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A fully-fledged tech tree with British destroyers; the second part of the Royal Navy event; the return of the older, Halloween-inspired operations, and a new operation featuring submarines–a totally new type of warship in the game; a new format of Ranked Battles; and much more!

RN British Destroyers

The British Arc frenzy gains momentum in World of Warships as Update 0.7.10 brings in a complete tech tree of U.K. destroyers. These ships all come with a feature to boast: the ability to fire torpedoes individually, one at a time; unique smoke screens; and the Hydroacoustic Search and Repair Party consumables for high tiers. More details about the new ships and the equipment they carry will be available in a dedicated article.

The Royal Navy Event

Update 0.7.10 will last for as long as five weeks instead of the standard four. Therefore, the Royal Navy event will comprise five Stages instead of four. Update 0.7.11, however, will consist of three Stages only.

Update 0.7.10 brings new Stages for the Royal Navy event. Each Stage will last for a week and each of them will be broken down into four Directives, with each of these containing a predetermined number of missions. Complete Stages, Directives and missions to get the respective rewards, ranging from in-game loot to Guineas and new Halloween-themed containers.

To climb to the next Directive, complete a certain number of missions from the preceding Directive. Missions can be accomplished simultaneously and in any number of battles, unless indicated otherwise, so don't worry if you are unable to get something done on the first attempt! All Directives remain available to you until the respective Stage is over.

When Update 0.7.10 goes live, Sovereigns will no longer be issued for completing missions, but will still be available in Premium and standard containers throughout Update 0.7.10. Exchange your well-deserved resources for a wide variety of valuable rewards in the Arsenal until the end of the current update.

Right now, you can continue to collect Guineas to gain a solid discount for VIII Cossack and acquire any missing number of Guineas at the Premium Shop.

The tech tree with British destroyers is now available for research, and accordingly we have changed the rewards for places in the Hall of Fame:

Achievement Conditions Reward
Top League Top 5% Best Players 3x Mosaic camo
Diamond League 5% - 10% best players 3x Asian Lantern camo
Golden League 10% - 25% best players 3x Spring Sky camo
Silver League 25% - 50% best players 3x Type 59 camo
Bronze League Players who earned at least 1 point by the Hall of Fame rules 3x Union Jack camo

In the new update, the majority of the missions for the Royal Navy event will be available for completion in Random, Co-op and Ranked Battles. Some part of the missions can also be completed in the operations dedicated to Halloween!


Please note that any stars you earned previously for completing Operations "Saving Transylvania" and "Sunray in the Darkness" will be reset, and you will be able to earn the rewards again!

Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness

On the night of October 31 – November 1, vast hordes of dismal evil creatures squeeze out of their shelters to creep around the globe, with the objective of conquering new lands. We invite you to take part in the past operations to keep the evil at bay! Save Transylvania and defend the waters of the Silver Spear Archipelago from the invading forces of darkness in Operation "Sunray in the Darkness". We should also mention that the operation we've just spoken of is now available in Hard Difficulty mode. If you feel like you are a pro-hunter and can put together a team strong enough to accomplish this, try your luck and do it the hard way!

For Operation "Saving Transylvania", we'll provide players with the following ships, manned by Commanders with 19 skill points:

  • Destroyer Blade (Commander: Abraham V. Hellsinger)
  • Battleship Jackal (Commander: Henry J. Hide)
  • Cruiser Igor (Commander: Victor F. Einstein)

Commanders may be freely moved between any special ships but may not be placed at the controls of other ships.

In Operation "Sunray in the Darkness", players will get the following ships manned by Commanders with 19 skill points:

  • Destroyer Urashima (Commander: Mina Hurray)
  • Cruiser Svyatozar (Commander: Ivan K. Ulibin
  • Battleship Magnu-S (Commander: Klaus V. Teslau)
  • Aircraft carrier Nobilium (Commander: Lazarus Centurio)

Commanders may be freely moved between any special ships but may not be placed at the controls of other ships.

