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World of Warships Community on Discord

World of Warships Community on Discord

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Invite for WoWs Official Discord: https://discord.gg/wows
WoWs EN Wiki Open Forum Public discord especially for Wiki issues.

Guide for the Official Discord

  1. Join the server through the link;
  2. WG Auth Bot will send you a PM on Discord, click on the link that was sent;
  3. Select the server your account is located on and log in;
  4. Click on the button CONFIRM in the Access Confirmation Area. This links your Discord account with your WG account;
  5. Go back to Official Discord;
  6. Now let's add some channels: Verify that you're in the #language-and-channel-options channel. You might want to select some additional channels in there, such as language channels or the fun/competitive sections (you just have to react with the right emote).
  7. Scroll down on the left side to find the channel you want.

The languages' PT-BR and Spanish sections are the first on the list [1]. Next is the Discussions section, followed by Help Section, Teamplay, and Feedback. Next are the following optional sections[1]: Competitive, Fun, French, German, Italian and Polish. Last but not least, the Voice Channels and Archive sections.

More Info

About the common sections:   (Click Here)

About PT-BR section (in Portuguese):   (Click Here)

Guide for the EN Wiki Open Forum

Nothing complicated. Just show up. Someone will greet you and turn you pink .. er .. tag you as an Esteemed Guest. The Wiki Minions (in yellow) will be glad to help. That's why we pay them.


Respect everyone that uses these servers. Follow the rules, and avoid pinging WG Staff, which can result in a permanent ban.

  1. 1.0 1.1 If you have them enabled.

- Guide created by caduzanon