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As a premium ship does the Missouri come with a level 19 captain too?

No, Missouri doesn't come with a commander at all. As a premium ship, though, you can assign any other commander to her and that commander's skills will 100% function while in command. SeaRaptor00:na (talk) 15:33, 8 November 2017 (UTC)

One thing that has not been understood

I don't know who's the "genius" who decided that Battleships MUST be only played at range from 10 to 13 Km, but such "genius" has not understood one thing, in game there is a "plaegue" that goes by the name of Destroyers, those, and the players who use them, ARE the pleague, because they run ahead of everyone else and kill everything with their torpedos, this attitude of killing everything with torpedoes by running ahead of everyone, puts the Battleship players at shame, because Destroyer players make them looks like incompetents, because even the fastest Battleship (USS Georgia who can run at 39.7 Knots) takes time to accelerate to max speed, and by the time they set their aim on the target, wait to be at the range that some "genius" determined to be the best fighting range for a Battleship, Destroyers have already killed the majority of the opponents and the remaining ones are too far away for most Battleships, but not for those who have 26-27 Km firing range, and at such ranges shells takes forever to land on target, and this opens up for Cruisers to finish the leftovers from Destroyers Torpedo Wall of Death. This is to say that Battleships to counter the Destroyer Torpedo Wall of Death should aim to play on the front line, where they can get nearly 90% of the shells on target, and so land some good citadel hits, and so deal more damage than the infamous Destroyer Torpedo Wall of Death!