  • Operation "Saving Transylvania" will be available as Operation of the Week from October 17 till October 24. Before that date, the operation will be unavailable; afterwards, this operation will only be available to Divisions.
  • Operation "Sunray in the Darkness" will be available as Operation of the Week from October 24 till October 31. Before that date, the operation will be unavailable; afterwards, this operation will only be available to Divisions.
  • Following the release of Update 0.7.10, Operation "Sunray in the Darkness" (Hard Difficulty) will only be available to Divisions.

And there's more than that! The new Update will offer players a fresh operation with its own set of new challenges!

Terror of the Deep

The new operation gives you a unique opportunity to test submarines, a totally new type of warship in the game!

Especially for this Operation, we've crafted five submarines: Barracuda, Zipper Sub, Gerfalcon, Seelöwe, and Killer Whale. These ships will be helmed by the glorious captains who featured in the past operations: Victor F. Einstein, Mina Hurray, Lazarus Centurio, Ivan K. Ulibin and Klaus V. Teslau.

Be mindful that initially you get only one submarine—Barracuda—to put your luck and skills to the test in Operation "Terror of the Deep". Active participation in Operations "Saving Transylvania", "Sunray in the Darkness" and "Terror of the Deep" will let you get your hands on the other unique submarines. They will be added to your accounts immediately before the new operation becomes available, i.e. on October 31!

Specifically for the new type of warship, we've added a new dimension, depth. Submarines will be able to change depth by moving between the water’s surface, periscope depth, and deep waters. Each move a submarine makes will affect its detectability and its ability to mount an attack. Press the "F" and "C" keys to dive and resurface, respectively.

Submarines rely on torpedoes as their primary weapons. In fact, they can be equipped with several models of torpedo. In the new operation, two torpedo models will be available: standard "metal fish" with a decent speed, similar to those carried by destroyers, and "freezing" torpedoes that move faster, deal less damage but, when delivered right on target, cripple all of the target ship's systems for a limited period of time.

Don't forget about your oxygen reserve, another vital parameter that we advise you to keep an eye on at all times! Your submarine will replenish its oxygen reserves on the water’s surface and then use it underwater. Remember that oxygen reserves are limited, and once used up, your submarine will initiate an emergency blow and automatic surfacing that can easily turn your ship into a sitting target, surrounded by foes.

Keep a sharp lookout for catapults and ballistas. You’ll be familiar with catapults from the first operation themed around Halloween. They will attack with giant burning balls that are able to hit your submarine when it’s on the surface. Ballistas will operate on a similar principle but their fiery balls turn into depth charges once they touch water surface.

Depth charges pose the main threat for submarines underwater. Dropped by hostile ships or launched by ballistas, these charges detonate when hit by a submarine, or explode automatically after some time and at a certain depth. A large destruction radius makes them a deadly weapon. Once you get within that area, your boat will take damage.

Explore the new type of warship—and destroy battleship Rasputin! The operation will be available in both Normal and Hard Difficulty modes.

  • Operation "Terror of the Deep" will be available as Operation of the Week from October 31 till November 14. Before that date, the operation will be unavailable. Afterwards, the operation will be available for completion only within a Division until the end of Update 0.7.10.
  • Operation "Terror of the Deep" (Hard Difficulty) will be available as Operation of the Week from November 14 till November 21. Before that date, the operation will be unavailable.

During the Halloween celebrations, you can get as many as two new achievements:

  • "Terror of the Deep" for successfully completing the Halloween 2018 operation; and
  • "Warrior of the Light" for completing all three Halloween-inspired operations (2016, 2017 and 2018) with 5 stars.

To claim the "Warrior of the Light" achievement, you need to complete all three operations this year.

