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Update 0.8.5

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With Update 0.8.5, World of Warships takes you into a post-apocalyptic future. What's coming your way? Nine modified destroyers, four-team battles for Fuel Tokens, a new Clan Battle format, the return of the Ranked Battle Sprint, improved matchmaking, and much more!

Rogue Wave Event

The reasons why this once thriving civilization crumbled into ruins have faded from most survivors’ memories, but what remains makes a perfect arena for ruthless battles.

In the desolation-themed port you’ll find modified destroyers that have been created specifically for the new unusual four-team battle format.

The objective in this game mode is very simple—a team of three players needs to destroy three opposing teams. You can fight either in a Division or solo.

Each "Savage Battle" starts on the outskirts of the destroyed city. At the beginning of battle your ship carries no consumable charges, as the world is on the brink of collapse and everyone is constantly forced to fight for the limited resources. Replenish your consumables by activating bonus areas, and beware of the Wild Fire slowly engulfing the aquatorium.

The Rogue Wave event is available only during Update 0.8.5.

Rewards and Armory

The rules of the Rogue Wave event are similar to those of previous in-game events: you can earn Fuel Tokens, various in-game items, and a new expendable camouflage for completing special combat missions and Directives in the new game mode. Rogue Wave includes four Directives, with each containing up to eleven missions. The reward for completing all four Directives is U.S. destroyer V Hill.


Event starts: Thu. Jun. 27 4:00 AM PT Event ends: Mon. Jul. 22 2:00 AM PT

Fuel Tokens

Fuel Tokens are a new temporary resource as part of the Rogue Wave event. You can exchange your Fuel Tokens in the Armory for Post-Apocalyptic camouflages, credits, Premium Account, and a special reward—Premium destroyer IX Benham.

Fuel Tokens can be obtained in Daily Shipments and for completing Directives, economic missions in Savage Battles, and Daily Missions.

If the post-apocalypse theme catches your fancy, you can keep the permanent camouflages for the following Tier X destroyers as souvenirs: X Z-52, X Shimakaze, X Daring, X Yueyang, X Gearing, X Grozovoi, X Harugumo, and X Khabarovsk. You can try your luck in obtaining them from the Rogue Wave containers, or purchase them for doubloons either in the special Armory tab or the Camouflage tab of the Exterior section.


Matchmaking Improvements

Update 0.8.5 introduces a soft limit on the number of Tier VIII carriers in Tier VIII–IX battles. Now, during the first minute of waiting, no more than one aircraft carrier can be placed in each team. When the second minute of waiting starts, teams will be limited to two aircraft carriers; with the third minute of waiting, the limit raises to three carriers that can join each team.

The change will reduce the number of battles with two or more aircraft carriers per team, and mostly affect Tier VI ships: now they won't have to face two Tier VIII aircraft carriers as often as before.

Clan Brawl

A new battle format for Clans — Clan Brawl — is on its way! In contrast to Clan Battles, Clan Brawls take place throughout a single day, with only victories being counted. Like in Clan Battles, players will compete to obtain Steel and other valuable items. Update 0.8.5 will have two Clan Brawls:

  • July 6—for Tier VIII ships
  • July 20—for Tier X ships

Each Clan will be able to select its preferred prime time:

  • CIS 14:00 — 20:00 UTC
  • EU 15:00 — 21:00 UTC
  • NA 22:00 — 04:00 UTC
  • ASIA 10:00 — 16:00 UTC

Further details on Clan Brawl will be available in a separate article.

Ranked Battle Sprint

Get ready for two new seasons of Ranked Battle Sprint, played in a 6 vs. 6 format with Tier VII ships. As before, ten ranks are divided into two leagues: the Second League includes Ranks 10 to 6, the First League—Ranks 5 to 1. Divisions consisting of two players are allowed in the Ranked Sprint. Prepare your Tier VII ships!

