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Fixed a bug that caused a failure to display any change when upgrading the AA module to 127-mm guns on Fuso

Fixed an issue affecting aiming and non-moving ships

Fixed an issue that resulted in poorly balanced teams when in Standard and Domination game modes

Added an after-battle notification prototype

Fixed an issue that caused features to disappear while turning the camera

Decreased the speed of dive bombers and torpedo bombers under attack

Changes to ship turning radii

Fixed an issue causing ships to become stuck near sector G2

Changed economic settings for ships Myoko, Ishizuchi, and Mogami

Decreased the effectiveness of "Pyroman" skill to +3% instead of +5%

Changed bombs and torpedoes on Japanese aircraft:

Torpedoes tiers IV - VII: Type 91 Mod1A

Torpedoes tiers VII - X: Type 91 Mod2A

Bombs all tiers: Type99 N25 Mod1

Decreased the damage of HE shells by between 11.5% and 15.8%

Decreased the likelihood of AP shell ricochet by adjusting the deflection angle by 5 degrees

Improved overall client performance, mostly addressing freezing issues