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Developer Diaries PEF: Winter Event, Campaign, and Rewards News article

Update 0.7.12 is about to go live. So, what's coming your way? A massive in-game event and a new collection, new campaigns, Snowflakes, Ranked Battle Sprints, Warships Premium Account, and much more!


New Year is a winter holiday, and in many countries it snows pretty heavily during this time of the year! You can expect snowfalls in World of Warships, too! Snowflakes, a new in-game event, will bring you Coal and Steel for use in the Arsenal.

In Update 0.7.12 Snowflakes will appear on many of your ships. They work like stars, that give you a one-time daily bonus for a victorious battle. Snowflakes, however, can be blown off your ships only once during Update 0.7.12.

Snowflakes will be displayed in the ships carousel in the Port next to stars, so you can easily see whether you have received your bonus for a certain ship or not. If a Snowflake is still there, it's high time to "knock it down"!

The event will be available for all players, but keep in mind that in order to use the resources in the Arsenal you need to have reached at least Level 8 in your Service Record. Snowflakes will appear on researchable ships of Tiers V to X, as well as on Premium and event ships of Tiers II to X. Ships obtained in Update 0.7.12, i.e. those purchased, bought, or received in containers, will provide the New Year bonus, too.

To get the bonus, simply win one Co-op, Random, Ranked or Scenario Battle. Blowing off Snowflakes will be rewarded with Coal and Steel. The type and amount of the resources varies depending on the type and tier of each ship.

Please note that if you get 0 XP for a battle, a Snowflake is not treated as "blown off" and remains on the ship.

The "In the Name of His Highness!" Event

On December 20, Update 0.7.12 welcomes you with a new in-game event called "In the Name of His Highness!" that will last for five weeks.

Event starts: Thu. Dec. 20 3:00 AM PT / your local time: Thu. Dec. 20 5:00 AM Event ends: Tue. Jan. 22 1:00 AM PT / your local time: Tue. Jan. 22 3:00 AM

The event contains four Directives, each of which contains 10 to 11 combat missions. The Directives are scheduled to arrive once per week. Once you're through with the last one, you'll be able to fight for top position in the Hall of Fame.

Any completed Directive or combat mission brings you a corresponding reward, including camouflage patterns, signals, Santa's Gift containers and Steel, a valuable resource that you can spend in the Arsenal.

The main reward for successfully completing the fourth Directive will be a brand new German Premium Tier VI battleship— VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich!

The "In the Name of His Highness!" event will be available to those players who have reached Level 12 in their Service Record, helming Tier V or higher ships in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.

Some of the missions will be available in Clan and Scenario Battles, while others are intended specifically for ships of Tier VII and higher.

For more details on the combat missions and rewards of the "In the Name of His Highness!" event, read our special article.

The "Belle Époque" Collection

New Year containers bring you items from the "Belle Époque" collection and the glorious days of armor-plated warships, the aesthetics of stem rams, and high-rising masts. The time when the most powerful machines, hidden in the hearts of steel monsters, were set in motion by coal. When warships flaunted their flawlessly white or majestically black sides, and the sun’s played across the gilding of their rich decor. The era that bid its farewell with the roaring salute of dreadnought battleships.

Containers with elements of the collection will be issued to you upon completion of the "In the Name of His Highness!" event and tasks of the "Mighty Prinz" Campaign.

You will receive 1 day of Warships Premium Account time as a reward for completing each thematic list, and a Secret Santa Container, commemorative flag, and Pickelhelm patch for completing the entire collection.

More details about the Belle Époque collection are available in our dedicated article.

The "Mighty Prinz" Campaign

A temporary campaign designated "Mighty Prinz" sheds spotlight on battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich, as well as other warships, that will be given to players as rewards for accomplishing the final missions. The campaign kicks off on December 20 and will last until January 22.

It will contribute to the good old New Year's tradition celebrated in World of Warships, by offering players a rewarding gameplay experience—and the following five researchable Tier VI ships with permanent New Year-inspired camouflage patterns VI Hatsuharu, VI Nürnberg, VI Icarus, VI Dallas, and VI Normandie.

The reward for completing the final task of the last combat mission is a permanent camouflage designed specifically for VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich.