Halloween Containers

We continue the good old tradition of offering dedicated containers inspired by Halloween. Apart from expendable camouflages, Free XP and doubloons (in Premium containers), Halloween containers may, with a certain chance, reward you with unique permanent camouflages. Most of them are well-known to you from previous years, but the following four will be new to you:

  • Leviathan, a special camouflage for battleship North Carolina
  • Razorworm, a special camouflage for destroyer Kiev
  • Steel Rat, a special camouflage for destroyer Z-23
  • And the first animated special camouflage for cruiser Mogami—Octopus


In response to numerous requests from players, the forthcoming Update will introduce a "soft" limit on the number of destroyers in Random Battles to a maximum of four per team. The rule will be triggered if matchmaking for a battle takes less than three minutes for the first player in the queue for that battle. If the timer passes that point, the "old" matchmaking rules will apply.

No more than four battleships and no more than four destroyers helmed by players will now be allowed in Co-op Battles.

Ranked Battles: Sprints

Update 0.7.10 will introduce a new format for Ranked Battles. We'll offer two short, dynamic seasons for Tier V ships with an option to play in a Division. One of the key features of the sprint season will be a significantly reduced duration when compared with that of a standard season. There will be a total of 10 Ranks and two Leagues, with Rank 1 being your ultimate objective. The League of Sea Wolves will not be accessible.

Game Balance Changes

To make it easier to keep in mind the parameters of consumables, we've harmonized the operation time of the Smoke Generator for all U.S. ships as well as the reach of the Hydroacoustic Search consumable.

Reworked parameters will be as follows:

  • Standard Hydroacoustic Search consumable: at Tier IV to VII, the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 4 km and 3 km, respectively; at Tier VIII to IX, it will be 5 and 3.5 km, respectively.
  • Enhanced Hydroacoustic Search consumable: at Tier IV to VII, the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 5.5 km and 3.75 km, respectively; at Tier VIII to IX, it will be 6 and 4 km, respectively.
  • The Smoke Generator operation time for all U.S. ships is set at 30 seconds.

The following ships will carry a Hydroacoustic Search consumable with "unconventional" characteristics:

  • Karlsruhe, Königsberg, Nürnberg, Yorck, Graf Spee and Loyang (the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 5.5 km and 3.75 km, respectively).
  • Friedrich der Große, Großer Kurfürst, Hipper, Roon, Hindenburg, Prinz Eugen and Z-52 (the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 6 km and 4 km, respectively).
  • Apart from that, the characteristics for the Hydroacoustic Search consumable aboard carrier Graf Zeppelin and destroyers Ernst Gaede, Leberecht Maass and T-61 will be 4 km and 3 km for the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes, respectively.
  • German ships Bismarck, Z-23, Z-46 and Z-39 will be equipped with the Hydroacoustic Search consumable with the following parameters typical of other Tier VIII-X ships: 5 km for the acquisition range of ships, and 3.5 km for the acquisition of torpedoes.

We have also fixed the cooldown time for the standard Smoke Generator consumable for researchable British destroyers and destroyer Cossack. When the British destroyers first appeared in the game carrying a unique Smoke Generator, the difference between the standard and Premium versions of this consumable equated to 29% (i.e. 90 and 70 seconds for Smoke Generator I and Smoke Generator II, respectively) instead of the intended 50%. In Update 0.7.10, we fix this issue, adding more consistency to the cooldown time of Smoke Generator I. Now, it will be equal to 105 seconds. However, this change will not affect the Smoke Generator II consumable that will retain a cooldown time of 70 seconds.

We've changed the characteristics of the Engine Boost consumable mounted on British destroyer Cossack. This will fix an issue which caused a bigger drop in speed when turning with the Engine Boost consumable activated when compared to the ship's speed when that consumable was off.

Tier I Cruiser Black Swan: increased reload time of the ship's main guns from 4 to 6 seconds. The fix brings the ship in line with the same-type ships in terms of combat efficiency.

U.S. Tier IX cruiser Seattle and Tier X cruiser Worcester: the operational radius of the Surveillance Radar consumable is reduced from 9.45 and 9.9 km, respectively, to 9 km for both ships.

