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The main page lists the fact that Midway has less alpha than Hakuryu (???) as a con; this is inaccurate no matter hat the loadout of both said ships are, as Midway and Hakuryu (3-3-2 and 2-3-2 the other loadout having just 8 TBs) both have 12 Torpedo bombers, but the Midway's torps hit harder. In addition, the disparity between the damage of Midway's 14 dive bonbers and Hakuryu's 10, is immense, as the Midway can equip armor piercing divebombers to citadel many ships. Even ignoring that, Midway's high explosive divebombes mount 1000lb bombs, dealing twice as much damage as her counterpart's per bomb, the gap increasing due to the larger size of Midway's squadrons