Tasks can be completed with Tier VI and higher ships in Random and Ranked Battles. Some of these tasks will be available in Clan and Co-op Battles.

Please note: the task of the first combat mission from the "Mighty Prinz" campaign will be accessible with VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich only.

More details are available in a special article.

The "Steel Monsters" Campaign

Steel is a valuable in-game resource "mined" to obtain rare warships. Steel is primarily earned by active combat in competitive game modes such as Clan and Ranked Battles. Since adding Steel to the game, we have received many requests to make it more accessible, as not all players have the opportunity to play in the competitive modes efficiently enough, or on enough of a regular basis, to be able to obtain the "steel-priced" ships.

New Year is the perfect time for miracles and gifts, so we’ve crafted several events for you in the game that will help you get Steel, with interesting activities designed for nearly every player. However, the total amount of Steel offered during the New Year events is not that big because we do not want to "devalue" this rare resource, as well as the efforts of many players who have "mined" it through active play in competitive game modes.

One of the activities which can earn you Steel is a campaign that we’ve named Steel Monsters. It tells the story of how steel giants—dreadnoughts and battleships—came into being and replaced pre-dreadnought battleships at the onset of the 20th century.

The campaign will be available for purchase in the Premium Shop.

You can complete it within 180 days of buying it. The campaign can be purchased only once, and the reward you get for completing it will be issued once, too. After you've purchased the campaign, you'll have 180 days to complete all tasks, and if you buy another bundle containing this Campaign, the time it will be available for you is extended by another 180 days.

The Campaign can be completed with Tier V or higher ships in Co-op, Random, and Ranked Battles. Some of the tasks will also be available in Clan Battles.

The Campaign comprises five missions of six tasks each. As you progress, you can earn up to 28 days of Warships Premium Account time, various signal flags, and camouflage patterns. Moreover, by completing the final tasks of all missions you can get handsome rewards like 4,000 Steel, four Santa's Big Gifts, and one Santa's Mega Gift container. Special article.

Warships Premium Account

Premium Account is an integral part of the Wargaming universe. When you have Premium Account, it enables you to progress through the game more rapidly, and scale new heights through the increased amount of credits and XP that it brings.

The bonuses provided by Wargaming Premium Account span across all three games: World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes. This enables you to simultaneously have a more enjoyable experience within all three of our projects.

But right now we have some very good news for those who only actively play World of Warships. With the release of Update 0.7.12, we are set to introduce the special Warships Premium Account. It applies only to World of Warships, but the trade-off is that it brings you even more XP!

If you already have Wargaming Premium Account at the moment that Update 0.7.12 hits the live servers, you will enjoy a one-time addition of Warships Premium Account, with a duration equal to the remaining duration of your Wargaming Premium Account at the time of the update’s release. This means that you’ll be able to fully experience all of the bonuses that Warships Premium Account offers, but without any additional expenses.

For more details about the new Warships Premium Account, read our dedicated article.

Ranked Sprints

The two new seasons of Ranked Sprints will require ships of Tier VI, with battles set to be fought in 5x5 and 7x7 formats for each season respectively. Like in the first seasons, a total of 10 ranks will be split across two leagues: the first spanning Rank 10 through Rank 6, and the second from Rank 5 through Rank 1. Divisions consisting of a maximum of two players will be allowed.

Important! Any stars earned in Ranked Sprints will not be taken into account for the Ranked Battles Expert emblem.

For more details about Ranked Sprint, read our dedicated article, which will appear tomorrow.

Daily Shipments

Players who log in to the game between December 25 and January 8 will get New Year-themed shipments. You can receive the following rewards simply for logging into the game on a regular basis:

3x New Year Streamer camouflage patterns
50,000 credits
50,000 credits
1 day of Warships Premium Account
1x Secret Santa Container
50,000 credits
5x New Year Streamer camouflage patterns
500 Coal
1 day of Warships Premium Account
1x Secret Santa Container

You can get a total of 10 rewards, and shipments will be arriving for a total of 14 days. Thus, you can skip 4 days out of two weeks, but still be able to get all of the rewards!

The Service Record

From Update 0.7.12, your progress in the Service Record will be based on the number of battles played rather than on the amount of XP earned. Rewards granted for reaching each Level remain the same. This will help to make Service Record progression easier to pick up for novice players.

