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Ranger for Beginners and for those who knows her but are curious

As one reaches Tier 5 but it is more probable to find her at Tier 6, one of the possible enemy Carrier is the USS Ranger, so for those who want to know how to deal with her here's a break down on how it works:

Let's start with her Assault Planes: while I can't be bothered to remember the name of them, here's what I know: they are a "curse" especially the upgraded ones, they pack a decent punch, fires lots of HE Rockets and have enough penetration to harm even Battleships, while the most fragile of the three types because of their high speed at least a squad will make past your ship AA (Anti Air), and when the Rockets Will hit your ship unless you have mounted Secondary Armament Modification 1 you'll start loosing you AA Guns, and if you are a Destroyer good luck, your HP will decrease and a lot; but less if you are using a Tier 8 Destroyer; in this case Battleships and Cruisers (US and British Light and Heavy ones) have the best chances of taking the out, but without Defensive AA Fire (DFAA) at least one plane will escape your AA and deal damage.

Ranger Torpedo Bombers: these planes are ill suited to fight Destroyers, as they drop only 3 slow moving Torpedoes (the move at 35 Knots), they are better off fighting Cruisers and Battleships, but Battleships are less susceptible to these Airborne Torpedoes because of the high Torpedo protection (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and West Virginia are most resilent ones thanks to a Torpedo Protection value of 40% and 37%) Light Cruisers will have an easy and a hard time against Ranger Torpedo Bombers, because if the AA powered up by DFAA destroys the full squadron, you're Ok, but if not, CLs will take unhelable damage, even CAs, but there are exeptions, because Premium Ships are odd, and British CL and CA all have a Repair Party starting from Tier 3, and British CAs have amazing Torpedo Protection, with the Tier 10 reaching out around 20%, only other Cruisers that have such high, and in some cases higher Torpedo Protection are the famous and "infamous" CB (Large Cruisers, example Alaska).

Ranger Dive Bombers: these are the best HE Dive Bombers one will find at Tier 6, not only they have very high Fire chance, but also sports very high HE Penetration; Ranger Dive Bombers drops only 3 HE Bombs (1 Bomb for each plane and the Attack squad is made by 3 planes) with high Fire chance and penetration this is the total opposite of British Dive Bombers which drops many HE Bombs but with abismal penetration and Fire chance; the actual Penetration of the SBU Vindicator (Ranger top grade Dive Bombers) is 53mm; which is high enough to pierce even Hood almighty deck armor which is 51mm thick! The Bombs from the Vindicators are precise enough to reliably hit French Tier 8 Large Destroyer Le Fantasque, so you will not have any issue taking on Cruisers and Battleships, just be careful not to end in a crossfire because Ranger Planes are not resistant as much as HMS Furious ones.

The ship itself: this Carrier is the US Navy 4th Carrier, but do not be mistaken, she's more similar to Langley, US Navy 1st Carrier, than to the two preceding Carriers, Lexington and Saratoga, which are "monsters", Carriers created from Battlecruisers hulls, nor she share any traits with the three Carriers that succeded her the Legendary Yorktown class. Ranger is very lightly armored like Langley so while this protects her from AP Shells makes her vulnerabile to HE Shells, another thing she has in common with Langley is the near absence of Superstructures, aside from the ship Funnels, which are 6, 3 on the rear left and 3 on the rear right; also the aft end of the Flight Deck presents openings in which Shells will enter and land on the other side ending in the water; but here's the good news Ranger has a common trait, or better a common vulnerability with Kongo, Japanese Tier 5 Battlecruiser, in the aft end of the ship the Citadel is hightened and easy to hit, in Ranger case, just aim under the openings found between the Flight Deck and the hull, and if you fired HE you'll get tons of Citadel hits, but since the hitbox in that place isn't very big unless you're playing with a Destroyer, fire one battery at time as to land as many Citadel hits as possibile while compensating for the ship dispersion.