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An all messed up half description and a Copy Paste from an old Iowa build

In the second half of Arkansas performance section, what's written until the second point, there's nothing wrong; after that everything is so messed up, Wyoming haveing access to Upgrade Slots 1 and 4? Yeah, right, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Wyoming is a level 4 US Navy Battleship, and have access only to Upgrade Slots 1 and 2 like level 3 ships! She's also so weak compared to same tier Battleships and Battlecruisers, beacuse the Secondary Armament have an eternal reload time, weak penetration, and low fire chance, and the Main Armament, when it lands 2 or 3 hits, out of all 12 possible, it's already a miracle! Also it is stated that Arkansas can mount Gun Firing Control System Modification 1 in Upgrade Slot 2, when it can't! In that Upgrade Slot, only Damage Control System Modification 1 and Engine Room Protection can be inserted, the Upgrade Gun Firing Control System Modification 1 can only be inserted in slot 3, where it's pretty much pointless, in all US Battleships, beacuse from Level 3 (South Carolina), to Level 8 (North Carolina) (and no it's not a pun); if those BBs try to fire at anything beyond mid range, the shot will always miss, 'cause of the terrible dispersion that can't be corrected, Iowa is better off with other upgrades, that don't interfere with the upgraded Precison given by Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2 and Montana has the same 127mm of Midway, with high accuracy and fire rate, so a Secondary Build to keep DDs at arms lenght is possible. In the Optimal Configuration Upgrades section, the statement: "The recommended choice is Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2 to give guns more accuracy; this will make it so that at ranges of ~12-13 kilometers, the battleship is exceptionally accurate, much more so than contemporaries. Main Battery Modification 3 will improve damage-per-minute, and may surprise a cruiser who still expects the battleship to be reloading." is a Copy paste of old setting for Iowa, and even for Iowa, who has better accuracy than level 4 BBs, it was so wrong (at least the part regarding MBM 3, why sacrificing accuracy for reload? Even more so when you can get better accuracy than you same level peers!). For a level 4 BB firing at 12-13 Km the dispersion (even in this case, when corrected by Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2) will be so horrible, that nothing will be hitted, not even the slow and lumbering battleship of this, the previous and the next level. Also firing at such ranges for a level 4 BB most of the time is dangerously close to max firing range, so even if by sheer luck, the shot, even considered the dispersion, would have been able to land a hit, shells will take forever to get there, so the enemy will have all the timke to get out of the way or angle, if too slow.