With the release of the update, all players at Levels 1 to 14 in their Service Records will be automatically shifted one level higher.

Important! Battles will cease to be counted towards a player's progress in the Service Record after a restriction is imposed on the player, preventing them from entering all types of battles except Co-op, Clan, and Training battles.

Map Changes

In Update 0.7.12, a lot of changes were implemented to the Okinawa map to improve it:

The ridge of islands between key areas A and B used to divide the map into two uneven parts: one with one key area and the other with two. We have split the big ridge into two and moved it southeast. Now, both parts are located in the central area. The height of these islands enables ships on one flank to provide fire support to their allies on the other flank. At the same time, the islands enable cruisers to hide from battleships' salvos and be more active in fighting for control of a key area. The passage between the islands in the central part of the map allowed ships to easily sail from one part of the map to the other.
The northwestern key area is now more open, and the height of islands around it has been changed. This allows cruisers and even battleships to take part in its capture, or to provide fire support.
Several new islands have been added to the southeastern key area. They give destroyers a chance to take shelter from enemy salvos. However, the open space near the key area that’s suitable for playing with battleships and destroyers, still remains.

In general, the renewed Okinawa map will be more comfortable for ships of all types, with an abundance of open water spaces and a landscape that will retain its familiar patterns.

Game Balance Changes

US battleships

To raise their battle performance and bring them in line with same-type ships, the following improvements have been implemented for US battleships, aimed at raising their average lifetime in battle:

S. Carolina:

The rudder shift time for hull (A) has been reduced from 14.9 to 13.1 seconds
The rudder shift time for hull (B) has been reduced from 10.7 to 9.4 seconds


The rudder shift time for hull (A) has been reduced from 17.7 to 13.1 seconds
The rudder shift time for hull (B) has been reduced from 12.7 to 11.2 seconds

New York:

The rudder shift time for hull (A) has been reduced from 19.3 to 17.1 seconds
The rudder shift time for hull (B) has been reduced from 12.5 to 11.0 seconds
The reloading time of the main has been reduced from 34.3 to 31 seconds

New Mexico:

The rudder shift time for hull (A) has been reduced from 19.7 to 17.4 seconds
The rudder shift time for hull (B) has been reduced from 13.5 to 11.9 seconds


The rudder shift time for hull (A) has been reduced from 20.8 to 18.3 seconds
The rudder shift time for hull (B) has been reduced from 16.1 to 14.2 seconds

N. Carolina:

The rudder shift time for hull (A) has been reduced from 22.8 to 20.0 seconds
The rudder shift time for hull (B) has been reduced from 17.3 to 15.2 seconds


The rudder shift time for hulls (A) and (B) has been reduced from 25.6 to 22.5 seconds
The rudder shift time for hull (C) has been reduced from 19.5 to 17.1 seconds

For the ships mentioned above, the HP recovery speed when the Repair Party consumable is used has been increased from 0.5 to 0.66% of total HP per second. The change doesn't affect battleship Colorado because her Repair Party already has this effect.

German battleship Friedrich der Große

The armor penetration capacity of the 105 mm HE shells of the secondary battery guns is now 26 mm
The reloading time of the 406 mm main guns has been reduced from 28 to 26 seconds
The reloading time of the 420 mm main guns has been reduced from 32 to 29 seconds

The increase in DPM of the main and secondary battery guns compensates for the small number of guns, while preserving all the special aspects of gameplay specific to German battleships.

Japanese battleships


The reloading time of the main guns has been reduced from 30 to 28 seconds
The armor penetration of the 356 mm AP Type5 shells has been increased

The accuracy of Myogi's main guns couldn't adequately compensate for the small number of guns (only 6 of them). Besides that, her armor penetration capacity made her inefficient against same-type ships. Increasing the firing rate and armor penetration capacity enhances the battleship's efficiency at all firing ranges while preserving all special aspects of gameplay specific to Japanese battleships.