Season schedules

Fifth season

  • Season starts: Thu. Jun. 27 9:00 AM PT
  • Season ends: Tue. Jul. 09 2:30 AM PT

Sixth season

  • Season starts: Thu. Jul. 11 9:00 AM PT
  • Season ends: Tue. Jul. 23 2:30 AM PT


Improvements to the Game Mechanics

Update 0.8.5 brings updated mechanics for damage infliction to ships’ bulges, secondary battery and torpedo tube modules, and to the completely destroyed parts of a ship.

Now, when a shell penetrates a secondary battery module, a torpedo tube module, or a completely destroyed part of a ship, the dealt damage will be 10% of the maximum shell damage value. 100% of this damage can be restored using the Repair Party consumable. However, shells don't affect AA modules, and these can only be destroyed by explosions of HE shells, as before.

Have you ever received a "Penetration" ribbon for hitting an enemy ship's bulge, but the hit caused no damage to the enemy's HP? We are now introducing a new ribbon in order to avoid misleading our players. For penetrating a torpedo bulge without hitting the next layer of armor, a special ribbon will be given to a player—for shells, bombs, and rockets.

We've also renamed the torpedo protection armor elements which used to be called "Ship Plating." These are now called "Torpedo Protection."

Game Balance Changes

  • Previously, in Update 0.8.4, AA defense mounts inflicted permanent damage to a randomly selected aircraft in a squadron per a set frequency. This concept allowed ships to cause damage to the entire squadron. So, if the aircraft hovered over a ship too long, her AA defenses could shoot down most of them. However, if a squadron was flying over a ship for a short amount of time, there were situations when all the aircraft were damaged, but not a single plane was brought down.
  • To make the destruction of aircraft more consistent, AA defense mounts now inflict damage only to the last aircraft in the squadron. Thus, a player can be confident that their AA defenses are focused on a single target, shooting it down much quicker as a result. At the same time, most of a squadron’s aircraft will remain untouched during the attack, especially those in the attacking flight. The first planes in the squadron will receive damage only if a player is unable to avoid the shell explosions of AA defenses.
  • The minimum speed when using the Engine Boost for all Tier IV to X aircraft has been changed. Now the aircraft decelerate by 26.25 knots instead of 17.5. Attack aircraft, as well as Japanese and German aircraft, decelerate by 30 knots instead of 20.
  • The new Engine Boost parameters will help ensure the survivability of aircraft at the proper level, considering the changes to AA defenses introduced in the current and previous updates.

Graf Zeppelin

Analysis of statistics showed that the enhancement of German Tier VIII Graf Zeppelin's bombers in 0.8.4 wasn't enough to balance her against other Tier VIII aircraft carriers. Reinforcing the torpedoes increases the overall damage that can be caused, while the improved normalization increases the effectiveness of armor penetration and slightly reduces the number of bombs being armed when they hit superstructures.

  • Torpedo damage has increased from 4,533 to 5,333 HP.
  • Chance to cause flooding has increased from 25% to 29%.
  • Bomb normalization has improved by 5 degrees.

Interface Changes

In Update 0.8.5, the Minimap will utilize new technology which will allow us to introduce improvements into the game faster and in a more efficient way. The following changes have already been introduced:

  • Coordinates of the squares are now located along the upper and left borders of the Minimap.
  • The Minimap rotation option has been moved to the in-battle Minimap settings.
  • Last-known position markers of the enemy are now automatically enabled for all players.
  • Only the long-range AA defense action radius is displayed on the Minimap.
  • Display of hotkeys + and — has been removed.

The Minimap now displays only the most essential information, which prevent the player from getting lost in the large number of indicators.

  • The layout of notifications about new content and news articles has been revised (you are reading our news in the game client, aren't you?). Now, for new collection items, insignias, campaigns, and news—a new icon with a counter is used. We’ve also updated the look of notifications on the banners in the Port.
  • Three sequences of tips for newcomers have been added. They will show how to change battle type, where to find Commander skills, and how to research and purchase ship modules. The sequence about researching and purchasing a ship has new additional tips.
  • The display of collections has been changed. Now they are sorted by completion date, while completed collections have been moved to the left side of the screen.



Please welcome a new ship in the Armory—Tier X Japanese cruiser X Yoshino, available for 248,000 Coal.

