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News article

Commanders! On October 29th Update was released. The Halloween celebration continues in the game and "Raid for the Filth" begins!

Downtime: Tue. Oct. 29 3:00 AM PT - 5:00 AM PT

Raid for the Filth

Go into battle on special ships, collect the Filth, and exchange it for valuable rewards in the Armory.

  • A new type of battle has been added to the game - Twilight Battle.
  • Players are credited with Steel Lancet, Maverick, Rust Nightfall and commanders with 19 skill points. Players also get access to a special tech tree.
  • Halloween section added to the Armory.

Read about the rules of the new mode and available rewards here!

Bug Fixes:

*   The spaceport has returned to the game client.
*   Fixed a bug that caused players to lose control of the keyboard when switching to spectator mode in some cases.
*   Fixed bug that caused the game client to freeze when trying to close the game in full-screen mode.
*   Fixed an error that prevented the game world from being loaded and resulted in a "black screen".