Kongo, hull (A):

The armor penetration of the 356 mm AP Type5 shells has been increased


The armor penetration of the 410 mm AP/APC Type91 shells has been increased

Despite the initial high capacity for AP shell armor penetration, it would decrease significantly with distance. This resulted in Izumo not being very efficient in long-range combat against same-type ships. With the new parameters, the ship's armor penetration at maximum distances isn't much inferior to that of Yamato, which in turn still enjoys better penetration capacity due to the larger caliber and better accuracy. The change is designed to reinforce Izumo in her role of being a heavy armored long-range battleship, and to make the transition to Yamato smoother and more logical.

Other Improvements

Fixed an issue with incorrect armor penetration. The armor penetration capacity of the 150 mm HE shells of the secondary guns has been increased from 36 mm to 37 mm for the following German ships: Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Admiral Graf Spee, HSF Graf Spee, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Tirpitz B, Graf Zeppelin, Roon, Friedrich der Große, Großer Kurfürst, and [Großer Kurfürst].
Protection of the stern magazines from damage caused by HE shells has been increased for Wichita and Medea.
Protection of the steering gears from damage caused by HE shells has been increased for Tachibana, Tachibana Lima, Umikaze, Isokaze, and Minekaze.
Propulsion protection from damage caused by HE shells has been increased for Tachibana, Tachibana Lima, and Wakatake.

Now, protection from damage caused by HE shells for these destroyers is in line with same-type ships.

Arsenal Update

Guineas will be available for accumulating until Update 0.7.12 is over, after which they will be exchanged for credits at an exchange rate of 1 Guinea to 100,000 credits. You won't be able to get them in the game client, but you will have a chance to purchase the missing amount in the Premium Shop in order to exchange them for VIII Cossack.

In the Arsenal, you will now be able to exchange doubloons for various in-game goodies. Five more Commanders will arrive with Update 0.7.12:

George Doe—1,500 doubloons.
Vasiliy Znamensky—1,500 doubloons.
Reinhard von Jütland—1,500 doubloons.
Charles-Henri Honoré—1,500 doubloons.
Bert Dunkirk—1,500 doubloons.

Each Commander can be purchased only once. If you already have the Commander on your account, the exchange option will not be available.

You can find detailed information about each of the Commanders in the corresponding section in the Arsenal.

We have introduced a new ship that can be purchased for Coal: American Tier III cruiser Charleston. The cost is 15,000 Coal.

In the Camouflages category, permanent camos that can be purchased for doubloons have been added. Before Update 0.7.12, they were available in the Camouflage section on the Exterior tab.

For battleship Tirpitz: Special and Norwegian for 1,000 doubloons each, and Magnus-S for 2,500 doubloons.
For battleship Gascogne: Dazzling for 1,000 doubloons, The Maid of Orleans and The Republic for 2,500 doubloons each.
For cruiser Atago: Special, Combat, and Tropical for 1,000 doubloons each
For battleship Scharnhorst: Special and Z-15 for 1,000 doubloons each
For battleship Duke of York: Mediterranean and Tropical for 1,000 doubloons each
For battleship Hood: Special for 1,000 doubloons; From the Bottom of the Ocean and The Last Conquest for 2,000 doubloons each

Content Additions and Changes

Starting from Update 0.8.0, Tier IX, ships Musashi and Kronshtadt won't be available to purchase for Free XP, and cannot be obtained for Coal in the game client either.

These ships are becoming pretty popular for their tier. To avoid a redundant number of them in Tier IX battles and to keep the diversity of team composition at a proper level, we've decided to remove the options of purchasing or exchanging them for an indefinite period. Tier IX French battleship Jean Bart has already come to replace these ships, and in the near future we're going to introduce one more ship of the same tier.

We understand that accumulating resources for these ships is a long process, which is why we wanted to warn you in advance, so that those interested can steer these ships into their Ports before Update 0.8.0 goes live. You have approximately one month to get Musashi and Kronshtadt.

