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  • Murmansk, a Soviet Tier V Omaha-class cruiser, makes its debut.
  • New Dawn map makes a return with improvements.
  • Ocean map added for both co-op and random battles.
  • Map rotation improvements (Hooray!), meaning you'll get fewer instances of the same map over and over.
  • Destroyers received a slight buff in most cases:
    • Decreased the likelihood destroyers would be one-shot.
    • Improved main caliber reload speed and turret turning speeds for some Japanese Destroyers.
    • Addressed the 'twitching' issue that sometimes occurred when looking through binocular mode.
    • Changed the number of allies required to maximize capture points per second to just two ships; however, all ships in the zone will accumulate points toward capture.
    • Changed the number of points per second gained in Domination mode at a control point from four to three.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes


  • The 'Report Error' link on the title screen now redirects to the Support ticket system.
  • Piasters have been renamed to Tokens.
  • Various game-client crashing issues have been addressed, including:
    • Crash when trying to convert Free Experience.
    • Crash when trying to double-click a ship's stats parameters while in Port.
    • Crash when spending long periods of time on the research tabs while in Port.


  • Eliminated excessive glare on shots fired upon "Big Race" and "North" maps.
  • Improved navigation ability of bots.
  • Adjusted the offset of torpedo-tube relative resolution angle when changing the width of the spread.
  • Removed the free-camera flight at the end of battle.

Battle and Post-battle UI

  • Fixed an issue causing the torpedo-lead reticle to be displayed for destroyed ships.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of Credits earned during the post-battle report.
  • Fixed a text error in the post-battle report that read "Damage caused by torpedoes from torpedo".
  • Added the game logo to the post-battle report.


  • Added limitations to the types of special characters permitted in chat channel names.
  • Fixed an error causing shortened chat channel names to appear.
  • Fixed an error with the chat scrollbar that occurred after leaving battle.
  • Fixed an error obstructing the inputting of text into the chat space after closing the Options menu.


  • Converting Slots for Premium ships will no longer result in a display of negative Slots.
  • Fixed the 'previous ship' button shift that occured within the tech tree.
  • Selling Equipment now displays the cost to dismantle modernizations.
  • Fixed the display of prices when changing modernizations.
  • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect icon to be displayed for Missions.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked the purchase of ships with Piasters (now Tokens) when buying ships from the Soviet tree.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked Crew retraining for Piasters (now Tokens) when the player did not have enough Credits.
  • Cosmetic updates to the Port interface.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when buying a ship without Crew.