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Turtleback Armor dosen't work

In Yorck description, is said that her turtleback armor can protect her from citadel hits, that is only half true, her turtleback armor will protect the ships from citadel hits, only against small AP shells, 152mm or smaller, Heavy Cruisers 203mm AP shells, exeption made for British Heavy Cruisers Devonshire and Surrey, will get citadel hits on her like on any other Heavy Cruiser. If Yorck faces against American Ships armed with Super Heavy AP Shells, (form Baltimore to Des Moines, and from North Carolina to Montana) the Turtleback Armor will not save her from citadel hits, if she had a Battleship level Turleback Armor thickness, then yes the armor will prevent citadel hits; even worse, since Yorck is a Tier 7, it will face against Tier 9 Battleships, which have very big guns, that range from the 406mm found on Iowa, to the 420mm found on the German Battleships FdG (I don't know how the name is written), such guns will have no problem at striking Yorck citadel, be it from long range shelling, or close range brawling.