The following ships have been added for testing by developers, supertesters, and community contributors:

Soviet Tier IX destroyer Neustrashimy
Japanese Tier V cruiser Yahagi
Austro-Hungarian Tier IV battleship Viribus Unitis
Italian Tier VI destroyer Leone
Japanese Tier X cruiser Azuma

The following permanent camos are unavailable to purchase in the camouflage section of the Exterior tab (available in the Arsenal):

For battleship Tirpitz: Special, Norwegian, and Magnus-S
For battleship Gascogne: Dazzling, The Maid of Orleans, and The Republic
For cruiser Atago: Special, Combat, and Tropical
For battleship Scharnhorst: Arctic, Special, and Z-15
For battleship Duke of York: Arctic, Mediterranean, and Tropical
For battleship Hood: Special, From the Bottom of the Ocean, and The Last Conquest

A new camo, New Year Streamer, has been added to the game:

–3% to the ship's detectability by sea
+4% to the dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship
+100% XP per battle
+100% Free XP per battle
+150% Commander XP per battle

Permanent New Year camouflage patterns have been added for Tier VI ships Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Hatsuharu, Nürnberg, Icarus, Dallas, and Normandie. The camo provides the following bonuses:

–10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service
+50% XP per battle
–3% to the ship’s detectability by sea
+4% to the dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship

The series of Royal Navy updates is over, and Port of London returns to its usual state.

Bonuses to XP earned per battle have been increased for the Blue Lagoon (from 50% to 75%) and Victory Salute (from 50% to 100%) camos.

In Update 0.7.12, Twilight Battle mode has been disabled; the Halloween 2017 and Halloween 2018 Ports are no longer available, and the Warrior of the Light achievement won't be displayed among those available to get.

We are happy that you appreciated the Twilight Fleet ships and their unique consumables. Perhaps you'll see them again next year…

Other Changes and Improvements

  • The visualization of traces on all maps has been reworked to make them more noticeable against the surrounding background.
  • Minor fixes of the geometry and textures for the following ships: Dreadnought, Le Terrible, Vanguard, West Virginia, Edinburgh, Mikasa, Iron Duke, Graf Spee, Nueve de Julio, Medea, and Jutland. A Coat of Arms has been added to both hulls of Tirpitz.
  • The countdown displayed in combat missions for getting unique Upgrades for Tier X ships has been changed from 31.12.2018 to 31.08.2019. Combat missions don't have any fixed end dates.
  • Fixed an issue with the cooldown time of the standard Catapult Fighter. It was standard rather than special, for Musashi. Reloading time has been reduced from 180 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue with ribbons overlapping the HP indicator of the 3rd Regiment in Operation Cherry Blossom.
  • Fixed a rare bug which disabled the bonus to shell dispersion when guns were locked onto a target.
  • Fixed an issue with the enemy team becoming visible before the pre-battle countdown ended.
  • Fixed an issue with the BATTLE ON! button displayed in the post-battle statistics screen for a player with a ban on access to that battle type.
  • Fixed an issue with the scroll bar overlapping the text description in collections.
  • Fixed an issue with the initial interface scaling: it was determined incorrectly when the game screen was moved to a monitor with a different resolution.
  • Fixed issues with image rendering in the interface that might occur when scaling.
  • Fixed an issue when 4-digit values didn't fit into the designated field in the statistics chart showing the number of battles per Tier in the Summary tab in a player's profile.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect naming of Colorado's main battery guns in the Modules screen.
  • The main guns of battleship König now don't hit the cranes when traversed to the other side.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tactical Expertise achievement not being issued for fulfilling all the conditions of Operation Aegis.
  • Information in a tooltip on the Ranked Battles tab in a player's profile was updated, taking into account the Ranked Sprint seasons held.
  • Fixed a glitch with an explosion flash visible through a ship's hull in the Dunkirk Port.
  • Fixed the display of progress for the Clan Battles Expert medals.
  • Now players can see all Collectors Club emblems and conditions for getting them.
  • When first launched after installation, the game will open in a 'Fullscreen, windowed' screen mode.
  • Updated the icon of the Twitch Welcome achievement.
  • Fixed a bug when the game client could remain in a permanent "loading" state when players tried to authorize within the game.
  • Fixed an issue with automatic logging into the game when players had to enter their password again if launching the game via WGC.
  • Fixed the appearance of display borders for damage textures.
  • Mounted a catapult for float planes on top of the third main battery turret of battleship Arizona.
  • In the Training Room on maps Ocean, Big Race, Solomon Islands, New Dawn, Hotspot, Tears of the Desert, Mountain Range, and Warrior's Path. Alpha and Bravo teams will now spawn in the north and south, respectively.

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