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Very good Battleship

Many times I laughed back at Fuso saing things like: "here's another Wargaming joke (for not ti say lie), a Japanese Battleship with very good accuracy! It's as rare as a flying pig"; but I was wrong, my judgement was based on the first 3 Japanese Battleships, that like German T3 Battleship Nassau, has accuracy levels that are Hilarious at best, and your doom at worst; then I tried out the ship on the Pubblic Test servers; and it's true! She won't hit anything at range, but if an enemy is so foolish to come closer, like to medium or short range, then it's dead; unless we're talikng about German Battleship Bayern, that thanks to her Turtleback armor can't sustain Citadel hits at close range. The only downgrade, is that while super precise at close range, Fuso can't land 12 hits on any target, only 11 out of 12 will get on target, it can be overlooked, because after a receving 11 356mm shells in the side, either the enemy is dead, or it has so much low HP, that the first hit from the secondary Batteries, will finish the job.

Inconsistency under "Optimal Configuration" header

From "Optimal Configuration" onward, the text refers to Fuso with "he" and "his", which is inconsistent with the previous paragraphs where Fuso is referred to with "she" and "her".