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I would like to point out that Kaga has suffered greatly due to the carrier rework and the related uptiering from tier 7 to tier 8. This is mostly because of the matchmaking which very often puts tier 8 ships into tier 10 battles. Kaga's aircraft, which historically have always been lower tier even when she was still a tier 7, are now completely outmatched in a tier 10 battle. This means that Kaga is restricted to mere spotting for a large portion of the match as her low tier aircraft just melt as soon as they get close to tier 10 anti aircraft fire. Doing the Kaga's own HP worth of damage under such circumstances is rather hard and very situational since another side effect from having large squadrons is that the damage from each individual weapon is fairly low in order to balance the (potentially) large number. However since more often than not only a small fraction of the airplanes survive until they are able to drop their weapons this means that the Kaga's damage output is rather anemic under such circumstances. In my opinion, Kaga is now the weakest of all tier 8 premium carriers, and with a fairly high skill ceiling to do well in.