Yoshino is a Tier X Japanese cruiser with long-range artillery, heavy salvoes, and explosive damage—a set of advantages that are generally characteristic of high-tier heavy cruisers. Yoshino has all of it, but she also has an ace up her sleeve: over a dozen long-range torpedoes. The variety of her armament will allow you to keep enemy ships on their toes at any distance. However, long-range combat is the preferable option for Yoshino, due to her large size and typical cruiser armor protection.

Main characteristics of Yoshino

  • Nine 310 mm guns mounted in triple turrets that boast enjoyable ballistics and a smaller dispersion ellipse when compared with cruisers Kronshtadt and Alaska.
  • Two types of torpedoes to choose from: long range (20 km) and medium range (12 km). The latter have greater speed and damage, and they are harder to spot, too. You're also likely to grow fond of the cruiser’s torpedo aiming angles.
  • In addition to the Damage Control Party and Repair Party consumables, the ship can also use Defensive AA Fire or Hydroacoustic Search in slot 2, and the Spotting Aircraft or Fighter consumables in slot 3.

Ranked and Clan Tokens

Copper and Molybdenum have been renamed to Ranked Tokens and Clan Tokens, with updated icons. Now players won't be confused by the names of the resources they are entitled to for their grand achievements in Ranked and Clan Battles.

We continue to offer new camouflage patterns, obtainable in exchange for Ranked Tokens and Clan Tokens. In 0.8.5, battleship X Bourgogne has the option to try on the War Paint camo, which can be acquired for Ranked Tokens.

  • War Paint camouflage bonuses:
    • −3% to the ship’s detectability range by sea
    • +4% to the dispersion of shells fired by enemies at your ship
    • −50% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service
    • +20% credits earned per battle
    • +100% XP per battle.


  • The number of containers has been changed from five to one in the Vive la France, Dunkirk, The Hunt for Bismarck, 2 Years of World of Warships, and Battle of the North Cape sets. The cost has been reduced accordingly from 5,000 to 1,000 Coal.
  • With the release of Update 0.8.5, Allowance Tokens will be exchanged for credits at a rate of 1:8,000, and the Victory: Part 1 section of the Armory will become unavailable.
  • Provision Tokens will remain in the game until Update 0.8.6. After the release of the Update, all received tokens will be exchanged for credits at a rate of 1:22,500.

Battle Economics

Based on economy-related data analysis performed on the latest versions of the game, the battle rewards for the following ships have been revised:

  • +5% to the average amount of credits earned per battle— III Nassau, IV Kaiser, V König, VI Bayern, VII Gneisenau, VIII Bismarck, IX Friedrich der Große, X Großer Kurfürst, V Emerald, VII Shchors, IX Dmitri Donskoi, X Moskva, VIII Admiral Hipper, IX Roon, X Hindenburg, II Umikaze, III Wakatake, IV Isokaze, VII Mahan, VIII Benson, III G-101, IV V-170, V T-22, VIII Z-23, X Z-52, II Longjiang, III Phra Ruang, and X Yueyang.
  • +10% to the average amount of credits earned per battle— I Orlan, I Black Swan, and I Chengan.
  • −5% to the average amount of credits earned per battle— VI Normandie, VII Lyon, VIII Richelieu, IX Alsace, X République, IV Orion, IX Lion, X Conqueror, III Tenryū, IV Kuma, VI Leander, VII Fiji, IV Duguay-Trouin, V Émile Bertin, VIII Charles Martel, IX Saint-Louis, X Henri IV , II Sampson, V Nicholas, X Grozovoi, III Valkyrie, and IV Shenyang.
  • −10% to the average amount of credits earned per battle— I Erie and I Hashidate.
  • +5% to the average amount of XP earned per battle— VI Bayern, VII Gneisenau, VIII Bismarck, IX Friedrich der Große, X Großer Kurfürst, I Orlan, I Black Swan, I Chengan, VII Shchors, II Longjiang, X Yueyang, III G-101, X Z-52, and IV Isokaze.
  • −5% to the average amount of XP earned per battle— VI Normandie, VII Lyon, VIII Richelieu, IX Alsace, X République, IV Orion, IX Lion, X Conqueror, I Bougainville, III Tenryū, IV Kuma, II Sampson, V Nicholas, V Podvoisky, and VI Gnevny.
  • −10% to the average amount of XP earned per battle— I Erie and I Hashidate.

