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Current doubloon, credit, and Free XP totals as seen in the top right corner of the Port screen.
Understanding and mastering the economy of World of Warships is one of the keys to enjoying the game. There are four main types of currency: Credits, Doubloons, Experience (several types, including Free Experience), and Resources. Credits, Doubloons, and Free Experience can be seen in the game client in the top right corner of the Port screen, and on your account page which you may access via the game main page under "Profile" and in "Detailed Statistics" (you must log in to see the full details of your account page). Ship Experience, unique to each ship, can be seen in the Port screen by clicking on the desired ship. Resource balances can be viewed in the Armory.



The CreditCredits is the primary currency in World of Warships. Credits can be used to buy unlocked tech tree ships, modules, upgrades, and to recruit new commanders, as well as pay for servicing and resupply after each battle.

Players earn credits through battles, campaigns, containers, premium shop bundles, or special missions. Base credit income in battles is dependent on performance and may be modified by credit modifiers such as the "Zulu" signal flag+20% credits earned for the battle. and "Ocean Soul" camouflage -3% to surface detectability / +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired at your ship / +20% credits earned / +100% ship XP.. Premium time increases base credit income by 50%. Factors such as damage, spotting damage, capture and defense points, and plane kills positively affect credit income in a battle. All premium ships have a higher base credit income rate; some premium ships are better at this than others.

Credits also can be obtained by converting doubloons Doubloons to credits Credits. (see below)



The DoubloonDoubloons (Db) is the World of Warships version of Gold Gold from World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. As premium currency, it can have a considerable impact on one's gaming experience. Although progressing in the game without using Doubloons is possible, they speed progress in nearly every aspect of game play.


Doubloons can be obtained in several ways:

  • Purchase directly from the Premium Shop, either alone or as part of a bundle. This is the most reliable way to gain them.
    • 'Any amount of Doubloons' between 500 and 25,000 may be purchased with the price in USD being approximately 250 Doubloons per $1.
    • Weekend Pass (500 Doubloons plus 2 days Premium Account time).
    • Doubloons are often bundled with Credits and Premium time at a considerable discount from the 'Any amount' price.
    • Also check the "Specials" section of the Premium Shop for limited-time offerings.[2]
    • Premium ship bundles often include doubloons.
  • Achieving a specific rank during a season of Ranked Battles.
  • Winning various contests. Notices of current contests on the NA server may be found via the forums.
  • Various in-game missions.
  • Awarded in Super Containers (1000 Doubloons, 2500 Doubloons, or 5000 Doubloons per container).
  • Gifts from friends.


Doubloons have a multitude of uses:

  • Exchanging doubloons for credits. The standard conversion is 1 Doubloon Doubloons => 1,500 Credits Credits.[3] Click the Exchange Credits button under the Credit balance, upper right of the Port screen.
  • Converting Experience to Free Experience. The standard conversion rate is 25 Elite experience + 1 Doubloons => 25 Free Experience Free XP.[3] Elite experience from Elite ships Ship XP or Elite Commanders Elite Commander XP can be converted. (see below for types of Experience)
  • Purchasing some premium ships. Generally, premium ships are purchased for real money from the Premium Shop. Some ships are also available for doubloons in the Armory.
  • Purchasing premium timePremium time from the in-game Player Menu. (See Premium Account below). Purchasing more days of premium time at once lowers the cost per day. (For instance, 30 days at 2500 Doubloons costs ~$0.42/day, while 7 days at 1250 Doubloons costs ~$0.96/day.)
  • Recruiting a new commander with ten (10) skill points (1500 Doubloons).[1]
  • Instantly retraining a commander on a new ship — 500 Doubloons regardless of rank and amount of experience needed.
  • Redistributing commander skills at 25 Doubloons per assigned skill point.
  • Demounting upgrades from a ship — 25 Doubloons. Demounted equipment can be applied to a different ship. Alternatively, the equipment can be sold for 50% of the purchase cost (Credits Credits); if sold, no Doubloons demounting fee is paid.
  • Purchasing port slots — 300 Doubloons per slot.
  • Expanding the size of the commander reserve — 100 Doubloons for 4 slots.
  • Purchasing special consumables:
    • Economic signals can be purchased for doubloons if the inventory of them is exhausted. (Special signals — Wyvern, Red Dragon, Leviathan, etc — cannot be purchased with doubloons.)
    • Some Promotional camouflage (notably Type 59) — 30-125 Doubloons for each single use.[4]
    • Permanent camouflage with special bonuses for tech tree ships. The cost depends on the ship tier: 1,000 Doubloons (V-VI), 2,000 Doubloons (VII), 3,000 Doubloons (VIII), 4,000 Doubloons (IX) and 5,000 Doubloons (X). The cost is paid once; the camo is then re-supplied for free.
    • Some Special camouflage such as skins from Space Battles and Halloween events.
  • Creating a Clan — By paying 2,500 Doubloons, a player can create his own clan. This is a one time fee, but some optional features may come with additional cost.
  • Changing a Game Name — Once each 14 days, a player can change his game name (username, nickname) for a fee of 2,500 Doubloons.


