision alert does not work when moving backwards.
  • A range of minor bugs with pop-up and system messages.
  • An incorrect switching of ship’s level of detail at Low and Medium settings.
  • Rotating the mouse wheel does not scroll chat messages.
  • An issue occurring after battle that requires a player fighting in a Squad to click the “Not Ready” button in order to see the “Ready” button.
  • Duplicate names of commanders in Russian.
  • The list of possible ship's modernizations may be shifted to cover the modernization slot with a screen resolution setting of 1366x768 or lower.
  • The game client crashing after four or five battles on PC's with Windows XP causing players to have to reload the game client repeatedly.
  • Map objects displayed incorrectly.
  • Trembling of the water’s surface being visible at long and medium distances.
  • The commander experience may exceed the maximum value for his current level.
  • Uneven teams may be assembled in Random battles after a long wait in the queue or when playing in Squads.
  • Players may lose control of the camera in Port after purchasing Premium account time, forcing players to restart the game client.
  • Shell tracers of some ships appearing too large.
  • When a squad of torpedo bombers is under attack from fighter planes or antiaircraft fire, the targeting area of the torpedo salvo is displayed in a significantly different fashion.
  • Issues with ships’ geometry.
  • The information about remaining Premium account time not being displayed correctly.
  • Players sometimes cannot enter a training room, and, at the same time, the selected ship's status switches to “In Battle.” Forcing players to join a Random or Cooperative battle to correct the issue.