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Sorry to burst your bubble, but....

Who said that Japanese ships deals more damage than others with HE? It's not true because, Japanese Battleships HE damage is surpassed by British Battleships HE damage (which is also true for HE penetration) but from Tier 7 to 10 Japanese BBs have slightly higher HE penetration values compared to USA BBs, for Japanese Cruisers is true, but it's valid only at Tier 5 because Furutaka deals 3300 HE damage, while Hawkins deals 3030 HE damage, but that's only because their Main Guns have different diameters, Hawkins has 190mm Main Guns, while Furutaka uses first the 200mm that can be upgraded to the 203mm Main Guns. Japanese Cruisers deals more HE damage compared to German Cruisers which are behind by 800 damage, but picks up with Hindenburgh and the difference scales down to 200 damage, to compensate German Cruisers have higher HE penetration values compared to Japanese Cruisers which gets surpassed in HE damage at Tiers 9-10 by the British Heavy Cruisers Drake and Goliath who deals respectivley 580 more damage at Tier 9 and 350 at Tier 10, and both Drake and Goliath have higher HE penetration compared to Ibuki and Zao but that's because those British Heavy Cruisers have a Main Battery of 9 and 12 234mm Main Guns.