Experience is another primary currency in World of Warships. Players earn experience in the same way as they do Credits through battles and special missions. Experience is measured by Experience Points (XP). There are several types of experience.

Ship Experience (XP)


Ship experience (usually just 'XP' Ship XP) is the main type of experience. It is used to research (unlock) new ship modules and the next tier ship(s) in the tech tree, allowing the player to progress. Research consumes any available XP before turning to other sources, such as Free experience, for a missing amount. Once researched, a module or ship can be bought for Credits, and if later sold, need not be researched again.

Ship experience cannot be earned through containers, campaigns, or shop bundles. Additional ship experience is occasionally awarded by a mission to the ship completing that mission.

On the post-battle 'Personal Score' tab, (modified) ship XP is displayed next to the silver star Ship XP, and on the 'Credits and XP' tab as Total: in the appropriate column.

Elite XP

Upon researching all of a ship's modules and unlocking all succeeding tier ships, the ship gains Elite status. Any excess XP, and all future XP earned on that ship, is called Elite XP. While this type of XP can no longer be used to research new modules or ships, it can be converted to Free Experience Free XP for a Doubloons fee (a feature available upon reaching Account Level 6).

As premium ships do not have any modules or succeeding ships to research, they automatically have Elite status and so earn Elite XP. Players can use these ships to collect Free XP indirectly (by playing the ship to obtain the Elite XP, then buying Doubloons, and finally converting the Elite XP to Free XP using the Doubloons).

Elite XP is earned and displayed in-game exactly as regular ship XP. In addition, clicking the 'Convert XP' button below the Free XP Free XP quantity in the upper right corner of the Port screen displays the Elite XP balance on all Elite ships, and the total available for conversion.

Base XP

Base XP (sometimes BXP) is the experience earned directly from a ship's performance in battle. See the Base Earnings article for factors that determine base experience.

Base XP is modified by various bonuses such as daily first win, camouflage, signals, a premium account, etc. to yield the modified ship XP Modified Ship Experience used to research modules and ships, and Elite XP. It is also the basis of earned Free experience Free XP and Commander experience. See the Economics article for how these derived values are calculated.

Base XP appears on the post-battle report 'Team Score' tab and is used to rank team performance. It also appears on the 'Credits and XP' tab in the left-hand (non-premium) column as XP/Received/Earned where its use in calculating derived XP values is broken out.

Missions may require the accumulation of Base XP as the mission objective.

Free Experience


A player who reaches Account Level 6 unlocks Free Experience (often Free XP or FXP Free XP). The Free Experience pool, like Credits, is shared among all ships and therefore can be spent in place of ship experience Ship XP to unlock any ship or module. A few premium ships can be purchased directly for Free XP plus one credit.[5] Free XP can also be used to train captains if the player has used up all of his Elite Commander Experience Elite Commander XP (see below). The current balance of the Free XP pool is displayed on the main Port page, in the upper right-hand corner next to the gold star Free XP.

Free XP is earned in battle at the base rate of 5% of the total (modified) ship experience Ship XP. Bonuses for Free XP earning are available. See the Economics article for how FXP earnings are calculated.

Free XP also can be obtained by converting Elite XP (ship or commander) at the rate of 1 Doubloon per 25 Free XP converted.[3]

The amount of Free XP earned in a battle is displayed next to the gold star Free XP on the post-battle 'Personal Score' tab and in the appropriate column of the 'Credits and XP' tab. By hovering the mouse over the Total value on the latter page, the components of the value can be seen.

Note that Free XP does not count towards mission objectives or daily containers, unless specifically stated otherwise.

By clicking the "+" symbol next to a captain, Elite Commander XP and/or Free XP can be used to gain Commander skill points.

Commander Experience

A ship's commander, representing the crew, also earns experience from ship battles. This Commander Experience (CXP) is used to acquire skills that benefit the ship in battle. Up to 21 skill points can be acquired. Refer to the Commander article for how Commander XP is earned and used, and to the Economics article for how it is calculated.

Note that the commander of a tech tree ship can be moved to a premium ship of the same nation without re-training, and will acquire CXP there, often with an additional bonus. The use of premium ships to train commanders is a common practice.

