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OLa eu sou do Brasil e quero que a equipe wargaming traz o Georgia para o arsenal denovo para compra no arsenal e na loja premium

Not the same armor profile of Iowa

In the ship Cons section it is stated that Georgia and Iowa share the same armor profile, and so are vulnerable to fires, the first part is false, the second is true, but less if these two ships are compared to French BBs; Georgia has a different armor profile from Iowa, bow, stern and superstructure have the same thickness in both Geaorgia and Iowa, but similarities ends here, Georgia has stronger armor profile compared to Iowa, just by looking at the midsection the difference will be noticed, Iowa's Torpedo Bulges have a 38mm thickness olny in the underwater section ,the above water section is 32mm and compleatly flat, on the contrary Georgia's Torpedo Bulges have a thickness of 38mm both underwater and above the water granting the ship an entire section that is unpenetrable to Cruiser HE shells (but not German Heavy ones, and British Heavy Cruisers Drake, Goliath and Cheshire); Iowa's Main Armor Belt is only 307mm thick (barely 2mm thicker than North Carolina's one!) while Georgia's one has a thickness of 38mm on deck sides, and a maximum thickness of 310mm, which being directly behind the Torpedo Bulges gives the ship's side armor an effective thickness of 348mm, compared to Iowa's 339mm side armor (Torpedo Bulges + Main Armor Belt); also a huge difference in the armor scheme of the two ships can be found in the Conning Tower, on Iowa the Conning Tower has a small stripe of exrteamly thick armor, surrounded by 19mm of armor, giving Iowa's forward Superstructure a samll dmage immune zone, surrounded by a huge easly penetrable armor (even UK Destroyers 113mm Main Batteries can pierce 19mm); in contrast Georgia Conning tower if fully damage proof because it's raised above the superstructure, and has an armor thickness that even the mighty 510mm Main Guns of Satsuma and Shikishima can't penetrate.