The rationale behind this change stems from the fact that both cruisers possess a mix of short detectability distance, Surveillance Radar with a long reach, HE shells, and fast main guns reload. With all these factors combined, the two cruisers emerge as overly efficient destroyer hunters. Any destroyer detected within the operational radius of the consumable practically has no chances of escaping from the detection zone and will most likely be lost. Despite this reduction in the operational reach of the Surveillance Radar Consumable, Seattle and Worcester will continue to be dangerous adversaries, but now leaving destroyers with at least the chance for a timely evasive maneuver to leave the detection zone, knowing what ship they are about to face.

Daily Shipments

With the release of Update 0.7.10, a new section will appear in the game called "Daily Shipments". Access it to view the list of rewards that you can get for simply logging into the game on a regular basis.

Daily Shipments will come from several sources:

  • During the period from October 31 till November 8, Daily Shipments will be inspired by the Halloween event. You can get a whole range of gifts during the period that include: Halloween-themed containers, credits, camo, Coal and doubloons. You can always check which reward will be yours on the next day and find out about your ultimate reward for completing the entire list.
  • Novice players will have access to Daily Shipments, divided into four stages with each offering three gifts. Every stage will last for one week, during which players will need to log in to the game at least three times. The following stage becomes available either after all rewards have been collected, or when the week expires. You get: credits, doubloons, a Premium ship, containers, one day of Premium Account time and one Supercontainer. This type of Daily Shipment will only be available to players that reach Account Level 2 in their Service Record after the point that Daily Shipments hit the live servers. If you are already at Level 2 or higher when Daily Shipments are launched, you will have no access to this type of Daily Shipment.
  • Looking for a lucrative offer? A special one-off shipment called "Business is thriving" will be available in the Premium shop. Stay tuned for more details on this offer on our official portal!

Switch between the available types of Daily Shipments and keep an eye on what will be coming your way tomorrow. You can enable or disable the display of the Daily Shipments window upon login, using the checkbox in the lower-right corner of the section.


We are pleased to announce a new mechanic that will allow for more accurate awareness of the danger posed by incoming torpedoes. Its primary objective is to minimize the number of false alarms triggered by torpedoes which obviously pose no danger. We hope that more accurate warning of incoming torpedoes will increase the efficiency of your maneuvering in battle.

The new algorithm calculates the probability for a ship of a particular type being hit by an approaching torpedo (e.g. a deepwater torpedo passing close to a destroyer), and takes into account the speed and direction of the movement of ships and torpedoes.

All in all, there are two levels of incoming torpedo threat alerts:

  • Info alert (yellow): activated to warn you of an incoming torpedo that is three kilometers away from your ship.
  • Danger alert (red): activated if a torpedo is on a course to hit, or if it will pass within a radius that is unconditionally dangerous for your ship if you maintain your current course.

We also added several new options to the ship filtering carousel:

  • A filter to pick out ships which are not yet at Elite status. This will help players that are actively researching new warships to quickly find the desired ship in the carousel.
  • Added a filter which, when enabled, will display only ships designated as "Primary".

Armament and consumables panel:

  • Depending on the type of a torpedo (conventional or deepwater), the ‘armament and consumables panel’ will now display a corresponding icon in battle.

Clan Battles

We are now in the final stages of testing a new feature that will allow players to enter Clan Battles during the prime time of any server. The Command officers can set a single prime time that would be most convenient for all their clanmates. The desired prime time can be changed each day during an active season of Clan Battles.

With the release of Update 0.7.10, a test season called "North" (test) kicks off.

  • The season will last from October 22 till October 28.
  • All in all, there will be 4 sessions accessible on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Prime time hours: 4:30-8:30 PM PT (UTC-7)
  • During the test season, Clan Battles will be available to teams of five players each and Tier VI ships only.

Pool of maps:

  • Ring
  • Strait
  • New Dawn
  • Trident

On all maps, the following parameters will be applied:

  • Number of key areas: 3
  • Capture time: 40 seconds
  • Points for capturing Key Areas: 3 points per 4 seconds.

Assemble a team, select any prime time convenient for your clan—and dive into naval combat! Play 10 battles during the test season and get 500 Steel and 15,000 Coal added to your accounts as a reward. Please bear in mind that 5 battles must be played during the prime time of another realm.