Note that a ship without a commander may enter battle,[1] but earns no CXP.

Elite Commander XP

Elite Commander XP (ECXP Don't touch me.) is experience based on Commander XP that is available to commanders of all nations. The amount of ECXP accumulated is visible in the upper right corner of any commander page

(ECXP Don't touch me.) is earned by all commanders, especially those who have attained 21 skill points. All CXP earned by an elite 21-point commander is added to the Elite Commander XP pool. Other commanders earn ECXP at the rate of 5% of earned CXP.[6] ECXP also can be obtained by recovering CXP from dismissed commanders.

Elite Commander XP Elite Commander XP may be used in addition to any commander experience gained during battles to grant additional skill points to a commander who has fewer than 21 skill points. This is accomplished by left-clicking the "+" symbol beneath the commander's portrait in Port. This will present the player with an information box that will allow him to choose how many points are to be assigned to that commander. If insufficient Elite Commander Experience is available to provide an additional skill point to a given commander, Free Experience will be used for the remaining balance. A skill point can only be gained if there is sufficient total experience available (Commander XP + Elite Commander XP + Free XP, in that order); there is no option to partially fill the experience bar.

Elite Commander XP Elite Commander XP can be used to retrain a commander transferred to a new ship.

Elite Commander XP Elite Commander XP can be converted to Free XP Free XP by spending doubloons, though this is rarely advantageous.

Premium Account


A Premium Account allows quicker progress by increasing the amount of credits and ship experience earned per battle. It has no effect on ship performance. As a premium account has a limited duration, it is often called 'Premium time'Premium time. Activation of premium time also grants the user access to the premium port (currently Naval Base) in-game.

Premium account time can be purchased in-game with the premium currency (doubloons), or through the premium shop website, in durations ranging from one day to one year (360 days). Premium time may also be earned through select missions and campaigns, and may appear in Containers. Premium time, whether purchased, earned, or awarded, takes effect immediately.[7]

There are two types of premium accounts: Wargaming Premium and Warships Premium. Both types cost the same to purchase.


Wargaming Premium

A Wargaming Premium (or WG Premium) account is unified across World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships, meaning that its benefits apply to all three games. In WoWS it applies a 50% bonus to ship Experience and to Credits earned. WG Premium can not be purchased with Doubloons Doubloons or, in other games, with Gold Gold.[8]


Warships Premium

A Warships Premium account applies only to World of Warships. It adds a 65% bonus to ship Experience and a 50% bonus to Credits earned. Premium time awarded in WoWS will be Warships Premium. Warships Premium can be purchased with Doubloons Doubloons but not with Gold Gold.[8]

Earning Credits and Experience

Base Earnings

Main article: Base Earnings

After a battle, each player receives base credits and experience according to his contribution to the battle. The Base Earnings article discusses how those values are determined.

Derived Earnings

Main article: Economics

The Economics article discusses how Ship Experience, Credits, Commander XP, and Free XP are calculated from base earnings.

Spending Credits and Experience

Credits and Experience are both spent on a wide variety of goods and services in nearly every facet of the game. Experience primarily is spent on researching new ships in the Tech Tree and new ship modules in the Modules section. Credits are spent to purchase researched ships in the tech tree, purchase researched modules, and upgrades in the Modules section, and a number of other things - see Credits above. Finally, credits are spent on a ship's operating cost after the ship has returned from battle.

Operating Cost

Ignore the bit about purchasing consumables.

After a battle, the ship must be made ready to fight another battle. Repairing and servicing the ship and replenishing ammunition costs credits Credits.

These operating costs are paid automatically if funds are available. In the event of insufficient funds, the ship is rendered unusable until the bill is paid. This is not done automatically — when funds are available the player must manually select the ship in port and request that it be made ready.

Service Cost

Post-battle servicing includes maintenance and the repair of damage sustained regardless of the end health of the ship, even if it has been sunk. The service cost is a flat fee[9] depending on tier, type, and premium status.[10] [11]

Service cost can be decreased by flying the India Bravo Terrathree -10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service. signal, by Ranked season flags, and by the Dry Dock in your clan naval base. Several other signals and single-use camouflages also reduce service cost.

In certain game modes with low rewards, such as Co-op, a 25% base cost discount is applied before all other modifiers.