Content Additions and Changes

Special permanent camouflage patterns for III Dreadnought, II Emden, II Albany, III Charleston, III Aurora, II Diana, III Oleg, II Tachibana, and III Katori have been added.

  • −3% to the ship’s detectability range by sea
  • +4% to the dispersion of shells fired by enemies at your ship
  • −10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service
  • +50% XP per battle.

Stay tuned for further news on the website and don't miss our forthcoming announcements about the methods of obtaining these camouflages.

The following ships have been added for testing by developers, supertesters, and community contributors: X Thunderer, X Hayate, IX Siegfried, IX Friesland, and VI Ark Royal.

Now, for the players participating in the Recruiting Station program, a special banner leading to the program's website is displayed in the Port. The banner changes color if you can get new Recruitment Points.

A new group of contacts — Recruiting Station — has been added to the chat.

The Additional Content filter, which can be found in the lower-right corner of the Port, has been updated. If for any reason the Rogue Wave event and the whole post-apocalypse theme is not your cup of radioactive tea, you can disable the display of camouflages and unique Commanders in the ship carousel's filter. To do this, you need to uncheck the Rogue Wave item in the Special Ships section.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • We are continuing to optimize the game, so in version 0.8.5 we’ve updated the Scaleform® library that renders game interface elements. Utilization of up-to-date and more efficient technology has enabled us to use the hardware resources better and make the game more enjoyable for players. Due to the Scaleform library update, you might also need to update your graphics card drivers to ensure the correct operation of World of Warships. You can find out how to update these drivers here.
  • Cities have been added to the Greece map.
  • Ship spawning positions on the Islands of Ice and Sleeping Giant maps have been changed for Random Battles: the spawn points have been harmonized, making ships spawn in three groups facing the key areas.
  • In the Training Room, Spectators' ships are now destroyed five seconds after the battle begins, without affecting the score.
  • The “Tournament. Epicenter" scenario has been added to the Two Brothers map in the Training Room.
  • Minor improvements have been made to the geometry and textures of the following ships: VIII Kagerō, VIII AL Yukikaze, V Jianwei, IX Georgia, IX Alaska, X Stalingrad, and VIII Tirpitz.
  • Campaign tasks saying "Hit enemy ships with any weapons" now take rocket hits into account.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the modules tab.
  • Fixed the silhouettes of destroyed ships for III Valkyrie, VIII Lightning, and IX Jutland.
  • Fixed the contour highlighting of the "Ready!" button when the mouse cursor hovers over it.
  • Fixed the display of the "Duplicate" sign, when a duplicate collection item is found in a container.
  • Removed the inscription indicating the time remaining until the end of the Ranked Battles season when the season has already finished.
  • Removed the display of the "Camouflage" tab for ships on which camos cannot be mounted.
  • Fixed an error causing a wrong currency icon to be displayed for ships in the Tech Tree.
  • Added sounds when you click the buttons on the top panel and a sound alert when the "Select Port" button appears.
  • In the tooltips for Ranked Battles, we’ve added information about the impossibility of playing in a Division if it's not a Ranked Battle Sprint.
  • During the pre-battle countdown, info about the sight distance and visibility is no longer displayed.
  • Fixed an incorrectly specified number of ships in the series in the description of aircraft carrier VIII Enterprise.
  • Fixed the incorrect naming of the guns on battleship VIII Roma.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes preventing the reward for the first achievement of a game day from being credited.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from leaving the game when changing the settings of the Training Room.
  • Changed the names of the gamescom and gamescom 2018 camouflage patterns to gamescom Black and gamescom Blue.
  • Fixed a bug where the squadron aiming reticule stayed visible on the water at the last point of a bombing run.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the banner displaying received awards to disappear after obtaining the final reward for completing a mission in a campaign.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented any actions from being performed after the player’s aircraft carrier had been destroyed and their last squadron had completed its attack run.