Content Additions and Changes

The following ships were added for testing by developers, supertesters and community contributors:

  • U.S. Tier VIII cruiser Wichita
  • U.S. Tier III cruiser Charleston
  • British Tier III battleship Dreadnought
  • British Tier VIII battleship Vanguard
  • U.S. Tier VI battleship West Virginia’41.

The following camouflage patterns will be available for purchase for doubloons in the game client:

Ashitaka: Kobayashi

  • –3% to detectability range by sea;
  • +4% to dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship;
  • +100% to XP earned per battle
  • –50% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service;
  • +20% to credits earned per battle.

Cost: Doubloons 6,000 doubloons

Kii: Kobayashi

  • –3% to detectability range by sea;
  • +4% to dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship;
  • +100% to XP earned per battle
  • –50% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service;
  • +20% to credits earned per battle.

Cost: Doubloons 7,000 doubloons

Arms Race

In Update 0.7.10 we disable the Arms Race type of battles. Thank you for your involvement in testing the new mode and game mechanics, your feedback is very valuable to us. We’ll analyze every message received and try to incorporate your wishes in the future. We hope you liked Arms Race and are already waiting to see it back in the game! We, on our part, will make all efforts to roll out the new game with all remarked improvements incorporated.

Collaboration with Alex Ovechkin

We've added four versions of the unique Commander Alexander Ovechkin:

  • A Soviet Commander with a Russian voiceover
  • A U.S. Commander with an English voiceover
  • Dual-nation Commander Alexander Ovechkin dressed for Halloween
  • Dual-nation Commander Alexander Ovechkin in hockey outfit

These commanders may be assigned both to Soviet and U.S. ships.

The new Commanders boast the following enhanced skills:

  • "Expert Marksman", increasing the traverse speed of the main guns:
    • +3 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber up to and including 139 mm
    • +1 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139 mm
  • "Survivability Expert", increasing a ship's HP:
    • +400 HP for each ship tier.

We added an expendable camouflage called "Victorious" that comes with the following features:

  • –3% to detectability range by sea
  • +4% to dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship
  • +75% XP per battle
  • +125% Commander XP earned per battle
  • +100% Free XP per battle.

We added a special camouflage pattern for aircraft carrier Lexington. It provides the following bonuses:

  • –3% to detectability range by sea
  • +4% to dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship
  • –10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service
  • +50% XP earned per battle.

A new collection named "The Great Eight" is also on its way to the game! It consists of three sections each containing four unique collectible items. The collection items provide a rich history of some of the brightest moments of Alexander Ovechkin's sporting career.

Technical Issues

Any critical error that occurs whilst the client is running will generate a special report that will be stored in a Reports folder. After that, you will be prompted to restart the client or close it.

This is the first stage in a process of implementing a new system for the collection of critical errors. In Update 0.7.10, such reports will be stored locally on players' computers but in future updates a special archive will be sent directly to the Dev Team to give them all required information about any occurring incident. In the near future, this system will let us decrease the amount of "manual" operations required from a player when contacting Player Support, or in other instances when more detailed information is required to handle an incident.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the list of consumables not fitting in the screen at small screen resolutions, in cases when there is a selection of more than four types of consumable that could be placed in one slot.
  • Removed the price of consumables in doubloons. If you need consumables and do not have enough credits to buy them, but do have doubloons, you can exchange the doubloons for credits using the feature available in the upper-right corner in the Port.
  • Fixed an issue when installation of the Damage Control System Modification 1 upgrade affected the "Torpedo Protection. Damage Reduction" parameter.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed extra separator bars between the text lines in the Summary.
  • Fixed an issue with no clarification displayed for battle results in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug on battleship Giulio Cesare, which caused the guns of the second turret to run through the first turret.
  • Fixed an issue with a destroyed ship getting a "Spotted" ribbon.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the information contained in the "Ranks" section of the "Profile" tab from getting updated.
  • Fixed an issue which, depending on the camera view angle, caused an incorrect display of the distance to ships.