Service Cost of Ships
Tier Service Cost per match
Tech Tree Ship
(base cost) *
Tech Tree Ship
(with permanent camouflage)
Premium Ship
(base cost) *
Premium Ship
(with permanent camouflage)
I 0 Credits N/A N/A N/A
II 2,000 Credits N/A 2,000 Credits 1,800 Credits (-10%)
III 3,000 Credits 2,700 Credits (-10%) [12] 3,000 Credits 2,700 Credits] (-10%)
IV 5,000 Credits N/A 5,000 Credits 4,500 Credits (-10%)
V 11,500 Credits 10,350 Credits (-10%) [12] 11,500 Credits 10,350 Credits (-10%)
VI 23,000 Credits 20,700 Credits (-10%) 21,850 Credits (×0.95) 19,665 Credits (-10%)
VII 42,000 Credits 37,800 Credits (-10%) 35,700 Credits (×0.85) 32,130 Credits (-10%)
VIII 75,000 Credits 67,500 Credits (-10%) 52,500 Credits (×0.7) 47,250 Credits (-10%)
IX 120,000 Credits 96,000 Credits (-20%) 60,000 Credits (×0.5) 48,000 Credits (-20%)
X 180,000 Credits 90,000 Credits (-50%) 90,000 Credits (×0.5) 45,000 Credits (-50%)


Stocks of main battery shells, torpedoes, and aircraft — Ammunition — expended in a battle must be replenished. The cost in credits Credits to refill the ship's magazines and hanger is charged on a per unit basis, and each type of shell, torpedo, or plane has its own cost. For instance, the giant 460mm (18.1") shells of Yamato and Musashi cost far more than the 76.2mm (3") shells of Smith. Ammunition for secondary and anti-air (AA) batteries or for fighter planes is not charged. Tier I ships do not incur ammo costs.

To view a breakdown of your ammunition costs, hover the mouse over the Ammunition entry on the post-battle report 'Credits and XP' tab.

Main Gun Shell Costs
Torpedo Costs
Carrier Aircraft Costs

Note that replacement of carrier aircraft is charged by aircraft type. A carrier with one upgraded and two stock squadrons will pay the upgrade cost for planes of the upgraded squadron and the stock cost for planes of the stock squadrons. Fighter replacement cost is rolled into the base service cost.


Main article: Containers

Containers are not themselves a currency, but they are an important part of the World of Warships economy.

Containers hold various items including Credits, Free XP, Resources, consumable items, etc. There are many types of containers, obtainable in different ways. Up to three standard containers can be earned per day by earning XP in battle. Campaigns, missions, and events may grant additional containers of both standard and special types. Some types of containers may be purchased in the Premium Shop or in the Armory.


Resources are game currencies that are obtained through in-game activity. Unlike Doubloons and Credits, they cannot be purchased in the Premium Shop. While purchasable currencies can affect how readily resources can be earned, e.g. through a premium account, they are very much secondary influences.

Resources have value.[13] in what they can be exchanged for in the Armory: ships, consumable items, event containers, etc.

Coal and Steel

Both Coal Coal, the most common resource, and Steel Steel are used to obtain items from the Armory.

Coal is obtained primarily from daily containers — especially, the More Resources type of container will always contain Coal. Some challenges and combat missions, as well as some battle mode progressions, e.g. Ranked Sprint seasons, offer Coal as a reward.

Steel is earned mainly through Ranked and Clan battles, the rare event such as the Steel Monsters campaign, or may appear in Super Containers. One Steel Steel can be exchanged for 10 Coal Coal, but Coal cannot be exchanged for Steel.


Main article: Naval Base
Oil is earned by obtaining containers and through participating in Clan Battles and Naval Battles. A player does not personally possess Oil; it is contributed directly to the player's clan. Oil is invested in structures in the clan's naval base, which in turn provide bonuses to clan members. The amount of Oil contributed to the clan can be viewed on the Clan Members page.

Special Reward Currencies

Ranked Tokens  Ranked Token (formerly Copper Copper) and Clan Tokens Clan Token (formerly Molybdenum Molybdenum) are rare currencies available to highly accomplished players. Clan Tokens are acquired by winning in the Typhoon League; Ranked Tokens by achieving Rank 1.[14] Currently, these currencies can be exchanged for special camouflages for unique ships.

Research Points

Main article: Research Bureau

Research Points Research Points are available to advanced players through the Research Bureau. They can be exchanged in the Armory on a page that is visible to those players who qualify for the Research Bureau.

Event Currencies

Events may introduce temporary currencies. For example, the Royal Navy event arc (2018) introduced Guineas and Sovereigns. Like Resources, these currencies have value in what they can be exchanged for in the Armory. Along with the currency, an event will add event-specific items to the Armory that can be exchanged for that currency. For instance, Guineas could be exchanged for the Royal Navy ship Cossack.

These currencies expire after the end of the event. Most such currencies are assigned a Credit value paid when the currency expires.


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